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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during the ’The Palestinian Cause Conference - ’Israel’ to Demise’

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during the ’The Palestinian Cause Conference - ’Israel’ to Demise’
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In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during 'The Palestinian Cause Conference - "Israel" to Demise' held by the International Union of Resistance Scholars at UNESCO Palace on Tuesday 28, 2015.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during the ’The Palestinian Cause Conference - ’Israel’ to Demise’

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions, and on all messengers and prophets. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

I ask Allah Al Mighty to assist us in this conference, every time, and in every work and enable us to know our obligation first and to work according to this obligation second, and to be honest in what we say and what we do especially when the cause we are working for is a cause with such a clearly unequivocal right. Its righteousness is so clear. I mean the Palestinian cause, the cause of al-Quds, and the battle and confrontation with the Zionist scheme.

We are talking about a cause or we are fighting for a cause which has legitimate, humanistic, moral, and legal clarity in the full sense of the word. If we examined all the causes of the world and all the wars on Earth, we will not find a cause or a battle that has this level of unequivocal authenticity, rightfulness, morality, legitimacy, and humanistic aspects as the cause of al-Quds, Palestine, and confronting the Zionist scheme.

Today, there are many conflicting confrontations, struggles, and schemes. We disagree on who is right and who is wrong. What's right and what wrong may overlap at times. However, here we are before an absolute rightful cause.

Brothers and sisters! I believe that the stance from this cause too must be one of the main elements of evaluation. When we evaluate states, governments, peoples, parties, currents, and people and their stances, performances, and conduct and judge on them accordingly, one of the norms of evaluation must be their stance from the Palestinian cause and the conflict with the Zionist "Israeli" enemy.

Their stance, conduct, and contribution must be secondary besides other considerations. That rather must be on top of the norms which we resort to when we evaluate states, governments, people, parties, movements, sides, cadres, and personalities.

Since the era before the foundation of the "Israeli" entity and the occupation of Palestine, this nation has been facing a Zionist scheme which has been active worldwide. It used to work worldwide and is still. Later in 1948, this scheme started to have a base and an entity - namely "Israel" - which was founded on occupying Palestine. No doubt "Israel" the state and the entity is the base, pillar, and the spearhead in the Zionist scheme. However, the Zionist scheme has a broader title, its presence is deeper, and its expansion is wider around the world.

What I want to stress first is that it is the responsibility of everyone to confront the Zionist scheme with all its expansions and forms of existence the main and most powerful and essential base of which is represented in the entity usurping Palestine and al-Quds. Hereof, I will focus in my brief word on the term 'resisting the Zionist scheme' or 'confronting the Zionist scheme' and the goal of this confrontation and this resistance is toppling this scheme, putting an end to it, and keeping it completely off our nation and our region.

We are before two projects: The Zionist scheme which invades, aggresses, occupies, has greed and aspiration, corrupts and is the main source of corruption vi-a-vie the second project which is that of the resistance and confronting the former scheme. The latter project is based on right, logic, law, and moral and humanistic values.

Tackling this confrontation, I will divide my speech into two sections. The first section handles some of what I call search and study. The conference may form a prelude, and we are in need of this evaluation. The second section handles some of what we need to do. I am saying 'some' because I can't present all what we need to do.

As per the first section: The resistance project has compiled many and great achievements over decades of time since its first bullets were shot in Palestine during the British occupation of Palestine to our day. However, the latest four decades witnessed greater and more important developments, achievements, and victories on top of which comes toppling the Zionist scheme on the level of Lebanon. Well, very briefly, if we said that there is a central Zionist scheme with branches, its branch in Lebanon has came to an end. So on top of these achievements comes toppling the Zionist scheme on the level of Lebanon with all its various manifestations: direct occupation, Lebanese collaborating forces, "Israeli" political scheme to have hegemony over the country, normalization schemes, and influence. Anyway, we wrap up all of that in a brief word: Liberating Lebanon except for the limited geographical part - Shebaa Farms, Kafar Shuba Hills, and the Lebanese part of al-Ghajar.

Also in Palestine, as for achievements, what the successive and consecutive Palestinian resistance movements and the successive popular intifadas achieved are clear on more than one level. On top of these obvious achievements comes the unconditional liberation of Gaza Strip from the "Israeli" occupation.

Among the accumulated achievements is what the Resistance in Lebanon and Gaza made. Theirs was a legendary steadfastness in confronting the savage "Israeli" wars waged by one of the strongest armies in the world. We start with July War 2006 which took place like in these days to the successive wars on Gaza the last of which was the 51-day-war during the Holy Month of Ramadan last year. The Resistance movement along with those who backed and supported it could frustrate the targets of the Zionist enemy in all of these wars and consolidate the deterrence formulas and other formulas too.

Among the accumulated achievements too is restoring the Palestinian cause and the conflict with "Israel" to the forefront of the international and regional interest and imposing them on the political agendas of the world states.

Among the achievements as well is reviving the culture of the resistance among peoples, boosting their confidence in its choices through the achievements it made and the sacrifices it offered, and strengthening the sentimental and emotional relation with al-Quds and Palestine on the popular level of the nation.

It is enough that the leaders of the Zionist scheme in and outside the Zionist entity started talking for the first time in years about "Israel's" battle of existence and the existence of "Israel".

We heard such rhetoric clearly during al-Aqsa Intifada and also with the advanced development which the Islamic Republic is witnessing on the technological and other levels. Thus today "Israel" talks about a threat against its existence. This indeed is recorded among the achievements of the resistance project.

However, to be realistic, in recent years and due to the developments taking place in our region and in more than one Arab and Islamic country, the resistance project, states, peoples, movements, and supporters were gravely harmed; thus the Zionist scheme again made achievements after a stage of defeat, withdrawal and retreat. I will not say it is making victories; I will only say it is making achievements after it reached a stage of having its existence being threatened.

Now we come to what we need to study. As every logical person act during a war or when one of the rounds of a battle ends, the concerned persons must make statics concerning the casualties and losses. This is what we must do. So the people of the resistance must sit to discuss and see what achievements they made during the past few years as per the project of the resistance in confronting the Zionist project as a result of the developments in the region. Well, I gave examples. In fact, we do not carry statistics but we are concerned in counting the casualties and losses.

Second: We must carry a study to see what the achievements the "Israelis" made or were made to them in the past few years. That's because some achievements were made to the "Israelis' without any effort or pain. They did not pay any penny or fire any bullet or do anything; still they picked fruits and gained some profits. This too must be studied and evaluated.

I am calling to make studies and statistics of the casualties and losses not to weep on ruins but rather to address and make up for that or at least to limit the casualties and losses and stop the deterioration. Also when we discuss the profits that were to the interest of the enemy, our aim is to block the way before them or besiege, cripple or at least prevent them from mushrooming and developing.

I will take a closer look and give some examples. In fact, I believe that this issue is worth examining and contemplating. I will give examples to shed light without holding anyone responsible. I will talk about losses, and I do not want to hold anyone responsible or ask why this or that took place. I will only mention the results.

First: The main and most dangerous result is that Palestine and the conflict with the "Israeli" enemy emerged from the circle of international, regional, Arabic, and Islamic interest. This is undisputable. We do not need a committee to discuss that. That's very clear. In fact, the world is preoccupied somewhere while Palestine is in another place. What is really saddening is the emergence of Palestine not only from the sphere of concern of states, governments, and regimes but its emergence from the concerns of peoples.

In fact, each of the peoples in the region have their own problems, battles, conflicts, catastrophes, and calamities. That indeed led to the isolation or the semi-isolation of the Palestinian people on one side and gave a historic chance to the enemy's cabinet to carry its schemes on all levels away from the watching eyes of the world: judaizing, seizing lands, settlements, displacing the Maqdessis, displacing the Palestinians, tightening the siege on them on the economic level, making them starve, and intimidating them.

That is besides what al-Aqsa and the sanctities are being subject to these days. As the brethrens said before me in the inauguration words, what is taking place in al-Aqsa is frightening. Today one of the Rabbis came with a new heresy. He said that the Messiah will not come from Heavens. He will rather come from Earth. They ask him who the Messiah who will come from Earth is. He tells them that the Messiah is he who will demolish al-Aqsa Mosque! Now should Netanyahu do that; then he will be the Messiah. So you see things has gone this far. That means that whatever may happen to al-Aqsa, no one knows with what degree of interest or concern it will be met in the Islamic world, states, and peoples. Only Allah knows. These are among the losses and damages.

What took place in Syria and is still taking place is also among the losses of the resistance project because Syria had and still has a primary and central post in this project and this axis.

Iraq after the liberation and the withdrawal of the US forces as well as Yemen are two promising and great chances in the resistance project, and they are still two great and promising chances. However, they are subject to the current destructive war.

There is more and more disintegration in the official and nonofficial Arab and Islamic status quo. The enmity to the Islamic Republic in Iran is ignited more and more though now it is crystal clear that Iran is the greatest, main, and central supporter of the nation as a whole in confronting the Zionist scheme.

No doubt what is taking place in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain and other countries has its influence one way or another.

However, what is the most dangerous from my viewpoint are the psychological and sentimental repercussions which are being founded and rooted deeply in our region and in the peoples of our region against all what is Palestinian or has to do with Palestine in some societies. I do not need to give examples. I have tackled this point in many occasions. On the other hand, the most dangerous outcome is the feeling of ease and psychological serenity in dealing and communicating with the "Israelis" and the collapse of the psychological wall with them.

So now in the region it has become something normal to talk with the "Israelis", receive support from them, take money from them, and dispatch and treat the wounded in their hospitals. In the past, many considerations would be taken for such steps. Now the walls collapsed, and gates are open. This is among the achievements of the enemy. Here we come to the second topic.

Among the achievements of the "Israelis" is that they are making use of the conflicts in the region to reach not the governments but the peoples and develop the projects of normalization between the Arab and Islamic worlds on one hand and the "Israeli" enemy on the other whether political, cultural, economic, or commercial normalization in addition to partaking in the same conferences. That did not stop; rather it is we who are not following that because we are preoccupied somewhere else. What stopped is resisting normalization.

We also have to study and evaluate the elements of strength present in the resistance project. Despite all the losses I am talking about, I do not mean to say that the resistance project is weak. I am using the term "resistance project' because it is broader than the term "resistance axis" which is by now equivalent to this state and that side.

So we are broadening the scope. We in the resistance project have very big elements of strength, and the "Israelis" take them seriously into consideration. Thus they are making all of these preparations, equipments, training, and maneuvers including the latest drills and emergency summons in the enemy entity. The "Israelis" know that they are confronting true forces present in the region despite all the losses and painful events we are talking about.

We must also study the new points of strength in the entire world. I believe that there are resistance movements, resistance axis, and resistance people worldwide; we have not tackled this issue in a comprehensive way. In Latin America, there are promising chances as well as in Africa, Asia, Europe whether on the political level, the media level, or the various other levels. This battle must be fought on all of its levels.

Moreover, in the process of reevaluation and study in light of the past lessons and all of the previous experiences, we must study and evaluate with precision whom we are depending on and resorting to after Allah Al Mighty. Who supports us and who really supports the resistance project and is still supporting it? Who is selling us in the slavery market and at the first crossroad?

This part of the evaluation is very important because the one going to a battle similar to the battle of confronting "Israel" and the Zionist project must depend and resort to a strong, firm, and intact base that is not to be forsaken in the middle of the way and not to repeat the very fruitless experiences of the past and run behind mirages.

The second section of my speech has to do with some of what we need to do.

First: Working to highlight the doctrinal aspect of this cause, this battle, and this struggle, and I believe the International Union of Resistance Scholars in particular and scholars in general have a great responsibility in this perspective. This cause is above politics and above nations. This cause is above all interests, sects, factions, and races.

It is above all parties, movements, factions, and regions. This cause is above all of these minor considerations. When I say "doctrinal", I do not mean the Islamic sense of the word; I rather mean that it is one of the main and major principles in the nation and its parties, movements, elites, peoples....
What is the outcome of asserting the doctrinal side of this battle?

One of its main results is that though we differ in politics in or outside a definite country or on the level of the nation as is the case now, though we differ on evaluating the events taking place in our region as is the case now, and though we differ in evaluating the events and in comprehending and approaching them logically, when it comes to such a cause or battle which is above politics and interests and above all considerations, this cause remains the center, the unifying point that gathers us and unifies our capacities in this definite direction even if our capacities are scattered in all the other directions.

This is the importance of consolidating the doctrinal aspect of this conflict with the "Israeli" enemy and the doctrinal aspect of the cause of al-Quds, Palestine, and the liberation of Palestine. In this perspective, the intellectual and cultural mobilization and efforts exerted by the scholars are very influential.
Moreover, stressing the doctrinal aspect of this cause helps us in achieving psychological fortification.

I have said a while ago that the most dangerous losses are on the psychological level. I did not elaborate because it is clear and because I will go back to it later. What is our relation with Palestine? What does Palestine mean to all of us? Now we are concerned with our country, our problems, our catastrophes, and our crises. Let the Palestinians themselves see what will become of them and what they can do for themselves.

In fact, with such a mentality, the importance of the Palestinian cause descended. At first, Palestine was the battle of the nation and the responsibility of the nation. The entire nation must fight and hold arms and enter Palestine without recognizing any borders. Whenever any individual in this nation wanted to fight in Palestine he didn't need any pretext or excuse or justification to defend himself.

Now we descended. Now there are national entities and national interests. We now say that Palestine is the responsibility of the Palestinian people. All of us say so; we too say so. Palestine is the responsibility of the Palestinian people. However, it is our responsibility to support the Palestinian people and to back the Palestinian people.

These are concessions. However, unfortunately, we have reached this place on the level of the nation, and Palestine became the responsibility of the Palestinian people, and we have nothing to do with that. We are not able to offer help or to support. Let everyone shoulder his own responsibilities. This is a catastrophe in this battle and in this confrontation. This is a psychological and a cultural issue.

When we highlight the doctrinal aspect of this battle saying that it is above politics, nations, interests, and regions, as such our responsibility towards Palestine, al-Quds, and confronting the Zionist scheme becomes an intellectual, psychological, spiritual, and emotional responsibility. Consequently, its practical repercussion is a totally different issue.

In this perspective, I call on the reverent scholars and the concerned in this project and this cause to adopt the message of late Imam Khomeini to designate the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan Muslim as al-Quds International Day and to be very serious in that disregarding all considerations and sensitivities. This highlights the doctrinal aspect of the struggle and the issue of Palestine and al-Quds.

Thus we find that even this year and despite all the calamities, many demonstrations were staged in many of the world states on al-Quds International Day. Should those people who hit the street act according to the political, psychological, and emotional atmosphere spread currently in our region, no one would have it the street and talked about al-Quds. However, they demonstrated pursuant to their doctrinal link with al-Quds and not pursuant to any political links or interests.

So first the doctrinal aspect of the cause of Palestine must be highlighted. Indeed the scholars besides scholar organizations and unions have a major role in this perspective.

Second: The importance of exerting every effort possible to put wars off, silence ordeals, make reconciliations, and find political solutions for the current conflicts ongoing in more than one country and state.

Third: Reviving and activating all kinds and sorts of resisting normalization with the "Israeli" enemy. I have said that all such resistance has come to an end today. We may not be able to open military fronts or the given on any such battle changed in the past few years. The given on a battle in Gaza or a battle in Lebanon indeed changed following the wars that took place in the past years.

However, resisting normalization today in the Arab and Islamic world or anywhere else had either came to an end or at least is in a dormant state. This is at a time we find normalization is still proceeding. We must search for a mechanism to launch anew an anti-normalization operation because we do not need now and in this speech to elaborate to each other the danger of normalization with the "Israeli" enemy on the outcome of this struggle and on Palestine, and on al-Quds.

Fourth: In this stage in particular and in this period of time, we are in need of a broad media and political campaign and mobilization. This requires enormous efforts to highlight three points:

The first point: Remind the peoples of the region - Muslims and Christians alike - and our nation of the true nature of the "Israeli" enemy - its savagery and brutal nature, and its terrorism and massacres, because it seems that some people quickly forget. Some people and due to the new scenes they are witnessing in the region are trying to make invalid approaches.

The Takfiri terrorism afflicting our region now is very dangerous; still, the "Israeli" threat is far more dangerous. The massacres perpetrated, stabbing bowels, slaughtering, and genocides are similar. However, the true nature of this enemy is being ignored or neglected so that it later would be presented as a friend or a guarantee for some popular groups in our region. This requires retrospective efforts.

So first we need to remind of the true savage and brutal nature of this enemy and its massacres and terrorism.
Second: To remind the governments and peoples of the region - that is if the governments listen as most of them do not hear for a period of time by now - that the Zionist entity is a beast on Palestinian territories threatening the entire region. This threat is facing the security, integrity, stability, interests, wealth, and future of this region.

The enemy's greed did not come to an end, and its threat is still valid. However, unfortunately, some removed "Israel" from the sphere of threats. Some states every now and then reconsider its strategies, its fighting doctrine, its national security, its threats, and its opportunities. However, should some Arab states carry such reconsiderations - if they would ever do such a thing - they would remove "Israel" from the list of threats; some states had done that already. This is not strange to some governments. However, what I know respecting some popular trends too is that they removed "Israel" from the sphere of enmity or threat. This is very dangerous in the track of this confrontation.

Third: Reminding the world and the nation and the peoples of the nation of the suffering of the Palestinian people and the massacres perpetrated and are still perpetrated against them every hour and every day. This must be present in all our media outlets and speeches and calls. We must remind of what "Israel" committed in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and the region. We must remind of the massacres "Israel" perpetrated during July War and before. This must not be forgotten. This must always be highlighted to underscore the position of this greedy threatening "Israeli" enemy.

Fifth: Finding frameworks to communicate and organize benefiting from every capacity or power in the world to support the resistance project away from any religious, racial, or political considerations.

Sixth: Reverent scholars, brothers, and sisters! This confrontation requires exceptional sincerity. Here I will tackle the psychological, spiritual, and moral perspective. This confrontation requires exceptional neglect of factional, sectarian, party, regional, racial, and personal interests.

We are in a battle in which our peoples, armies, and resistance movements offered great sacrifices. Our senior leaders offered their lives and their children. The peoples were very seriously and loyally tolerant. They did not lack the spirit of sacrifices. They rather lacked from a long time ago a unified central, faithful, loyal, plotting leadership that would gather the capacities of the nation and liberate Palestine in a way competent with the sacrifices of the armies, resistance movements and peoples of the region.

This must be met with loyalty. The manifestation of which must be following whoever raises the banner of the resistance apart from his name, race [Arab or Persian], sect, religion, country... We must back, shoulder, stand by, and walk with whoever raises the banner of the resistance, and heads to the front lines to restore Palestine and al-Quds and to push the Zionist scheme away from this nation while turning a blind eye to all other considerations.

This is one aspect of loyalty - if we are so - to al-Quds, Palestine, the Palestinian people and to confronting this Zionist scheme.

Should Egypt take the lead, we must back it; should Iran take the lead, we must be with it; should Syria take the lead, we must be with it; should any Arab or Islamic country take the lead, we must follow it. Should Indonesia come from the far end of the world and say that it is ready with its policy, diplomacy, capacity, money, and capability or even people and arms and wants to shoulder this responsibility, we must all be Indonesians. This is the meaning of loyalty.

We must not peck saying these are Indonesians and we are Arabs. We must not peck saying these are Shiite, Sunnite, Muslims, Christians... However, as far as this point is concerned, what is the problem we are suffering from?
The problem is that some do not support and some prevent these supporting from doing so. The supporter is turned to an accused or is to be blamed. The supported is turned to an accused or is to be blamed. Some resistance movements receive true support from definite states but as a result of some sensitivity to these states, the resistance movement becomes accused not only as far as its political position is concerned but also it becomes accused in its religion and its sect.

That's the mere truth. If a Sunnite resistance movement receives support from the Islamic republic in Iran, it will not be accused in its political position but rather of Shi'ism.

Well, there is a colloquial proverb that says: You don't have mercy on us, and you do not let the mercy of Allah to be bestowed on us!" Well, then raise the banner yourself. This call is on all the Arab states - kings, princes, and leaders in the Arab and Islamic world. Let any Arab and Islamic state assume the responsibility.

I am one of the people among many of these present now in the hall who are ready to guarantee for you that Iran will retreat to the rear lines thankfully and gratefully and happily because in this battle it is tolerating heavy and serious burdens, and because of this battle it is facing major threats and losing main interests in the national sense of the word. Should any Arab or Islamic state say that it will take the lead, we with all Arab and Islamic countries are ready to surpass everything and any consideration. This is indeed what we are in need of. This is the faithfulness that we need.

The last point that I want to assert and wrap my speech is fit for a contemplating pose from the conference, after the conference, and everywhere.

Today and without any preludes I say that the major problems that touch the essence of the conflict and what started rooting in the minds and convictions of many groups of the residents of the region are the serious results of what is being perpetrated in the name of Islam by Takfiri groups against all residents of the region whether Sunnites, Shiites, Muslims, Christians, or the followers of the various religious and Islamic sects. There is a special characteristic related to the religious minorities, the followers of the other religions [non-Muslims] and there is another characteristic related to the followers of the Islamic sects other than the four main sects i.e. other than our Sunnite brothers.

When we mention the other Islamic sects, we mention among them the Shiites. When saying these human groups existing in the region, I mean the non-Muslims or Muslims other than our Sunnite brethrens. So I will not need to mention their names and characteristics.

What do the battle that is being waged under the Takfiri banner, the crimes perpetrated, and the religious and political speech of these groups mean to tell us? They tell us that their problem with us is not political. I am killing you because you are the followers of this religion, if you are non-Muslims. I am killing you because you are the followers of this sect, if you are non-Sunnites. I am killing you because you are the followers of this intellect or method or way, if you were Sunnites other than us.

However, I want to put the Sunnites aside to focus on the above-mentioned groups. Where does this lead to? This is what is taking place now really. The killings these groups are perpetrating are sheer facts. They are not fabrications. No! This is the truth. It is killing according to religious or sectarian affiliation and not on political basis or pursuant to the political battle or political accusation or political project.

Where does this lead to? This leads these groups to the conviction that they are being subject to a battle of existence. Indeed, this is unprecedented in the history of the region. This region has been living under Islam for 1400 years. This asserts that what is taking place has nothing to do with Islam, the four caliphs, the good ancestors and all the ancient grand Islamic history.

When any group senses that its external human existence is threatened - its men, women, and children and not only its sanctities, mosques, churches, and schools-, it is its natural, innate right as well as its legitimate right to defend its existence. This is undisputable.

When these groups withdraw to defend their existence, the first side that is removed from the battle is "Israel" because there is an absolute priority which is defending one's existence. If you talk to them about "Israel", they will tell you that "Israel" is a potential threat that can be postponed, and that it is their absolute priority to confront the factual danger.

Things may develop further on the psychological, intellectual, and cultural level as I mentioned before and "Israel" may be removed from the list of enemies and consequently, Palestine will be removed from the list of concern and not only the list of priorities and the list of responsibilities. Things may develop to this extent. Thus I hope that we take this as a serious real danger as the "Israelis" are working and seeking to have some religious groups or some definite Islamic groups may reach a stage in which they would view "Israel" - the enemy - as a defender, supporter, or sponsor.

This is the most dangerous thing that faces the resistance project in the region. This applies to the followers of religions and sects.

The wicked "Israelis" have started to present them as such - as a defender ready to intervene to protect this sect or that sect or the followers of this faction or that faction. Things had even gone further. When I read what I will narrate to you, I recalled the following prophetic tradition - regardless from its reference. The tradition says: On Doom's Day, the mercy of Allah Al Mighty widens to the extent that the Devil's neck extends to reach each.

Imagine that the neck of the "Israeli" devil had extended to the following extent! I have read that some "Israeli" experts had said that they expect or hope that a day will come when their enemies in Lebanon will extend to them a hand of friendship and they name Hizbullah in particular!

We are at least talking about Hizbullah; or else, the Lebanese resistance is much more ancient. For 33 years, we have been in a doctrinal, jihadi, bloody struggle with the "Israelis", and we consider the "Israelis" as one of the enemies in this world and in this existence, and we are ready in our culture and internal mobilization to starve to death and die without medicine or medical treatment, and that our bones be crushed to evade begging for help from "Israel".

Still "Israel" looks for the day in which it expects that these enemies would extend to it a helping hand. What pushed it to dare to look forward to that? It is what is taking place in the region. I am not saying so for narration; I am rather saying so to hold the concerned sides responsible.

The scholars and elites of these sects and religions are responsible. Christian and Muslim religious men are responsible. Shiite, Druze, Alawite, Ismaelite, and Zeidi scholars are responsible as they have opened this front in Algeria. The scholars and elites who address these groups are concerned to tell them: No, you must be cautious! True we are facing such grave threats, however, this kind of address, this way of thinking, this kind of emotions do not go with our religion, doctrine, or culture.

On al-Quds Day two years ago, I said a phrase not from a sectarian background. I usually do not talk with Sunni-Shiite rhetoric. In that speech of mine, I talked about the Shia of Ali Bin Abi Taleb [Peace be upon him] but I did not elaborate. Now, I will give my interpretation.

There are western and international media efforts along with internal and external efforts to distance this group of Muslims - meaning the Shiite sect - from the battle with "Israel". This is a goal; this is not taking place by chance; though what is befalling them is befalling others but every side exploit it in the direction that appeals to it.

What is taking place for years by now in more than one country and state is deliberate and premeditated. It aims to distance Shiites from Palestine, the Palestinian people, al-Quds, and the conflict with the "Israeli" enemy with the aim of convincing them that the side which really poses an existential threat to them are the Sunnites - not the Takfiris but rather the Sunnites - and the common points are more with "Israel" in the battle of existence.

This is an advanced level of intellectual treason. This is really taking place in the world, and I say so because I do not want to hide behind my finger. Still I want to say that these attempts are met with deaf ears in the Shiite milieu as is the case with the Christian milieu, the Druze milieu, the Sunni milieu and all other milieus.

Thus on al-Quds Day I said, and today in this conference I reiterate: This is not only the case in Lebanon. I know and contact all scholars. I know how our authorities - whether His Eminence Imam Khamenai and the officials in Iran or the other authorities around the world - think. Yes, today I am telling you: No matter what takes place and what is taking place, that will not stop though it is required that it stops, no matter the events, calamities, and pains, we as Shiites must think and as non-Shiites must think in the same way as I said on that day: We the Shia of Ali Bin Abi Taleb [Peace be upon him] will not forsake Palestine, the people of Palestine, or the sanctities of the nation in Palestine.

This is not a transient stance. This is rather a doctrinal, intellectual, legitimate, jurisprudential, and sentimental stance.

On al-Quds Day, one of the scenes that touched me dearly gives evidence on the doctrinal aspect I mentioned at the beginning of my speech. I can understand that in many states worldwide people hit the street and mark the occasion of al-Quds Day. However, the case in Nubbul and Zahraa in Aleppo in Syria is quite different. Nubbul and Zahraa are two towns which have been besieged for years.

They are subject to shelling and attacks on daily basis. Some of their women are prisoners to our very day. Still on al-Quds Day, and though they are besieged, they demonstrated and talked about reaching al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque and praying there.

What pushed them to do that and act as such? That is done by the doctrine. As to all other considerations, they do not push them to act as such or talk as such because their priorities must be something else and their conditions must be different as a result of the situation they are living in.

Thus we are before a great responsibility. We must not allow such intellectual, psychological, spiritual or even moral repercussions of the events taking place in our region to happen.

Our brethrens the Sunni scholars bear grave responsibilities too. So far many brave positions have been taken in the past years whether in this conference or in the various scholar cadres. The extraordinary brave stances that isolated and condemned these Takfiris and their crimes are in the book of everyone's deeds. This in fact is not an individual work; that is not an individual service. It is rather a service at the level of the nation, the battle of the nation, and the project of the nation. This must continue to take place because these Takfiris must be isolated.

As they are the majority, the Muslim Sunnis are concerned to assume the responsibility more than the followers of the other Islamic sects. They are concerned to reassure the followers of other divine religions and the followers of the other Islamic sects. The structure of the region and the nation means that there is a responsibility of this kind. How do we put this to action? This indeed needs assertion.

I believe that this blessed union - the International Union of Resistance Scholars - headed by the struggling resisting brave reverent scholar brethren Sheikh Maher Hammoud and his brethrens the reverent scholars and as a broad, diversified, and extending scholar framework can be a true initiator and main partner in all frameworks and movements of the resistance to redirect, restore and activate all what must be redirected, restored and activated to move forward with the project of the resistance towards the final absolute victory Inshallah.

We absolutely believe that "Israel" - this cancerous gland - is to demise and that Palestine and al-Quds will be restored to their real people. It is only a matter of time that is linked to the will, action, efforts, and sacrifices of the nation according to the Holy Aya: {Should you back Allah, Allah will grand you victory}.

Despite all of the current calamities, I believe that our nation is the nation of abundant good until Doom's Day because the peoples of our nation are the people of awareness, steadfastness, patience, and tolerance. For that our nation will be able to surpass this ordeal and emerge stronger and more determined thanks to all the previous grave experiences. Then the trial with the source of corruption "Israel" will be very tough.

The day in which we will all pray in al-Quds is sure coming Inshallah. All of these calamities, conspiracies, and crises are mere trials to strengthen and make fit all those who believe in this project and in this path to enable them to be competent of the coming victory. Some people may gain victory but then waste it.

Allah Al Mighty wants our nation in its final victory over the Zionist scheme and in restoring Palestine and al-Quds to be competent of such grand historic victory and to be competent of guarding this victory and not to lose it as many victories were wasted.

Excuse me for taking much or your time. May Allah bless you. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Source: Al-Ahed News, Translated by website team


person Rihard

Up the spirit.

God bless you all in resistance against worst evil earth have know in \\\"modern\\\" times. West is dying without even recognize the complexity of its own long time hard earned achievements. The madness is huge. I am not Muslim but the way this wise leader speaks shows sanity, even sanctity still exists. Be the courageous peace of God with you brothers concerned about Palestine (and elsewhere) undeserved suffering.