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Sayyed Nasrallah: KSA Responsible to Stop Takfiri Thought

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Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, confirmed that the dangers of extremist groups that we are facing today are similar to the events that occurred on 61 A.H.

Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah
Sayyed Nasrallah: KSA Responsible to Stop Takfiri Thought

"The takfiri current represents a threat to Islam and brings about the misconception of Islam and its concepts," His Eminence said, noting that, "The takfiris fabricate verses of the Quran in order to justify their violence."

This takfiri trend "will instill this false understanding of Islam."

On the third night of Ashura, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that, "What is happening today is the biggest distortion of Islam in history."

Moreover, His Eminence pointed out that, "The live broadcasting of slaughter and massacres aims at distancing non-Muslims from Islam!"

"Muslims are being presented as a savage and bloodthirsty community," he added, pointing out that "The emergence of this new stream of thought arose as a result of an intellectual-ideological error that was facilitated all over 100 years by schools and hundreds of billions of dollars."

On this level, Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned: "They were provided with financial as well as governmental capabilities which founded the universities, schools, newspapers, and houses of publications in order to pervade its concepts all over the world."

In parallel, the Resistance leader elaborated that, "These are the real reasons for the emergence of terrorism and not the political circumstances."

His Eminence further stressed that, "The leaders and followers of the takfiri currents aren't concerned with Palestine and hadn't fought any battle with this [Zionist] entity previously."

Sayyed Nasrallah said that takfiri terrorism is based on a "Wahhabist mentality," grounded in the movement named after Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and not the Prophet Mohammad [PBUH].

"Nowadays, the prime responsibility in the Islamic world for stopping the proliferation of this ideology falls on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia," Sayyed Nasrallah said in a televised speech.

In parallel, His Eminence said: "It is not enough to create an international coalition and bring the armies of the world to fight "Daesh" ["ISIL"]. My remarks are addressed to everyone: close the schools that are educating the followers of this ISIL ideology ... and stop labeling people as polytheists for the most trivial reasons."

According to Hizbullah Secretary General, "The problem of Takfirism is too deep to be addressed only through a military solution," saying that, "The problem should be first dealt with at intellectual, scientific, and cultural levels."

"Islam, the nation and the Islamic societies are being threatened by this Takfiri thought whose causes, not effects must be addressed."

Source: Al-Ahed news