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Hizbullah Condemns Terrorist Attacks Targeting Lebanese Army

Hizbullah Condemns Terrorist Attacks Targeting Lebanese Army
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Local Editor

Condemning the gunmen attacks that targeted the Lebanese army and Security forces in Arsel, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah Condemns Terrorist Attacks Targeting Lebanese Army

The atrocious and aberrant crimes conducted by the terrorist groups against Lebanon, its people and army have aggravated, as these terrorist groups have taken the fringes of Lebanese borders as haven.

They have breached Lebanon's national sovereignty and targeted the Lebanese army and other security forces.

The latest of these crimes was the attacks targeting posts of the Lebanese Army (LA) and Internal Security Forces (ISF) in Arsal and its outskirts, which led to the martyrdom and injury of numerous soldiers and civilians, not to mention the abduction of several LA and ISF members.

Such ongoing crimes committed by the organized terrorist groups -supported by a foreign umbrella and local justification- are proof to the danger threatening Lebanon and its people of all sects and affiliations.

Hence, all the Lebanese should unite to confront this threat, without justifying or excusing the actions of the terrorist groups that have committed the most heinous crimes; acts seen as irrational by all religions and logic.

The Lebanese army took the responsibility of defending Lebanon, fortifying its borders and preventing the terrorists from infringing its sovereignty, and presenting martyrs on this path, which is the ultimate evidence to the commitment of this institution and its loyalty to Lebanon.

The performance of the army and its leadership in confronting this terrorism targeting the army posts and checkpoints in Arsal deserves high appreciation and support by all the Lebanese, who should stand by the Lebanese institution and absolutely support it.

Henceforth, Hizbullah accentuates its utmost appreciation to the military institution, and assures its support to all the steps the institution has been taking to preserve the army and enhancing its capabilities in face of the terrorist assaults.

Moreover, Hizbullah assures standing hand in hand by the institution in facing the dangers threating Lebanon and menacing its unity, sovereignty and stability.
Hizbullah also presents its warm condolences to the army leadership, as well as its generals and members on the martyrdom of the soldiers that fell during the confrontations, and asks the Almighty Allah to bestow patience upon their families and wishes soon recovery to the injured.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations