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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the Martyrdom of Gen. Muhammad Reza Zahedi and His Brothers

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech Marking the Martyrdom of Gen. Muhammad Reza Zahedi and His Brothers
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Translated by Al-Ahed News, Hezbollah Media Relations

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during a ceremony marking the martyrdom of the great jihadi leader Major General Muhammad Reza Zahedi and his brothers, the righteous martyrs, at the Sayyed Al-Shuhada Complex in the southern suburbs of Beirut [8-04-2024]. 

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

{Among the believers are men who have proven true to what they pledged to Allah. Some of them have fulfilled their pledge ‘with their lives’, others are waiting ‘their turn’. They have never changed ‘their commitment’ in the least.} Allah has spoken the truth

First, I welcome all the brothers and sisters to the memorial of a great jihadi leader and his fellow leaders and martyrs, I mean martyred leader, Major General Zahedi, or as we in Lebanon have known him for a long time as Hajj Abu Mahdi or Hajj Mahdawi.

I must acknowledge at the beginning of the speech a dilemma. We faced this same problem in previous occasions, including the martyrdom of some senior leaders such as Hajj Qasem, Hajj Imad and the rest of the brothers, who were not much in the spotlight.

For example, when Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Abbas, who was a well-known public figure at the time, was martyred, you could freely talk about him. A few things may remain hidden.

However, the dilemma when talking about a figure like this is that you highlight his value, achievements, role, and actions to do right by him. At the same time, you feel like you are magnifying the enemy’s achievement and what they took from us. But if you don’t do that, you’d be hiding the facts and not giving him justice. This is the dilemma.

In any case, I will talk about our great martyr in the time allotted, even if the report that was displayed covers a good area and contains details that I will be mentioning in my speech.

We must mention a small introduction about the history of the presence of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards [IRG] in Lebanon since we are talking about the martyrs of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, i.e. Major General Zahedi, Brigadier General Hajj Rahimi, and the martyred brothers who were members of the Islamic Revolution Guards.

This fact must be mentioned. The presence of the IRG in Syria and Lebanon dates back to 1982. The younger generations have not witnessed that stage, and they may have heard of the IRG in Syria during the Syrian conflict in 2011, 2012, and afterwards.

As a reminder, the IRG has been in a certain structure since 1982, after the “Israeli” invasion of Lebanon in 1982 in June.

At that time, His Eminence Imam Khomeini was still alive. The war imposed on Iran, supported by all countries of the world, was ongoing, and these young men were fighting on those fronts, including Hajj Zahedi.

In the meantime, the “Israelis” started their occupation of the south, and it was clear that they wanted to reach Beirut. They reached the Western Beqaa and Rashaya and became close to the Masnaa Border Crossing on the Damascus Road. There was a fear that the invasion would reach the rest of Lebanon and would even develop towards Syria and Damascus.

It is also true to say that the war that was imposed on Iran at that time was a global war, even if the one waging it was Saddam Hussein, but at that time America, the Soviet Union, the European Union, the countries of the world, the Gulf states, and many Arab countries supported it.

Only one Gulf states provided $200 billion to cover part of the expenses of the war on Iran. If this $200 billion had been spent on serious resistance movements, it is possible that “Israel” would not exist today.

Although the Islamic Republic of Iran was at war and as a result of Imam Khomeini’s sense of responsibility towards Lebanon and Syria and their people, he decided to send forces to Lebanon and Syria to support the Lebanese and Syrians and help them confront the invasion.

At that time, a high-level Iranian military delegation made up of senior commanders from the IRC and the Iranian army arrived and met with officials in Damascus.

In the end, an assessment of the situation was made and it seemed that the invasion stopped at these borders. Therefore, there was no advance towards Masnaa or the rest of Lebanon or opening a battle with Syria. It seemed that the “Israelis” will remain where they are. Therefore, the correct strategy was resistance, popular resistance, and not a conventional military confrontation.

Accordingly, it was decided that the forces that came return to Iran, while and a group of IRG officers and cadres would remain [At that time, the IRC did not have ranks. After that they became officers.] in Syria and go to Lebanon and help launch the resistance in confronting the occupation. This is the beginning of the IRG’s presence.

There is a problem here that we need to solve. From the start, the real presence of the IRG in Syria and Lebanon entailed military advisors. There were no Iranian forces.

Yes, Iranian forces came to Damascus, to Syria, and arrived in Zabadani. But as a result of the assessment of the situation that I spoke about, these forces returned to Iran. IRG cadre known as advisors remained. What is the cadre’s mission?

The mission of the cadre that were still on Lebanese territory was to transfer expertise to the Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians and provide advice, training, and logistical support. They were not required to fight in the field, but rather to be advisors.

Naturally, some of them were martyred in training camps when the “Israeli” enemy bombed them in the Beqaa. This also happened in Syria many times. Iranian advisors were martyred. This was their role at that stage.

Consequently, a group of IRG cadres remained. Meanwhile, the Iranian army and the IRG forces returned to Iran. After all, they had a front to fight. A large group of officers and cadres remained and carried out this mission. They first came to the Beqaa, to the Janta region, and established the first training camp. Activism started there.

This was the beginning. Even later in Syria, especially after 2011, no Iranian forces came, i.e. battalions, brigades, teams, etc. Contrary to what is commonly said, there were Iranian military advisors. There were forces for the resistance factions in the area which considered that the global war taking place in Syria is ultimately targeting the resistance and the resistance project in the region. Every passing day confirms the correctness of this analysis, assessment, and vision. Hence, there are only Iranian military advisors in Syria.

The aforementioned is an introduction so we can start talking about Hajj Zahedi. The latest incident took place. The Iranian consulate was targeted. Confusion arose. One can ask, how can it be a consulate when there are military leaders in it?

Those men were military advisors. It is known. There are military attachés in foreign embassies in Lebanon. Where do the military advisors and security intelligence groups stay? In embassies or consulates. They may have centers abroad that are not public, but where is their presence? This is normal in the whole world.

Therefore, for some of the Iranian military advisors to be in the Iranian consulate in Damascus is normal and usual, and this is one of the norms that exist in the world. It is unfortunate how the “Israelis’, the Americans, and some European countries to try and discuss the status of the consulate in Damascus.

Ultimately, this targeting occurred. In fact, it is the highest-level “Israeli” attack on Iranian advisors in Syria in years. For years, the “Israeli” enemy has been targeting Iranian advisors in some centers, offices, and even their homes. This began many years ago. In fact, it expresses the importance and value of the presence of these advisors in Syria – when the “Israelis” declare open war and bomb openly at night, during the day, and target these dear ones.

Of course, the “Israelis” tried to exaggerate the issue. They always talk about targeting Iranian forces in Syria. We have previously clarified, and the Iranian officials have previously clarified, and now I repeat and reiterate that what is present in Syria are military advisors, not forces. But the “Israelis” want to exaggerate the issue so that they can say, “I am waging a battle against the Iranian forces in Syria.”

This targeting began years ago following the clarity of the outcome of the battle in Syria and the failure of the global war on Syria, of which “Israel” was a part.

We all know, and the documents and films on tv all confirm the connection of the armed groups, at the very least, in southern Syria, and their relationship with the “Israelis”, the supply lines, the crossings, the access to food supplies, ammunition, weapons, the transportation of the wounded, and sometimes air intervention on behalf of the armed groups against the Syrian army. This is all known.

In the face of this failure, “Israel” is in fact taking revenge on one of the important factors or elements in this major confrontation that took place in Syria, which are the Iranian advisors. We all remember the role of these leaders, most prominent of whom is the great commander Hajj Qasem Soleimani.

This targeting stems from the “Israeli” understanding of the role of the IRCG advisors in our region at the resistance level. This is something we do not want to hide. This is the part that we must talk about. At the time of Hajj Qasem’s martyrdom, it was mentioned clearly. When I talk about the history and life of Major General Zahedi, this topic will be clarified.

The presence of these advisors mainly from 1982 was aimed at helping and supporting the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance in confronting the Zionist occupation of Lebanon and Palestine. These advisors provided very great services to the Palestinian resistance and its various factions without any discrimination.

At the level of the resistance in Lebanon, specifically Hezbollah, the “Israelis” understand this meaning. Hence, this targeting.

Therefore, this targeting is part of the real and main battle. These martyrs were killed in the clearest, most honorable, most legitimate, and most central battle in the region and in the nation – the conflict with the Zionist enemy.

Of course, the “Israeli” enemy announced the goal of their targeting, assassinations, and air strikes – to expel the Iranian advisors [Iranian forces according to the “Israelis”] from Syria.

However, these dear brothers have a sacred duty, performing a very high mission, Therefore, the enemy, despite the blood that was shed in various stages and the martyrdom of Iranian advisors in Syria, was not able to achieve this goal. They insisted on remaining in Syria to support the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine and support Syria as well.

I would like to point out to an image some people are trying to present – Syria being occupied by Iran. This is 100% false. Another image is that the Islamic Republic is the decision maker in Syria and the one confiscating the decision of the Syrian leadership and interfering in Syrian affairs. This has no basis at all.

The Syrian leadership makes its own decisions. The assistance that the Islamic Republic of Iran provided to Syria and the people of Syria in confronting the global war was to prevent the takfiris, Americans, and “Israelis” from controlling Syria. This in itself is a sacred goal and a sacred duty.

In light of the new attack, which was the highest level of attack, what is new about it? There are two new things in this attack. On Friday, because it was the Quds Day, and we were going to speak on Monday, so I postponed talking about this issue until today.

The first new thing is that the targeting was ultimately on Iranian territory based on international norms or international laws. It was not a center, house, or road that was targeted, as it happened with other commanders or IRG officers. The Iranian consulate was targeted. This means an attack on Iran and not just on Syria. This is a different matter. Here, the issue is not the killing of Iranian leaders and their martyrdom in an attack. The Iranian soil was attacked.

The second new thing is the level of the assassination. Major General Zahedi was the chief Iranian advisor in Syria and Lebanon and their leader. This was the highest level of targeting in years, in addition to the location, which was the Iranian consulate.

You know, I usually follow articles, statements, and interviews in the “Israeli” entity. Many in the entity began to describe the “Israeli” raid on the Iranian consulate as a big mistake, foolishness, and a strategic mistake, etc.

One of the reasons that now push the “Israelis” to this assessment is the Iranian position and the Iranian response that they are waiting for.

It may have been that the “Israelis’” assessment was that ‘we attack the consulate and kill Hajj Zahedi and the brothers with him, and it would pass. In the past, we killed an IRG cadre or member.’

The Islamic Republic was sometimes able to respond in other places on the basis that if the enemy struck us in another country, we would strike then in another country. But where was the mistake here? You struck the consulate; you directly struck Iran.

This is the new development that prompted His Eminence, the Leader, and the officials of the Islamic Republic to declare a public, clear, frank, categorical, and decisive position that the Iranian response is coming, and there will be punishment.

At this point, a lot of information confirm that the Americans have accepted that the fact that there will be an Iranian response, even the “Israelis” accepted this fact. I think the whole world has accepted that this is Iran’s natural right. It is natural for the Islamic Republic to respond, but everyone is waiting for what will happen and the repercussions of what will happen.

In this context and the targeting of this group of IRG leaders who were martyred in the consulate, I will begin talking about Hajj Zahedi.

I conclude this part by asking for mercy for all these martyrs, Hajj Zahedi, Hajj Rahimi, and their brothers. I extend my condolences to their honorable family members as well as to the families of the non-Iranian martyrs who were martyred in the Iranian consulate in Damascus. I ask God Almighty to raise the ranks of these martyrs and have mercy on them and a speedy recovery for the wounded. May He bestow patience, solace, reward, and high ranks for the honorable families.

From here, I will say a few words about Major General Zahedi, then we conclude with a couple of words about the general situation.

As the report mentioned, Hajj Zahedi, like many young Iranians in the twenties, was a pillar of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 and the mainstay of the front in the war that was imposed on Iran. Those who went and fought on the fronts were mostly young men in their twenties. Hajj Zahedi was one of them. You will find the son of Isfahan in various places on the Iranian fronts during that war. They took on great responsibilities early on.

Hajj Zahedi, who was in his twenties, became a battalion commander. These leaders were forged on the battlefield, field experiences, heroism in the battlefield, courage in the battlefield, innovation in the battlefield. These leaders did not come from universities or military schools. They came from their schools, universities, homes, factories, and farms. They went to the frontline. Within a few years, thanks to the field, experience, sacrifices, reason, intelligence, creativity, innovation, and courage, they became leaders. [Hajj Zahedi] was a battalion commander, a brigade commander, then a division commander while he was in the prime of his life.

He was also one of those wounded in the war. During all the years he spent with us, he suffered from these wounds that left scars on his body and health. He spent eight years is of his young life, like many young Iranians, at the front.

When the war ended, he assumed many responsibilities in Iran, in successive stages as stated in the report – officer of the IRCG’s air force after the establishment of the Air Force, officer of the IRG’s ground force, which is one of the most important formations of the IRCG, and officer of the IRG’s operations at one point.

His relationship and responsibilities with Lebanon began in 1998, i.e. Hajj Qasem Soleimani assumed the leadership of the Quds Force. When Hajj Qasem assumed the leadership of the Quds Force, one of the first steps he took was that he chose a new commander for the IRCG group present in the region, and his chose Hajj Zahedi.

He [Hajj Zahedi] came to Lebanon in 1998. Of course, the mission is usually three or four years, so he stayed with us for four years, until 2002, in the stage of development of the resistance work, the escalation of the resistance work. This also coincided with martyred leader Hajj Imad Mughniyeh taking over the new jihadi formation at that time. Thus, Hajj Zahedi accompanied us through the peak of the resistance work until 2000 and the 2000 liberation. He remained with us until 2002 when preparations for the next phase began. Here, of course, he played a major role.

We believed after 2000 that the “Israeli” enemy would not remain silent over this historic defeat that befell it in 2000 and will resume the aggression against Lebanon under a pretext or an occasion at some point in time. Hence, we had to prepare for that day.

Of course, at a time when some people considered that the mission of the resistance had ended – these people discussed the Lebaneseness of the Shebaa Farms and that weapons must be surrendered – we believed that Lebanon was still in the circle of danger, threats, [“Israeli”] ambitions, and “Israeli” revenge and vengeance as a result of their 2000 defeat. The “Israelis” are infamous for exacting revenge. What is happening in Gaza expresses their mentality and psychology. They’ve inherited this from their fathers and grandfathers.

In 2000, Hajj Zahedi’s mission ended although we wanted him to stay with us in Lebanon. He returned to Iran, and at that time, I think he assumed the command of the ground force or something else.

The second time was in 2008, after the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh. The mission of the IRG’s commander here had ended and consultations took place with our brother Hajj Qasem. Once again, Hajj Zahedi was unanimously chosen to return to us.

However, this was never done before since they [the Iranians] have a large number of officers, cadres, and commanders. A specific commander returning to the same area he served previously is unusual and uncommon. But it was agreed, and he returned in 2008, weeks after the martyrdom of Hajj Imad. He remained with us for six years until 2014. By then, he has spent 10 years of his youth and blessed life in Lebanon.

The third time was in 2020, after the martyrdom of leader Hajj Qasem Soleimani. The term of the IRG commander [Sayyed Abu Ali Hijazi] in the region expired, and it was decided that he would return to Iran to be deputy commander of the Quds Force. Sayyed Abu Ali Hijazi was later martyred. It was decided that Hajj Zahedi would come again. This was also uncommon. He remained here until his martyrdom.

Hence, this dear and generous leader spent 14 years of his blessed life among us and with us through all difficult circumstances – in calamity and prosperity, in distress, in adversity, in wars, in operations, in difficult confrontations, in days of strife. He was the best leader, helper, supporter, partner, and advisor. He was strongly present.

There are a few of us in this hall that closely lived with Hajj Abu Mahdi, aka Hajj Zahedi. He was not a public figure and did not attend public affairs. As I have mentioned about Syria, the brothers in the IRCG, their intelligence services, military attaches, and their embassies do not at all interfere in the internal Lebanese affairs or with the President, ministers, the Prime Minister, the government, etc.

In fact, they do not interfere in these matters. Their only concern, cause, and responsibility is the resistance, the readiness of the resistance, filling the gaps of the resistance, developing the resistance, strengthening the resistance, and ensuring that the resistance is at the level of power required to protect Lebanon, liberate Palestine, and support the Palestinian people. I am talking about resistance movements in the region.

Therefore, if we want to present a quick and brief testimony about martyred leader Zahedi, who was an emigrant to God, we can say that he emigrated to God and even left his family, his loved ones, as well as his sons and daughters and came to live with us here.

Most likely, he and his wife lived alone, far from their loved ones, relatives, father, mother, and family.

He was a migrant for the sake of God Almighty. He was a hard worker and a Mujahid leader who worked day and night in the service of this resistance. He made sacrifices and was a very humble believer. You’ve seen in the film the manner in which he spoke the young man. He was very humble, frank, transparent, and clear. He was a good-natured, loving, and serious advisor. He used to work hard, persevere, and bear the burden of responsibility and worry about our situations and conditions. He felt our pain and rejoiced with us. When we were happy, he would rejoice with us. He would cry with us when we cried. Of course, we cried and laughed a lot in the past 40 years.

He took part, accepted ideas, engaged in dialogue, and assisted in developing the resistance. He possessed a high degree of discipline, had absolute obedience to his leader and the leadership, and possessed unparalleled courage. There was no room in his heart for fear. He wanted to be on the front lines even at the end of his recent mandate.

He told me, “Look, Sayyed, last time I was here, I returned to Iran. This time, I am coming to be martyred. Of course, I am here to do my job, to serve you, and to help you. I am with you day and night, and I exert my utmost effort. But my personal project is that I have agreed to come to Lebanon in my age to be martyred.”

Indeed, he left everything in Iran, all the titles, responsibilities, and positions, and came here where there is a limited number of advisors in Lebanon and Syria, while in Iran he could have been a force commander.


[He said] “I left everything in Iran, and I came here with one hope, and it is my last hope, which is to obtain martyrdom. So, he made a condition from the first day, and told me, “Look, Sayyed, do not do to me what you did the previous times. You can’t go to the south and you can’t go to the front.”

I told him that God willing, all will be good. However, I prevented him from going. When the Al-Aqsa Flood began in the first days, he wanted to be on the front lines with the brothers, but I did not agree with him to go at that time. You know us religious scholars, we find loopholes. I did not tell him, “Yes, I promise you.” Rather, I told him, “God willing, all will be fine.” In other words, I met him halfway, and I took advantage of the second half to tell him, ‘No, Hajji, you cannot go to the south.’

Since October 8, he had packed his bag and wanted to go to the south, to be with the resistance fighters on the front lines, and our brothers in the military knew this fact. It was not just me who prevented him, but all the brothers. They told, “Hajj, stay here if you want us to benefit from you, to serve us, and help us. Your presence here is better than your presence with us at the front. On the contrary, your presence at the front exposes you to danger, confuses us, and tires us out.”

In fact, the man came to us in 2020 after the martyrdom of Hajj Qasem and told us, “I came, of course, to fully carry out my duty and my sacred cause, but I have a personal wish, which is martyrdom, and to join Hajj Qasem as soon as possible”

Since 2020, i.e. more than three years that he’s been here, the brothers have been known that he hoped for martyrdom. “Pray for me to attain martyrdom, and I ask God to grant me martyrdom.”

I concluded with this to point out that this is how the great leaders are in this journey. This is something new. Of course, they are looking for victory, one of the two best things [victory or martyrdom] and for the two best things. Victory is desired and praised.

God Almighty says, {‘He will also give you’ another favor that you long for: help from Allah and an imminent victory. ‘So’ give good news ‘O Prophet’ to the believers.}

But victory is a nation’s project, a people’s project, and a group’s project, and it is also a personal project. However, I believe that martyrdom – meeting God Almighty and winning paradise – remains a personal project. We are still in the month of Ramadan. It is during the days of Ramadan when the sword struck Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib’s head. What was his cry? “By the Lord of the Kaaba, I have succeeded!” This is a project for winning.

This is what Allah Almighty mentioned before he spoke about victory – {That is the ultimate triumph.} – which is martyrdom.  {Another favor that you long for: help from Allah and an imminent victory.} This project is personal.

Hajj Zahedi, in fact, achieved what he was hoping for. Of course, we were saddened. My brothers and I were very affected because we lived together for 14 consecutive years, here in Lebanon. Then, during the other years, we would sit in Iran, meet and talk about 14 years of joint work, day and night, shoulder to shoulder. We also feel the great loss, just as we felt the great loss of Hajj Qasem.

We admit; this is a loss. The martyrdom of these leaders and the martyrdom of Sayyed Abbas are a great loss. The martyrdom of Hajj Imad is a great loss, but God Almighty will compensate for these sacrifices, God willing.

Their blood blesses this journey, strengthens it, and increases its insight, presence, and sense of responsibility. Just as I began talking about this type of martyred leader, I conclude here with an emotional problem.

We are conflicted between feeling happy with these leaders when they rejoice for the bounty that God has given them [they’ve achieved their personal project and goal which is martyrdom] and saddened for the loss of these loved ones, who we not only have a fraternal, emotional, and personal relationship with but also need in the arena of jihad.

Therefore, whenever we are befallen with sadness and pain, we always say, {Indeed, we belong to Allah, and indeed, to Him we return.} We submit. When we are happy, we congratulate them. Congratulations to Hajj Zahedi, Hajj Rahimi, all the martyrs who were martyred with them, all the martyrs to this day, the martyrs in Gaza, in the West Bank, in southern Lebanon, in Syria, in Yemen, in Iraq, and in Iran.

In the end, today’s march is engaged in a battle to liberate not only the sanctities but also the nation and the entire region from occupation and from the decades-long projects of domination and plunder. Hajj Zahedi also told me that since the first day of the Al-Aqsa Flood, his heart, mind, and eyes were on Gaza. He was martyred with his heart, mind, and eyes on Gaza, and we were together and following up on all the details.

During these couple of days, some important developments occurred regarding the ongoing conflict – from Friday until today. One of the most important headlines is that we are now entering the seventh month. In other words, the six-month-mark has ended.

As it is said, this is the longest war so far – a war in the sense of war. Perhaps it is the longest, and some say the longest war, and some say perhaps it is the longest. They discuss it in comparison to some other wars. However, there is no doubt that it is one of the longest wars that “Israel is waging in its region.

Considering that we talked a lot about the results previously, I brought a paper summarizing what the “Israeli” media is saying. I don’t want to say what we think. Let us see what the “Israelis” say. This is a summary of what “Israel’s” generals, deputies, ministers, former prime ministers, former chiefs of staff, commentators, scholars, researchers, writers, etc. are saying.

These people are saying that after six months or after half a year, we have not returned more than half of those kidnapped [The “Israelis” use the term kidnapped when talking about the prisoners]. The prisoners that Netanyahu promised he would bring back when he went to Gaza, but he has not brought them yet. Half a year later, we have not entered Rafah yet.

Half a year later, and the siren is still going off in the Gaza envelope, in Ashkelon, in Netivot, in Sderot, and elsewhere. Half a year later, and the deaths of soldiers and officers are being reported. Yesterday or the day before yesterday, they announced deaths in the Khan Yunis operation.

Half a year later, and there are1,500 dead. Of course, they do not talk about the number of wounded because it is a big number, and they are hiding it. Half a year later, and 120,000 people were evicted from their homes and cannot return. Half a year later, and we are still tearing ourselves apart from the inside. Half a year later, and the pain has not subsided.

Half a year has passed, and the goals that were set have not been achieved; Hamas has not been undermined, and the prisoners have not been brought back. Half a year later, and “Israel’s” situation has worsened from every possible angle: diplomatic collapse, economic hardship, security complexity, social and political divisions.

The “Israelis” are saying all this. Of course, some Arabs are talking about an “Israeli” victory. However, this is how the “Israelis” describe their reality after six months.

In a poll conducted by the “Maariv” newspaper two days ago, respondents were asked whether they were satisfied with the results half a year into the war? Do they see the results as excellent and good and “Israel” victorious? 62% of the respondents are dissatisfied with the results, while 29% are satisfied. This percentage is the backbone of the Likud, Ben Gvir, and Smotrich. These people, even if they are defeated, will say, “No, we are satisfied,” I will talk a little about Netanyahu. Meanwhile, 9% are lost, not knowing what the result will be.

This is the reality of the situation. Meanwhile, Netanyahu is detached from reality. Yesterday, what did he say during the enemy government’s session on Sunday? He said that they are one step closer to absolute victory. What did I tell you on Friday? I said he was lost.

The whole world is telling him that he has lost. Trump told him that he has lost the war and asked him to end it. The “Israeli” society is telling him that we have not done anything yet, and the international community feels sorry for him because he has not achieved any of the goals. Yet, he tells you that we have achieved a great victory and one step away from complete victory.

There is another person who is also detached from reality. This person is Galant. He is Netanyahu’s friend in being lost. Glory be to God Almighty. Look at what He is doing to these arrogant people.

Two or three hours ago, he was in the southern region near the Gaza area. What did he say? He said, “We eliminated Hamas. There is no more military organization called Hamas. Hamas is finished. We achieved victory.”

A few hours later, they were hit by Hamas in Khan Yunis. God Almighty wants this. Perhaps the decision to withdraw from Khan Yunis was taken a day before or a night before. I don’t know, but God Almighty also wants all these brigades to withdraw from Khan Yunis under fire and humiliated. This person is detached from reality.

This is the first point. I will make a quick assessment, and this is some of what can be said. The “Israelis” can talk about some tactical achievements. What are they?

They killed 15,000 children and thousands of women. They consider killing civilians as an achievement. They demolished homes and some tunnels, besieged Gaza, exhausted people, killed some leaders and cadres in the resistance. But this is “Israel”. This is the achievement for an army that came to Gaza with 360,000 reservists, in addition to the thousands of regular army members.

Based on the developments on the ground and the reality in Gaza, this is what he will do next. He only has Rafah left. He keeps repeating that they will enter Rafah amid starvation and in the face of the international situation, the American street, and the failure in time. Even if Biden gave Netanyahu and the enemy government a few more months to. What will they achieve, what will they achieve? This is it. This is the maximum effort. The time is up.

The second development was based on all of this. It’s the foolishness that the Zionists committed against the Iranian consulate in Damascus and the Islamic Republic’s announcement of an inevitable response to “Israel”. This attack sped up the latest phone call between Biden and Netanyahu. Since the beginning of the war, the American administration has been saying that they do not want to expand the war and the fronts in the region but control and address the situation.

During the election season, is it in Biden’s interest to get involved in a regional war, a war with Iran, or a war in the entire region? That is why he asked Netanyahu to slow down. Biden’s recent call confirms what we’ve been saying all along that when the Americans want to stop something, they can stop it.

The American cannot impose anything on the “Israelis” is empty talk. You know, there are theories that say that “Israel” is the one who controls America. No, my friends. America is the one who controls “Israel”.

The story of the Jewish and Zionist lobby is an Arab joke they say so that they go to America and put their money there and have relations with America. They want to create an Arab lobby to compete with the Jewish lobby. For 75 years, we have seen what the Arab lobby has done except pile up all Arab money in the American coffers.

This is nonsense. It is enough for the Americans to tell the “Israelis” that it has stopped funding them, and “Israel” will tremble. It is enough for them to say that they’ve stopped the supply fleet with ammunition and missiles, and the chief of staff will ask about every missile being launched. This is the reality of the situation. This is what the “Israeli” generals say.

When they object to Netanyahu and tell him that he is sabotaging “Israel’s” relationship with the Americans, it is because they will have no ammunition to continue their war on Gaza or wage a war on Lebanon. This is the great “Israel”.

The Americans can force the “Israelis”, but they didn't want to. They agreed on the goal, but when it took too long, they gave him a deadline. However, he failed because there is a solid, courageous, and a faithful resistance, legendary people in Gaza, and steadfast support fronts that remained supportive despite all the external and internal pressures. Thus, the Americans concluded that there was no horizon. So, Biden called Netanyahu and spoke to him.

What we heard from the phone conversation is what was released in the American media from the White House, what the spokesman for the US National Security Advisory said, what the “Israelis” said, what was leaked, and what appeared in the procedure.

What is happening is a double-edged sword. One of the points that Biden was said to have demanded from Netanyahu is the killing of six or seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza. Of course, this is a deplorable incident, and we condemn it. The killing of innocent people is not up for debate.

Killing is rampant, and no one is being held accountable. It happens that these people came from various countries. They were not Palestinians. There was one Palestinian person who had another nationality. WCK workers were from several Western countries and not from third world countries. These countries’ prime ministers and foreign ministers rose up and asked about them. Here, Biden was put in a tight spot – we cannot remain silent about this issue, and you need to act.

A few hours after the call, the chief of staff dismissed the chief of staff of the “Nahal” Infantry Brigade and the brigade’s firepower coordination officer. He also reprimanded the commander of the Southern Command, who is responsible for the Gaza war, as well as the commander of the 162nd Division and the commander of the “Nahal” Brigade.

Of course, according to military custom, it is a big deal to direct a reprimand to these people. Ben Gvir and these people objected – “So what if they were killed?”

But he immediately went and took measures – dismissals and reprimands. It appears that he’s heard something else from Biden other than what he heard during the past six months. This is good. But on the other hand, why did I say a double-edged sword? Many have said this, and I’ll put it in context. Our respect to the victims who were killed – the six or seven WCK aid workers.

However, Biden was not shaken by and did not raise his voice for the 33,000 Palestinian martyrs and 20,000 to 25,000 Palestinian women. He did not ask for the shooting to stop, hold his officers accountable, stop the killing and massacres the way he did when aid workers were killed.

This is in the hands of America. What happened is a good thing, but it condemns it. In other words, you can stop the massacre and force him to hold accountable those who committed these massacres, but you are walking with them.

The other thing that was understood from the media was the issue of aid, the humanitarian situation, and opening the crossings: I cannot bear it after the fact that all opinion polls in America say that there are a number of states that Biden will lose because of his position on the Gaza issue. Today, it is no longer about Netanyahu, rather it is about the Democratic Party remaining in power in America. This is about America’s authority and leadership of the world.

You want me to lose the elections quickly. I’ll give you a month, two, three, four, five, and six months, and what else? That is why on the same night the war cabinet met and opened the crossings. An hour before that, though, he was huffing and puffing.

You must increase aid. It was said in the media that the amount of aid and trucks increased from 250 to 500 trucks and that aid began to enter northern Gaza. You must go to negotiations and expand the powers of the negotiating delegation, which were limited.

He gathered the war cabinet, expanded the powers of the negotiating delegation, and sent it to Cairo. They are in Cairo now. The Americans are making an extraordinary effort in the hopes of reaching some sort of agreement today or tomorrow in Cairo. I do not have any information whether they reached to an agreement or not.

Although, I believe that Netanyahu will continue to try whatever he can to sabotage or disrupt the negotiations behind closed doors because, brothers and sisters, when a ceasefire is announced in Gaza, it would be a historic defeat for “Israel”, Netanyahu, the Likud Party, Ben Gvir, and Smotrich.

Therefore, today there are two statements. Ben Gvir said when he started talking about negotiations, from now on, ‘let me be clear. If the meeting in Cairo leads to stopping the war, we will leave the government.’ Smotrich called his ministers and party’s deputies today to hold a meeting to discuss the situation if a ceasefire was reached in Cairo. Why?

Because all these people are going to be investigated and going to trial; they will bear responsibility for the failures and defeats – the failure of October 7th and the collapses that happened on that day as well as the failure of the war. The entire world, including America, Europe, Western countries, and the international community, stood with them in the war. When did the UN Security Council talk about a ceasefire?

Two weeks ago, they were given all the media, political, military, financial, and solidarity support. The whole world watched the coverage of the massacres and remained silent. You mobilized your army and the reservists and used all your weapons. This failed. This is a historic defeat for these people. They will be investigated and perhaps go to prisons.

Therefore, it is expected that they will be stubborn under the table. They may even be stubborn with the Americans if they were serious about bringing things to an end because time is running out for them.

I believe that the foolishness committed in Damascus and the potential developments in the region at the Iranian-“Israeli” level are what strongly hastened Biden to take this big step. After Biden’s call, suddenly and without warning, southern Gaza was evacuated, and the teams were pulled out. Yesterday, the world was surprised when the “Israeli” army announced that it was done with Gaza, and a few soldiers were left. The “Israelis” have one brigade, the “Nahal” Brigade, which it positioned in Netzarim from east to west. The brigade is tasked with cutting off northern Gaza from central and southern Gaza. They’ve withdrawn from the Strip. Of course, this is a very important development.

Since yesterday, strategic experts, military analysts, and observers have analyzed this sudden withdrawal? Is it related to the Biden call? Does it have anything to do with the Cairo negotiations? Does it have anything to do with preparing for the next stage? Of course, there are possibilities and analyses.

The US National Security Agency says that at the very least they left for the purpose of recuperating. These young men are tired. They’ve been in Khan Yunis for four months while they were supposed to be there for two or three weeks only. They were beaten, and they need to rest.

Some says that these people withdrew to recuperate and prepare for the battle of Rafah. Others say “Israel” was convinced to leave.

Do you remember when the third phase was being discussed in January? The “Israelis” withdraw from the entire Strip, stay on the borders or in the deserts, and operate in a precise, surgical manner using drones. When a target come, the drone would bomb it. If information about prisoners come, they would launch a raid. They would operate in the Gaza Strip as they are operating in the West Bank. This is a possibility.

In the previous negotiations, Hamas, on behalf of all the Palestinian resistance factions and on behalf of the entire resistance axis, set one of the conditions that cannot be conceded – the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and opening the road between the south and the north. One of the possibilities is that the “Israelis” know that they are going to make this concession and are unable to withstand it. They figured why let Hamas score this. Let me be the one who carried out internal measures and left Gaza.

Later, on the negotiating table in Cairo, when Hamas talks about the evacuation of the Gaza Strip, they would be told that the “Israelis” withdrew, and that there is no need for this condition. But, in fact, it was the resistance that compelled the enemy to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

In any case, all these developments are very significant. Since I am not privy to the details of the Cairo negotiations and may analyze as you do, I will not take up more from your time with the analysis.

As we say in Lebanon, “What is worth money today, is free tomorrow.” So, let us wait today. Tomorrow and after it, things will become clearer even if someone is trying to create an atmosphere of optimism. I always call for caution because there are many people who are optimistic and later be surprised. Let's be realistic. There is no doubt that there are new developments. There is no doubt that the “Israelis” are in a state of failure, inability, and defeat; there is no doubt that the Americans are running out of time and cannot continue this battle. There is no doubt that the region could see dangerous developments, and that is why they want to put a lid on the issue. This is a realistic analysis. However, where things end and how this happens need to be followed up.

In past two days, the Khan Yunis operation coincided with the downing of the “Israeli” drone, Hermes 900. When we shot down Hermes 450, at that time, the “Israeli” attacked the Beqaa. This is the ceiling. We responded in the Golan, and then the equation of the Beqaa vs Golan was introduced. Our missiles reached the depth of the Golan.

Hermes 900 is much more important than Hermes 450. The resistance issued a statement late at night that it downed a Hermes 450. Later, it corrected it to Hermes 900. The “Israeli” army couldn’t but admit to the downing of the drone. Like last time, they remained silent for several hours, and when the films appeared, they confessed.

Of course, you have read about the significance of this drone. The Hermes 900 drone is a flagship of the “Israeli” military industry. They sell it to India and other European countries. We successfully intercepted it, and its military and commercial values were compromised, and we choose not to disclose the missile responsible for its downing. The “Israelis” did not understand what was happening.

If you notice with the downing of Hermes 450, we did not show the footage of shooting down the drone. We displayed the footage that the people filmed. Yesterday, when the brothers published the footage, they did not show the scene of the missile colliding with the drone, but rather they showed the scene of the drone crashing.

In any case, there is no doubt that it was a qualitative and very important step. What the “Israelis” said about Hermes 450 is the same as that of Hermes 900. The “Israeli” enemy deemed the drone interception a breach of red lines. To them, we respond: Who stipulated that we would not cross such lines?

In any case, the “Israelis” bombed Al-Safari and Janta in the Beqaa. Thank God, there were no martyrs. We responded in the Golan, but they did not retaliate. This is how the equation works.

Our presence on the front, of course, is a very important development – on the border and not in depth! The significance of the operation lies in our ability to intercept a Hermes drone at the front lines, prompting “Israel” to acknowledge the Islamic Resistance's air defense capabilities.

On Friday, I talked about our presence on the front, and I do not want to add anything to it. It is normal, for martyrs to fall, and martyrs will fall. This is an ongoing battle. The brothers are continuing their work with all available means, and we stand by our position.

I want to conclude with a point related to internal affairs. Of course, I was not talking about internal affairs during all this period.

We cannot remain silent about the events of yesterday, which coincided with the anniversary of the tragic civil war in 1975. To those who pressure us with decisions regarding war and peace, we ask: 'Who initiated the conflict then? Did you act on behalf of the state or independently?'

The 1975 war destroyed Lebanon, leaving hundreds of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands wounded, and hundreds of thousands displaced. The Lebanese treasury was burdened with tens of billions of dollars to address the issue of the displaced.

Was it the decision of the Lebanese Parliament or the Lebanese government, or yours regardless of the reason [there is a danger to Lebanon, the Palestinians, and the leftist parties]? Whatever the reason, who decided to go to war that day? You, the Kataeb and the Lebanese Forces.

You made the decision. You created the war. You made the decision to defend and not the Lebanese government. And you are arguing with the resistance when it is defending the country and decides to go to war against an enemy the Lebanese unanimously claim is an enemy. 

Yet, you disapprove and are arguing how the state will compensate. When you talk about the deficit of the Lebanese economy and the Lebanese treasury, ask yourself about the effects of the Lebanese civil war on the Lebanese economy, the Lebanese treasury, Lebanese debts, the burdens of reconstruction, and the burdens of the displaced. However, now there is no time, and its time will come.

Last night, we were up because it’s the month of Ramadan. We received news the coordinator of the Lebanese Forces in the Jbeil region had been kidnapped by unknown persons. Of course, the unknown kidnappers have now been identified. Quickly, the Lebanese Forces, the Kataeb Party, and biased media outlets immediately accused Hezbollah without evidence. People cut off roads and we heard talk reminiscent of rhetoric from the civil war era [April 1975].

Go back to the statements of their politicians and representatives. You’d sense that they are on the verge of a civil war, blocking the roads and threatening. We began to hear sectarian talk and the use of guns.

In any case, we thank the army, the Lebanese Army Intelligence, the Information Branch, the Information Division, the Internal Security Forces, the security services, and the state. We are truly grateful to all of them. They began working from that moment on.

I know that the Prime Minister, who they keep on attacking, was following up on the matter personally in the middle of the night as well as the Minister of the Interior, all the officials, and the commander of the army.

Everyone felt that the country was going to be ruined. Based on what? Based on an unjust accusation without evidence, based on the fact that this accusation was launched from enormous and buried hatred and the blindness of the heart of these people who are not concerned about the country. I spoke about this for an hour and a half after the Tayouneh massacre. I will tell the Christians what this team is, and this is where it will take the Christians in Lebanon. This exact team! This mind, this leadership, this rhetoric, this language, this practice, this behavior. Let them go back and read history and anticipate the future.

There is evil, affliction, and strife in Lebanon today because of grudges and foolishness and sometimes because of connection to foreign projects and conspiracy. It is not just disagreement and hatred. It is also about conspiracy and providing services, and this is known to the outside world.

It turns out that the kidnappers belonged to a gang that wanted ransom. They were Syrians and Lebanese. I am not concerned with the details. The topic has nothing to do with politics and Hezbollah. Do you remember, my Sunni brothers, last year in 2023, approximately the second month of the kidnapping of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Rifai? Do you remember?

In the north at that time, figures and representatives of the Lebanese Forces, who were the spearhead, accused Hezbollah of kidnapping the Sheikh. We remained silent for four days. They even asked me if we should issue a statement denying our involvement. I don’t know if we ended up issuing a statement or not. But should we issue a statement every time we are accused of something we had nothing to do with?

One of the blessings and vast mercy of God on us and on all the Lebanese is that on that day the security services revealed that the incident is related to a village and family affair and Hezbollah has nothing to do with it.

What happened last night and today is a big lesson for the Lebanese in general, and for the Christians in particular. It is a real scandal for the LF and Kataeb parties that showed that they are not advocates of truth and right but rather proponents of strife who are seeking civil war.

This is a true witness to this issue. In this country, the accusations are addressed to those who prevent war and strife, topped by us, the [Shiite] Duo, because we were killed in Tayouneh and yet remained silent in order to preserve civil peace, and yesterday we were accused and also remained silent.

We await the results and do not anticipate the results out of concern for civil peace, even though they terrorized the residents of Jbeil and Keserwan, and they sent threatening messages. This is a very, very, very dangerous step, and they must realize how dangerous it is. Any incident may take place since it is open to accidents, theft, ransom, crime, drug dealers. A couple of days ago, there was a fight between a man and his wife. The man killed his father-in-law, mother-in-law, and his wife then committed suicide. Coincidentally, the killer was killed himself, and they did not accuse Hezbollah. If he had killed and escaped, they would have accused Hezbollah.

We should be concern for our country. When an incident occurs, all of us should calm down and be patient. In the end, the security services investigate and verify.

May God protect Lebanon and the people of Lebanon from hatred, strife, and conspiracy thanks to the sincere and honest people, God willing. May God have mercy on our great jihadi leader, the martyr Major General Hajj Zahedi, his brothers, the martyrs, and all the martyrs. I ask God Almighty to unite us with them in the home of the Hereafter and to grant us their intercession. May He not separate us from them, not in path and battle in this world or in fate, paradise and contentment in the hereafter.

May Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.