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Sayyed Nasrallah: EU Surrendered to US- ’Israeli’ Dictates, Partners in Any ’Israeli’ Aggression on Lebanon

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Zeinab Essa


Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah slammed Wednesday the European Union's decision to blacklist the so-called party's military wing.

During the speech he delivered at the Iftar held by the ‘Islamic Resistance Women Support Organization', His Eminence welcomed and thanked the women for their great and special presence in all the fields as well as at this annual banquet.

In this context, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated the importance of the support the people embrace the resistance with.

Resistance Thorn in Zionist Entity's Side

According to His Eminence, the resistance gained the people's confidence and credibility all over the Arab and Islamic worlds through its sacrifices and steadfastness as well as its achievements and victories.

"The resistance succeeded in changing the equations of the conflict, regaining the land, detainees, dignity and sovereignty, and creating an advanced position for Lebanon in the region," the resistance leader elaborated.

Moreover, he vowed that "the resistance will remain a thorn in the side of the Zionists and in the eyes of those who seek to harm this country.

"This resistance continues to attract local, regional and international attention, whether positive or negative," His Eminence emphasized.

Meanwhile, Sayyed Nasrallah clarified that the positive interest comes from those who believe in the resistance, pin their hopes on it and consider it to be a source of pride.

"In contradiction, the negative interest originates from those who antagonize the resistance and consider it a source of threat for their occupation and hegemony," he mentioned, and noted that "those against the resistance will want to target all its aspects."

In parallel, His Eminence stressed that "with all its presence and influence, the resistance has always been targeted with the aim of eliminating and crushing it."

"It has been targeted by various political, military, security, and cultural means," Hizbullah Secretary General said.

EU Decision American-"Israeli"

Concerning the party's response to the European Union's decision to blacklist its military wing, Sayyed Nasrallah viewed that some decisions "seek only to create psychological effects."

"When those who resisted "Israel" and made all sorts of sacrifices to fend off the occupier are branded as terrorists, it is a wrongful deed. Thus, this wrongful decision will not affect our morale," he announced.

He further thanked, based on the resistance morals, all sides, parties, as well as political and religious leaders, who rejected and denounced the EU decision to blacklist Hizbullah. "Many of those leaders had already supported us during the 2006 war," he added.

As His Eminence emphasized that Hizbullah has been waiting such EU move, he stated: "With all due honesty, we in Hizbullah were not surprised by this decision and we were expecting it."

"What was surprising is that the decision was taken later than the expected, Sayyed Nasrallah said, and recalled that "the "Israelis" were delighted and much-admired this decision, and if anyone in Lebanon wants to rejoice, let them hide their joy, otherwise they will look like they are behaving like the "Israeli" PM [Benjamin] Netanyahu."

In addition, the resistance leader warned that "the EU decision came in response to the "Israeli diplomatic" pressure. "Europe surrendered to the US- "Israeli" wills. This decision is in all its aspects, in the form as well as in the content, an "Israeli" decision that is in favor of the Zionist entity."

He also confirmed "it is clear that some want to drag Europe in a struggle in which they have no interest, and it is clear that it was "Israel's" deed."

"Some EU states considered the step to be illegal but they yielded to intimidation," Sayyed Nasrallah said, and noted "I did not feel for one moment that the European decision was sovereign as it was rather imposed on the Europeans."

"This stance is not consistent with their values or interests and it is clear that some party wanted to implicate the EU member states in a conflict that serves its interest, not those of the union," Hizbullah Secretary General stressed.

However, His Eminence declared that "Hizbullah is not going to respond to speculations."

"Hizbullah is going to wait for the official statement to see if their justifications are based on values, principles and logic," he said.

On the same level, Sayyed Nasrallah wondered: "If we want to speak logically, why don't the Europeans blacklist "Israel's" military wing, i.e., its army? Why don't they admit that the "Israeli" army is occupying parts of Palestine, why don't they consider "Israel" a terrorist state?

"If you are attacked for defending your country and your people, this is a normal repercussion of the path of resistance," he added.

To Europe: Beware

In response, His Eminence urged the European countries to be aware of the fact that they are providing a legal cover for the Zionist entity to launch aggressions against Lebanon.

"These countries need to know that they are giving "Israel" the needed legal cover for any attack on Lebanon, because "Israel" can now claim to be fighting terrorism and to be bombing terrorist targets," Hizbullah Secretary General underlined.

He also confirmed that "this insult will not affect Hizbullah's determination, since all wars in the past already enjoyed this sort of support from Europe."

"We do not have any financial projects abroad to provide profit for the resistance," the Resistance leader unveiled. "Therefore, we won't be affected by any decision. We only have social welfare projects and we only fight with financial support provided by our sympathizers."

Sayyed Nasrallah, thus, called on EU member states to "correct their mistake because it will not lead to any result."

In this context, he recalled what he had said on 2005, "This decision is worthless..."

No Gov't without Hizbullah

Moving to the internal front, His Eminence called "March 14 to stop being pessimistic about the EU decision and its repercussion, saying that it will destroy the country."

"The goal of this decision is to impose fear and trepidation on us and I tell the Europeans that the only result will be their own defeat and disappointment," he clarified, advising the other side that they won't be able to invest this decision in internal politics.

As he noted that this decision will not change anything on the internal scene, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that "dialogue and the search for a new government to protect Lebanon should still take place."

"A new government must be formed in order to protect Lebanon from the storms," he said, reminding that no one can exclude Hizbullah from the government.

"The strength of this resistance stems from the belief in God and the readiness to sacrifice anything for its cause. Therefore, it will survive and will always be victorious and nothing will affect it," Sayyed Nasrallah added.

He further concluded by joking: "I suggest that our new ministers belong to the military wing of Hizbullah.

Source: Al-Ahed News