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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of September in 1996...

Islamic Resistance Performs Twenty Operations in September, 1996

The various resistance squadrons performed 26 operations, 20 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. Yet, the honorable confrontation the fighters had in Akmata Plain was the most significant, whereby the fighters clashed with the enemy, causing the death of two soldiers and the injury of eleven others.
Also, two Lahd militiamen suffered death and thirteen others were injured during "Operation Deir Syriane"; such an outcome has matched with what the Islamic-Resistance sources have declared.

Furthermore, this month the Lahd agents have been quite overwhelmed, whereby two Lahd militiamen gave themselves up to the Resistance - an act which is a normal outcome of the deteriorating situation the agents that are living upon the moral and military pressure the fighters are causing to the occupation forces and agents. On the other hand, three Islamic-Resistance fighters were martyred.

Still, the Islamic Resistance has added a new outcome to its unique accomplishments, gaining more credibility, whereby a Lahd militiaman, called Ali Abdullah, escaped his site and surrendered to the Resistance after it had again called all agents to renounce the already dying Lahd militia so that they could avoid getting killed by the Islamic-Resistance fighters, for the fighters would never be late to punish the enemy and agents.

In the same week, another Lahd militiaman, Ali Ghasham, escaped his site, surrendering to the Islamic Resistance and calling in a press statement the other militiamen to renounce the Lahd Militia and surrender to the Islamic Resistance.
Also, two former Lahd captives, who had been released by the Islamic Resistance, visited the formerly recruited agents (Abdullah and Ghasham), congratulating them for their daring decision to quit the Lahd Militia.

Islamic Resistance Ambushes Zionist Force on Akmata Hill, September 19, 1996

The Islamic-Resistance fighters constantly monitor the Zionists' movements so as to counter any aggression against our people. Hereupon, on Thursday, September 19, 1996, the fighters monitored a Zionist force that was attempting to progress towards Akmata Hill. The fighters lay in perfect ambush, and as the force reached the required spot, the fighters struck it with a barrage of their firearms and artillery, causing it many casualties.

Information has mentioned that more than eight soldiers were shot at the first moments. Also, the information has pointed out that the clashes lasted for hours, during which the fighters fought with the enemy soldiers at close distances, causing more casualties to the counter force.
The occupation soldiers escaped their positions, screaming in horror as the fighters encompassed them perfectly. Brought by the enemy to the confrontation zone, helicopters and war planes combed it.

Upon the statement of security sources, the French Press Agency (AFP) reported that two Zionist soldiers were killed and three others were wounded during these clashes; whereas it took the enemy until late night to acknowledge some of its casualties.
A spokesman for the Zionist Military confirmed that a soldier and several officers were killed during a clash with Hizbullah in southern Lebanon, adding that eight other soldiers were wounded, one of whom suffered a severe injury.
Later on, the enemy's channel acknowledged the death of two soldiers and the injury of eleven others.

Resistance Ambushes Zionist Infantry Patrol in Slouki Valley, September 13, 1996

The Islamic Resistance ambushed a Zionist infantry patrol in Slouki Valley on September 13, 1996, whereby the fighters clashed with the Zionist soldiers, bringing about many casualties among them.
On the other hand, a Resistance fighter, Ziyad Muhammad Zahwi, was martyred during these confrontations.

Resistance Fire Backup Unit Confronts Zionist Force, September 26, 1996

The fighters have continued to monitor the counter Zionist forces, foiling three progress attempts: the first was towards Habboush mills from as-Suweidaa Site on September 24, 1996; the second from as-Suweidaa Site towards Habboush; and the third in Akmata Region on September 26, 1996.
The Islamic-Resistance groups and the Fire Backup Unit confronted the progressing forces, leaving them no choice but to retreat from their places.

Islamic Resistance Ambushes Lahd Patrol, September 24, 1996

On September 24, 1996, The Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Salem Halawi perfectly ambushed a relief Lahd force while it was on Deir Syriane Route, heading towards the sites of Alman and Ashumarieh to handle its missions there.
As the force reached the ambush spot - a few meters away from the fighters, the fighters shot it with a barrage of their firearms, destroying a common car and killing or injuring each of its passengers. Security sources have reported that four Lahd militiamen were wounded during this operation.

Three Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in September, 1996
1-Ziyad Muhammad Zahwi; was martyred on September 13, 1996
2-Rabee' Muhammad Wehbi; was martyred on September 19, 1996
3- Hassan Qassem Mreish; was martyred on September 19, 1996


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