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Iran’s Raisi: Murder of 15000 Gaza Children Spells End of ‘Israel’

Iran’s Raisi: Murder of 15000 Gaza Children Spells End of ‘Israel’
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi confirmed that the murder of 15,000 children in Gaza by “Israeli” occupation forces spells the end of the Zionist entity.

Raisi said on Tuesday that the blood of martyred Gaza children is so powerful that it would not only end the entity but also lead to an end to global injustices.

“We do not doubt that the blood of 15,000 Palestinian children, which was shed on the ground, will end the lives of the Zionists and make the current world order just,” he said.

The Iranian president was addressing the 5th International Congress of Imam Reza [PBUH} held in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad.

He also praised the pro-Palestine protests on university campuses in the United States, expressing admiration for the thousands of American students who have courageously stood up for the truth.

The Iranian president said that the people of the world have understood that the current system ruling the world is not fair and must be changed.

The UN World Food Program [WFP] warned children are starving to death in Gaza amid the Israeli regime’s devastating war on the besieged territory.

“Who would have thought that universities in the West and East of the world would stand up to demand rights like this?” he asked.

The lone purpose of all nations has become the defense of the oppressed people of Palestine and to protest against the oppressors.

“Today, the world of humanity has realized that the Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor and this tumor must be destroyed so that not only the Middle East region but the world can achieve peace and security,” Raisi said.