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Algerian MPs Authorize President to Stand Up To ‘Israel’

Algerian MPs Authorize President to Stand Up To ‘Israel’
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By Staff, Agencies

The Algerian parliament unanimously granted authorization to President Abdelmadjid Tebboune to take a stand against ‘Israel’s’ military operations in the Palestinian territory of Gaza on Thursday.

According to Arab news agency Al Bawaba, all lawmakers voted in favor of allowing Tebboune to support Gaza, making Algeria the second Arab country to officially declare its backing for Palestine in the war.

Yemen’s Ansarullah government declared its support for the Palestinians on Tuesday and announced that it had launched drones and missiles against ‘Israel.’

The moves come as ‘Israeli’ troops carry out ground operations against Hamas, the Palestinian resistance group responsible for the October 7 operation that killed 1,400 ‘Israeli’ occupiers. Local Palestinian authorities estimated the death toll in Gaza at 9,000 as of Thursday, amid fears of a wider regional conflict.

The ‘Israel’ war on Gaza has triggered a wave of pro-Palestinian protests across North African countries, including Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Morocco.

Last month, Algeria’s foreign minister, Ahmed Attaf, urged the international community to stand with Palestine and take immediate action to end the ‘Israeli’ aggression.

The North African country’s National People’s Assembly [APN] held a special session on Thursday in solidarity with the Palestinian cause for freedom and independence, becoming the first to do so, according to a statement by the Palestinian embassy in Algiers.

The APN’s position “reflects the intrinsic and constant position of the Algerian people and their leaders over the years in support of the Palestinian cause... in the face of the genocide perpetrated by the Zionist occupation, which benefits from American-Western protection,” it added.

Meanwhile, in Tunisia, which has no diplomatic relations with ‘Israel’, the parliament began discussing a bill on Thursday that would identify any attempt to normalize relations with ‘Israel’ as treasonous. The seven-chapter draft law is part of the African country’s support for Palestine.

If passed, anyone found guilty of “normalization” could face between six and ten years in prison and a fine of up to 100,000 Tunisian dinars [$31,553], with repeat offenders facing life in prison.

Morocco, one of five Arab countries that normalized relations with the ‘Israeli’ entity under the so-called ‘Abraham Accords,’ is reportedly under pressure to sever ties after Jordan announced the recall of its ambassador to ‘Tel Aviv’ on Wednesday in protest at the Gaza bombardment.

Bahrain also said on Thursday that its envoy had been withdrawn from ‘Israel’ in response to the escalating conflict.