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TikTok CEO: App Sale Won’t Address US Concerns

TikTok CEO: App Sale Won’t Address US Concerns
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By Staff, Agencies

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew insisted Thursday that forcing the app's Chinese parent company, Bytedance, to sell it would not address the the national security concerns of the US and other governments.

Chew's comments to the Wall Street Journal coincided with the UK and New Zealand becoming the latest to announce new TikTok restrictions on government devices due to security concerns.

The Biden Administration has warned TikTok that it faces a ban in the United States if ByteDance doesn't sell its stake in the US version of the application.

Doubling down on statements the company has issued previously, Chew told the WSJ that such a move would not provide any more protection than the firm's current plan, which involves ensuring that US user data is accessible only by Oracle Cloud and the firm's American data security team.

Chew declined to say during his interview with the WSJ whether ByteDance's founders were open to selling, the outlet reports.

Chew said he and ByteDance had mulled an initial public offering of TikTok, as some lawmakers have suggested to allay security concerns. But there's "no concrete plan right now."

China's ruling Communist Party has said there's no evidence that TikTok threatens national security. But the US, the EU, Canada, and several other countries have in recent months moved to impose bans and other restrictions on the app in relation to official government devices.

FBI director Chris Wray told the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier this month that the Chinese Communist Party has the ability to control the software on millions of devices due to its relationship with ByteDance.

Chew is due to give testimony before Congress next week.