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Imam Khamenei To Young Girls: Study for Iran’s Progress, Try to Be One of The Outstanding Women [Photos]

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On the eve of the anniversary of the birth of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (pbuh), a cheerful, spiritual celebration (titled “A Celebration of Angels”) of Taklif was held for hundreds of young female students who have reached the age of being required to carry out their religious obligations. During this meeting, Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei emphasized the importance of the taklif age for Muslims since it sets Muslims in a position where the Almighty God entrusts them with responsibilities.

In this celebration that had an uplifting, cheerful atmosphere, young female students celebrated their starting a new season in their lives of worship and servitude to God.

In a short speech, Imam Khamenei congratulated the girls on the Eid and for this Taklif Celebration. He said, “My dear daughters and young flowers! The Taklif Celebration is a true celebration and Eid, because from the moment that you reach the age of being required to carry out your religious obligations, you are also in a position where God will talk with you and entrust you with responsibilities. This rank of ‘being addressed by God’ is a very valuable rank in human beings.”

He also told the girls, “The Taklif Celebration means that you are not small children anymore. Rather, you are now young girls with responsibilities, and you can have an influence on your family, in your school, and when you are playing with your friends. You can show others to the straight path and guide them, which is a responsibility that all of us have.”

Imam Khamenei invited the young girls to become friends with the Merciful God by saying, “You can become friends with God from today with your shining, bright, pure hearts. One of the ways of becoming friends with God is by being attentive when you are praying that you are talking with God. Therefore, learn the meaning and the translation of the words [you repeat] in prayer. Another way to become friends with God is to do the deeds that He has said you should do and to avoid the deeds that He has told you not to do.”

His Eminence referred to the brilliance of the great, influential women in the history of Iran and emphasized, “Today, there a large number – even more than before – of outstanding, responsible women in scientific sectors, in applied work, and in jihadi activities who are a source of pride for the country. You too should try to become one of the great women of your dear country in the future by studying your lessons, reading books, working, and thinking.”

In addressing these young flowers who have just reached the age of observing the religious obligations, Sayyed Ali Khamenei also said, “You too can play an important role in this momentous struggle that the Iranian nation started during the Revolution against oppression, misery, and discrimination in the same way that many women have played an important role in this before. Today, people are becoming aware of women’s outstanding efforts throughout the years of the Revolution by studying about their great achievements in books.”

At the end of this celebration, some of the young girls had the opportunity to speak with Imam Khamenei in a friendly, caring atmosphere.