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Wave of Mass Protests Continue: “Israel’s” Political Crisis Intensifies

Wave of Mass Protests Continue: “Israel’s” Political Crisis Intensifies
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By Staff, Agencies

As part of the political dilemma that “Israel” has entered, the wave of protests against Benjamin Netanyahu’s government continue.

In this context, the apartheid entity is preparing for mass protests Saturday evening in Tel Aviv that are expected to draw around 100,000 settlers.

“Israeli” Channel 12 reported that the police have already approved plans to deploy 1,000 officers in the city and block vehicle access to key roads starting in the afternoon, as protesters ready for a third consecutive weekend of rallying against plans by the government headed by Netanyahu to implement radical changes to the judiciary that would limit the powers of the so-called ‘High Court of Justice’.

In an assessment Thursday, “Israeli” police predicted larger crowds will turn up this Saturday in Tel Aviv than last week’s demonstration — which was beset by rain — of some 80,000, following a clear weather forecast and a bombshell High Court ruling this week declaring Shas chief Aryeh Deri unfit to be a government minister.

Police officials also expressed fear of clashes with right-wing counter-protesters, who have called on social media for pro-government activists to take to the streets, Channel 12 reported Friday.

After skipping last week’s events, Opposition Leader Yair Lapid said he would attend this weekend and will reportedly lead a march, alongside other members of the opposition including former War minister Benny Gantz.

Meanwhile, former war minister and “Israeli” army’s chief Moshe Ya’alon, who bowed out of politics in 2021 and has been a fierce Netanyahu critic, and former deputy attorney-general Dina Zilber are expected to speak at the demonstrations.