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Tehran Uni. Prof. Foad Izadi: Hybrid Warfare against Iran Will Backfire Against the West

Tehran Uni. Prof. Foad Izadi: Hybrid Warfare against Iran Will Backfire Against the West
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By Sondoss Al-Assad

A grimy collective aggression has been led since September by the colonial powers and their criminal media tools against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The escalation, this time, is on the ideological front –specifically on the Islamic Hijab – which is more intense than the escalation on the military, security, political and economic fronts.

The current media ideological campaign requires gaining legitimacy – internally and externally – to present it as a shield of freedoms.

Thus, the shortest way to promote this hegemonic goal, from the perspective of Washington and its Western counterparts, is to wrap it with hollow slogans: democracy and human rights, and this is exactly what is happening in Iran in the meantime.

Professor of Political Communication at Tehran University Foad Izadi confirms, in an exclusive interview, that those who have participated in the riots are quite a few in number.

“If you watch the videos that have been broadcasted in mainstream media, you will generally see minority while no coverage of the hundreds of thousands who took part in the pro-revolution demonstrations,” Prof. Izadi states.

The Iranian academic bears out that his country is witnessing a “hybrid warfare and a black misinformation propaganda” adding “Unfortunately, Western media is complicit by focusing on the 3rd category ignoring the victims who are defending their country and protecting the people. Iran International & BBC Persian and other hostile media platforms are financed by the US, UK, ‘Israeli’ and Saudi governments”.

Prof. Izadi has classified Iranians into 3 categories, “Firstly, those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the Islamic Revolution” noting that “roughly 40 Basij volunteers have been martyred so far due to the terrorist assaults”.

He goes on, “Secondly, ordinary citizens who support their homeland and the overwhelming majority of them oppose riots as they are well-aware of what is going on, and reject turning Iran to another Syria or Libya.”

“Thirdly, a small minority that is divided into: Those protesting against the death of Mahsa Amini; those linked to armed opposition that is operating from outside Iran; those linked to hostile foreign intelligence agencies,” the Iranian professor added.

Prof. Izadi asserts that these suspicious riots will end quite soon and Iran will come out stronger than before, and will rather unify the people “because economic difficulties are an excuse to harm others”. In the long run, these practices will backfire on the US, "Israeli" and Saudi regimes who have been for years “interested in igniting a so-called colorful revolution in Iran but they have failed due to Iran’s persistence to a standstill”, the Iranian academic believes.

In a recent speech of Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei, there is a clear message that the main confrontation is directly against the US and not against its internal tools involved in terrorist attacks and that the arenas for this confrontation extend all over West Asia, whereby “tens of thousands of Iranian youths have volunteered to secure Iraq and Syria from 'ISIS' and western-orientated hostile groups”, according to Prof. Izadi.

The Iranian academic concludes, “Given what has been happening, during the last months specially in Ukraine, the world is witnessing a transition into a multi-polar world, sooner or later, and in which Iran will play a major role after surviving the US crippling sanctions.” He added, “Hence, the current scheme is can be read as an attempt to weaken Iran in advance. In the geopolitical context, they will fail to do so as they have failed for the last four decades.”

For decades, the West has taken control of the world, altered its maps and controlled the fate and wealth of its peoples under the pretext of a “civilizing mission”; while today’s pretext is “defending democracy”. This West does not accept – in any case – the existence of an independent viable political model, and this elucidates its antagonistic hysteria against Tehran due to the independence of its political system, its adherence to the specificity of Islamic civilization, its refusal to accept its hegemony and the challenge it poses to its influence in the fields economic, technological and military. Therefore, the West takes advantage of any protests to allege that the Iranian regime is on its way to collapse!