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Foreign Plot to Disintegrate Iran Failed - Amir Abdollahian

Foreign Plot to Disintegrate Iran Failed - Amir Abdollahian
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By Staff, Agencies

"The conspiracy that aimed to create a terrorist war and eventually break Iran apart failed," Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said in his second press conference in Tehran Wednesday.

Stressing that a foreign conspiracy to instigate a civil war and finally divide Iran has failed, the top Iranian diplomat said that there are documents for the plot which show that the enemies sought to ignite a civil and terrorist war with the final goal of dividing Iran.

Amir Abdollahian further noted that the western countries fomented riots in the country by deceiving a group of youths while they also armed terrorists in the neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan region.

On the level of talks with the Iraqi side, the top Iranian diplomat stated that they promised to secure their borders in the Kurdistan region by the deployment of Iraqi troops at shared borders with Iran but that has not been done yet.

“As long as there is a threat to us from a neighboring country within the framework of international law and the UN Charter, our armed forces will continue their actions to ensure the maximum national security of the country. We in the diplomatic and security apparatus of the country will continue the talks with the Iraqi authorities to get over this stage,” Amir Abdollahian underlined.

He also pointed out that the West, with its negative human rights record, is in no position to talk about Iran's human rights situation.

"The fact that more than 50 policemen and our security forces were martyred by rioters with firearms and rocks, and several thousand policemen and our security defenders were injured, is a sign of respect for human rights and showing restraint by Iran's police and security forces [during the riots]," Amir Abdollahian went on to explain.

He further pointed out that riots and newly-imposed sanctions were aimed at pressuring Iran to give up its demands at the talks but the Americans must have now realized that Iran does not cross its red lines.

Elsewhere in his remarks, AmirAbdollahian said that Iran wants to continue nuclear talks to revive the JCPOA and remove the sanctions to maximize the Iranian nation's interests with might.

Meanwhile, on the level of the accusations leveled on Iran's military assistance to Russian for use in the Ukraine war, he said that Iran delivered a few drones to Russia 11 months before the start of the Ukraine war, underlining that the Ukrainian side has not given any evidence that those drones were used in the war by Russia.

The foreign minister said that "we disagree with the American side on three issues" while the three European countries are mediating between Iran and Washington on those issues.

He added that the top EU diplomats, Josep Borrell and Enrique Mora, "are trying to find a solution in this field. One of these issues is solving the remaining issues with the nuclear agency, and the other issue is related to economic guarantees, and we tried to formulate this issue."

Amir Abdollahian also said that the final text to reach an agreement in the JCPOA talks must be stronger and include those three issues.

"The third thing is that in line with the economic guarantee, the game played by the western parties and the extension of sanctions to third parties is the reason for the continuation of the sanctions, with an agreed mechanism, they should be eliminated," he added.

"Security talks have been held between Turkish and Syrian authorities," he explained regarding the Middle East issues.

Amir Abdollahian also pointed the 25-year-old strategic partnership between Iran and China entered the implementation phase last year, adding "The President's trip to China is on the agenda."