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Arbaeen Walk: Intended US, Western Media Blindness Doesn’t Belittle The World’s Biggest Pilgrimage

Arbaeen Walk: Intended US, Western Media Blindness Doesn’t Belittle The World’s Biggest Pilgrimage
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By Mohammad Youssef

Every year the world witnesses the largest reunion of lovers and the greatest global march of believers. This remarkable exceptional event takes place yearly in Iraq’s holy city of Karbala, where the lovers of Imam Hussein [AS] flock from all over the world [this year from 80 countries], to commemorate his martyrdom in what came to be known as the ‘Arbaeen’ which marks forty days after his martyrdom on the tenth of Muharram almost 14 centuries ago.

This event is considered by all means one of the milestones universally, yet it does not get much coverage or enough attention by the global media outlets. Contrary, the international and western media work hard to distort the image and reflect negatively about it.

Why is that? Simply, because the millions of marchers across the streets of Karbala reject the American western hegemony, occupation, and oppression over our world.

This year, twenty million came to Karbala and observed the largest event, not only in Iraq, but in the world entirely. No other event can gather people as much as the Arbaeen does. Still, it does not receive the value it reflects. Had Karbala marchers been in favor of the US, we would have seen the international media outlets flocking there to make round-the-clock live coverage, but contrary to this, those marchers are anti-American and anti-western hostility and expansionism, they are very aware of the conspiracies and sinister schemes and malicious plots orchestrated by Washington and its western allies.

All those people go to Karbala by themselves, as a self-initiative. They pay the costs. They are not financed by governments. In Iraq, they are warmly received by the Iraqi people who welcome them and dearly serve them because they are the visitors of Imam Hussein [AS], the martyr of Karbala and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]. They come to this place in millions. The generous and loving Iraqis receive them in their homes, offer them food, drinks, and shelters for free. Their only hope is to get the blessing of serving Imam Hussein [AS]’s visitors.

If governments want to do this, they cannot… successfully finishing the preparations, logistics, human resources and budget to serve all those people is almost impossible. No system can handle this efficiently as people themselves do. The management and coordination of all those tasks is very complicated and extremely exhausting.

This year event observed the marching of more than twenty million visitors to Karbala, they all performed their rituals and left back safely.

We all believe as much as the visitors do that the whole event has a divine blessing.

The congregation represents a unique opportunity for people to meet and exchange views, especially that they represent all those who believe in Imam Hussein’s revolutionary path. This will open the horizon and opportunities wide for more understanding and coordination among them to fight oppression and occupation from every kind and everywhere.

Arbaeen visit represents an exceptional sacred opportunity to experience new feelings that are not felt in any other experience. It is that of divine love and attachment to Imam Hussein and Prophet Muhammad [PBUT].

May Allah give us the opportunity of this blessing!