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Russia: NATO Leaders Ignoring Nuclear War Risks

Russia: NATO Leaders Ignoring Nuclear War Risks
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By Staff, Agencies

Russia’s envoy to the US, Anatoly Antonov, has warned that NATO powers are not taking the risk of nuclear war with due gravity, stressing that the West, and not Moscow, is driving brinkmanship amid tension rivaling the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

In an interview with the Newsweek, Antonov, condemned Western officials for “a flurry of blatant misrepresentation” of Moscow’s nuclear doctrine and an apparent lack of concern about the potential for a civilization-ending thermonuclear exchange.

“The current generation of NATO politicians clearly does not take the nuclear threat seriously,” Antonov said, adding that because leaders in the military bloc continue to misread the risk of nuclear war, Russian officials “have never stopped our efforts to reach agreements that will guarantee that a catastrophic confrontation will not be unleashed.”

He further underscored: “It is our country that in recent years has persistently proposed to American colleagues to affirm that there can be no winners in a nuclear war, thus it should never happen.”

The envoy’s comments come weeks after former Russian president and prime minister Dmitry Medvedev – who now serves as the deputy chair of Moscow’s Security Council – warned of new nuclear deployments in the Baltic region in the event of Nordic states Sweden and Finland being admitted to NATO. Both countries have repeatedly voiced interest in joining, and are expected to file membership applications sometime in the coming weeks.