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“Israel”: Elad Op Terrifying, We Entered A Circle of Insecurity

“Israel”: Elad Op Terrifying, We Entered A Circle of Insecurity
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Translated by Staff

The “Elad” operation led to the killing of “Israeli” security forces, plunging “Israel” into a cycle of insecurity. It intensified fears among the “Israelis” about the prospects of an increase in these operations, in light of the continued Zionist attacks on the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and other religious sanctities in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Israeli” leaders are unable contain their fears and anxieties, which have become exacerbated, following the heroic operation that mirrored the method and results of previous ones.

On Friday, “Israeli” media quoted many of the Zionist leaders commenting on the new heroic operation.

“Israeli” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett expressed fears regarding the increase in these operations, pointing out that the perpetrators “came out in a campaign to kill us, and their goal is to break our spirit.”

After security consultations between Bennett and senior Zionist officials, he said, "Those who carried out this operation and their supporters will pay the price."

For his part, “Israeli” War Minister Benny Gantz described the Elad operation as "dangerous and its consequences dire." 

"The security apparatus will hold accountable those responsible for incitement and these operations, and it will punish them," Gantz said.

“Israeli” media also quoted Bayit Cham Director Rabbi Arie Munk as saying that "The panic was widespread." Munk viewed the operation as an effort that "put the Elad area into a circle of great insecurity and fear."

“Israeli” Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented on the operation, saying, "We cannot accept that operations took place on ‘Independence Day’ [the anniversary of the occupation of Palestine in 1948] in the streets of ‘Israel’. We must deal the hardest blows and restore a sense of safety to the ‘Israelis’."

In turn, “Israeli” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid noted that the joy of what the Zionists call Independence Day disappeared in an instant, describing the attack in Elad as "terrifying and disturbing."

The head of the Yamina faction, MK Nir Orbach, said, "Our day of pride ends with great pain." 

"I know that the security forces will not rest until the perpetrators are eliminated."

In this context, Amir Bohbot, the military correspondent of the Walla website, conveyed the fear of the security and military establishment that the Palestinians would carry out additional operations. He called on the “Israelis” to "increase vigilance and report any suspicious incidents."

In addition, in a step that highlights the level of fear among “Israeli” leaders, the chief rabbi of the Zionist entity, Yitzhak Yosef, called on the Zionist settlers on Friday to take up arms.

"We call on every person who has a license to carry a weapon and actually has one to come to the synagogue with his weapon to help protect the settlers," Rabbi Yosef was quoted by “Israel’s” Channel 14.