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Hezbollah Won’t Accept Lebanon Being Part of the Normalization Scheme

Hezbollah Won’t Accept Lebanon Being Part of the Normalization Scheme
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By Staff

Deputy Chief of Hezbollah Executive Council Sheikh Ali Daamoush said that the "mindful people who are committed to their country's issues and keen on its country's sovereignty won’t be  broken by challenges, calamities, or bad events, won’t be weakened by pressure, crises, or paid campaigns, and won’t be deceived by the lies and rumors circulated by the enemies."

His Eminence asserted in the Friday sermon that "whoever thinks that by incitation, lies, blockade, starvation, and dollar manipulation, they can rally the people against the Resistance and influence their political choices in the elections, then they delusional and don’t know the truth and the level of awareness of those people, nor do they know their history and the tales of their persistence."

"The Resistance society has been exposed to all forms of incitation, misleading, pressure, wars and murdering so that they abandon the Resistance, but they didn't. This society has always been in the battlefield next to the Resistance, and won't abandon it in the future no matter how hard the pressure would become," said Sheikh Damoush, adding that "this society will always side with the Resistance, for it believes in it, in its honesty, loyalty, and pursuit for fulfilling people's interests as well as the country's interests."

He added that "we trust our people and our society, and we are utterly certain that those who sacrificed their blood, had patience, and endured the difficulties over all the previous decades, will not yield or surrender to these enemies who are targeting our society, our Resistance, and our country."

Additionally, His Eminence pointed out that "our people know that the one who is inciting them against the Resistance and trying to weaken it is the one who wants Lebanon to go back to the time of weakness and helplessness, and wants it to open the door to normalization with the enemy as well as to fulfill the American and "Israeli" goals in Lebanon. Such goals are known, and the Resistance has been and will always be an obstacle in the way of achieving these goals."

"If some are dreaming about making Lebanon normalize with the enemy and are trying to fulfill this dream, we tell them to keep dreaming  because you will not ever fulfill this dream, for we won't accept that Lebanon be part of the normalization scheme in the region."

Sheikh Daamoush also said that "normalization won't solve the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon, and neither being hostage to the foreign countries nor yielding to the US and trusting its false promises is a solution, for the US is one of the most important reasons behind the Lebanese crisis and it doesn't want to help find a solution.”

He concluded by saying that "The solution is that the Lebanese cooperation with each other, avoid listening to foreign incitation, avoid being hostage to foreign countries, and build a strong, productive economy that would meet their hopes and ambitions and restore their trust in their country."