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Gantz Cleaned By Iranian Hackers!

Gantz Cleaned By Iranian Hackers!
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By Staff, Agencies

In a new blow to the "Israeli" security establishmnet, a cleaner employed by War Minister Benny Gantz at his personal was arrested on suspicion of attempting to contact Iran-linked hackers in order to provide them with sensitive information on the security chief.

According to the Shin Bet and "Israel's" Attorney's Office and charges filed to the Lod District Court, 37-year-old Omri Goren Gorochovsky offered the Black Shadow hacker group to install a virus into Gantz's personal computer in exchange for monetary compensation. 

After allegedly making contact with a member of Black Shadow via Telegram under a false identity, Goren took pictures inside Gantz's home. Among the items photographed were Gantz' work desk, computers, phone, personal tablet, a box imprinted with "Israeli" army's-related numerals, a router and its IP address and his property tax receipts.

The investigation was carried out by the Shin Bet, police's Lahav 433 special investigations unit and the Attorney General's Office – with Gantz's knowledge. 

A search of his cell phone yielded findings that supported his confession, such as searches he made on the internet around about the time he contacted Black Shadow, translation he made from Hebrew to English using Google Translate and the restoration of the photos he took at Gantz's home.

In its announcement, the Shin Bet said that while the suspect posed a potential danger to "Israeli" security, he "was not exposed to classified material and subsequently none was passed on from him to the elements with whom he made contact".

He has a rich criminal record that includes five convictions and 14 charges between 2002-2013, including two bank robberies, burglary, theft and more. He also was sentenced to four prison terms, the last of which for robbery, was for four years.