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US Fears Iranian Fuel, Denies Its ‘Persons’ Access to It in Crisis-hit Lebanon

US Fears Iranian Fuel, Denies Its ‘Persons’ Access to It in Crisis-hit Lebanon
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By Staff

It has been already very clear how much Iran-phobic the United States is, but what is more surprising is to deny its ‘persons’ access to a product of an Iranian origin even in a place where this product is scarce and hard to find.

A leaked document sent by the US Department of the Treasury to the Director of US Department of State Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs - Office of Sanctions Policy and Implementation, Jim Mullinax, revealed that any US ‘person’ is not allowed to purchase Iranian oil sent to crisis-hit Lebanon, where the fuel substance is already scarce and could be hardly available even at the black market.

“As described in the Application, you do not anticipate that the Licensees will purchase petroleum products that they know to be of Iranian origin or that they will deal with Hizballah or Amana Fuel Co.” the document read.

It further added that “No United States person, wherever located, may approve, finance, facilitate, or guarantee any transaction by a foreign person where the transaction by that foreign person would be prohibited by the ITSR if performed by a United States person or within the United States.”