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IRG’s Top Commander: Producers of Biological Weapons Can’t Be Trusted with Vaccines

IRG’s Top Commander: Producers of Biological Weapons Can’t Be Trusted with Vaccines
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By Staff, Agencies 

The chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps [IRG], Major General Hossein Salami, confirmed that the country is doing its best to contain the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

He further stated that Iran will only import vaccine from reliable countries, not those countries that are known producers of biological weapons.

Salami made the remarks at a provincial meeting on the situation of the coronavirus pandemic in Iran, which was held on Monday in the central province of Isfahan.

“Under conditions caused by this disease, there were many people who wanted us to extend our hands toward enemies. However, we have no trust in them and we cannot trust our society’s health to those enemies, who have made production of biological weapons part and parcel of their strategy to confront their enemies,” the IRG's chief commander said.

The top commander noted that Iran has taken steps to import coronavirus vaccine from reliable countries while, at the same time, doing its best to produce domestic vaccines.

Noting that paralyzing the Iranian nation is the enemies' biggest with, Salami added, “Even under conditions caused by the coronavirus, we must continue to boost the society's health status by relying on the principles of dignity, independence and trust.”

He emphasized that Iran is different from all other countries, because it is grappling with the deadly disease while being also under cruel international sanctions.

In parallel, the IRG chief stressed that the country cannot use its money even to pay for medicine and meet its vital needs due to the sanctions.

“In addition to coronavirus [pandemic], we are also faced with international sanctions as well as enemies’ media and psychological operations. Such conditions do not exist at the same time at any point in the world,” the IRG chief commander noted.

The sanctions were imposed by the administration of former US President Donald Trump under a “maximum pressure” campaign and have been maintained by the current administration of Joe Biden, which has refused to soften the bans to ease pandemic-related hardship on Iranians.