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Netanyahu Tells EU to Drop Iran Deal Before ’Nuclear Weapons Start Falling On European Soil’

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By Staff, Agencies

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized leaders in Europe on Monday as they struggle to salvage the nuclear agreement between world powers and the Islamic Republic.

Earlier on Monday, European Union Foreign Ministers met in Brussels in an effort to find a formula to keep the 2015 nuclear deal intact with Iran after America’s withdrawal from the agreement last year.

“The response of the EU reminds me of the pacifism of the 1930s,” Netanyahu said in a recorded message posted to social media.

“Like then there are those now who hid their heads in the sand,” Netanyahu claimed, “as if they don’t see the approaching danger – there are those in Europe that won't wake up to the danger until there are Iranian nuclear missiles falling on European soil.”

“We will continue to do everything that is necessary to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear arms,” Natanyahu alleged further.