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A Year On, Sana’anis Commemorate Al-Sammad’s Assassination

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By al-Ahed Correspondent

Sana’a - On the first anniversary of announcing the assassination of Martyr Saleh al-Sammad, former President of Yemen’s Supreme Political Council [SPC] that is ruling in the Yemeni capital of Sana'a, a crowd of Sana'anis from all walks of life paid tribute on Tuesday at his grave site, where he was buried along with six of his companions.

Al-Sammad was the leading Yemeni figure for nearly four years, and his legacy still lives on. His photo still hangs in government offices, buses, streets and shops, and many Yemenis describe him as the father of poor.

Public tributes and references to Martyr al-Sammad tend to be relatively frequent.

"He was one of the few people who joined the regional project against the US and ‘Israel’," General Ahmed al-Hamzi, military police deputy told al-Ahed near al-Sammad’s tomb this morning.

"He is the endgame man," al-Hamzi added, in reference to the role al-Sammad had played.

Al Hamzi, was among a military police convoy who came to visit Martyr al-Sammad’s tomb. The convoy headed by the chief of military police, General Mohsen al-Saqledi, from al-Dhale province, who declined to speak to al-Ahed.

"The best deed he did for Yemenis is that he sacrificed his soul so Yemenis can live with dignity," al-Hamzi added.

Before the arrival of the military police convoy, there were a convoy for women who came to pay tributes.

A third convoy was for citizens of Old Sana'a city who came in dozens and carrying placards written on it "We the citizens of Old city of Sana'a pledge the nation and president Saleh al-Sammad to remain.”

“One hand builds, the other protects", was the slogan for al-Sammad’s vision to build Yemen.

Saudi led coalition targeted al-Sammad on 19 April last year in al-Hudaydah by drone air strike who was coming out from an official meeting.

His convoy of two cars was hit directly. Al-Sammad was martyred along with six companions, but only one survived who is Ahmed al-Razehi.

Martyr al-Sammad’s funeral on April 28th was marked as an unprecedented funeral, which was attended by tens of thousands of anguished mourners, who never moved though airstrikes targeted near them during the funeral procession.

The current Yemeni leader, Mahdi al-Mashat, also attended the service of paying tribute on April 17, along with parliament speaker. The tomb is enclosed by glass, and was surrounded by floral wreaths.

"He did not dream of having a palace in Sana'a," al-Hamzi said. "He dreamed of having a dignity and freedom for Yemenis," he explained.