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Putin: Russia to Take Steps if US Deploys Its Short, Medium Range Missiles in EU

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By Staff, Agencies

The statement comes during the Russian President’s address to the Federal Assembly, in which Putin also underscored the necessity of increasing output of civilian products by the country's defense industry enterprises.

In his address to the Federal Assembly on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin specifically called for expanding the country’s satellite network, which he said is needed for "a real revolution in communications and navigation".

“It is necessary to increase the capabilities of our satellite network. Russia has unique technologies for this”, Putin pointed out.

According to him, such a task stipulates a qualitative upgrade of Russia's entire space industry.

Separately, the Russian President touched upon the issue of possible deployment of US missiles in Europe.

He warned that that if Washington deploys its medium-range and short-range missiles in Europe, it will “dramatically exacerbate international security situation" and create serious challenges to Russia.

He recalled that some types of these missiles have the flight time of up to 10-12 minutes in terms of their reaching Moscow.

"This is a very serious threat to us. In this case, we will be forced — I want to emphasize this – forced to take tit-for-tat steps", Putin underscored.