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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the Latest Lebanese, Regional Developments

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Speech on the Latest Lebanese, Regional Developments
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Local Editor

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech covering latest developments in Lebanon and the region 29-6-2018

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets Abi Al-Qasim Muhammad Bin Abdullah, and his good and pure family and all his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

I have a number of points to make, regarding both Lebanon’s internal affairs and developments in the wider region, all of which is related to us in one form or another.

First the local situation: the subject of forming a government.

Throughout the post-election period we have been calling for the formation of a government, and we are still calling for it. I would like to point out that our call is not linked, as some politicians and some analysts or writers say, to our concerns about the regional situation. On the contrary, if someone somewhere is counting on changes in the regional situation as a means to affect the formation of the government, that is not us. But if someone somewhere – I am not accusing the prime minister-designate – but others who are counting on regional changes, they have to halt these wagers. On the contrary, the regional variables are in the interest of this line or this axis [of resistance]. For example, look at what is going on in southern Syria or the developments in Yemen’s western coast and the failure of the aggression on Hodeida, its ports and cities and villages. In any case, when we call for an urgent formation of the urgency, we do it based on national calculations, interests and needs so as not to allow a vacuum in power and not to waste time regarding urgent files, the economic situation and the living situation. In the future, the country will face the garbage crisis and the subject of electricity.

Second, the real problem that has so far prevented the formation of the government is the loss of standards. What are the standards? There must be one clear standard on which the government is formed. Everyone must abide by this standard, which applies to all. It applies to everyone before the formation of the government. What is the standard that can be adopted or resorted to?

Now it is said in the country that some blocs and political forces or parliamentary blocs are demanding a number of ministers. Everyone is talking about the results of the parliamentary elections. This is a good thing. Let us agree on it and adopt a unified standard.  For every three deputies there should be a minister. For every four deputies there should be a minister. For every five deputies there should be a minister.

What is the standard? In this context, what is happening now does not allow for the adoption of one standard. I am not commenting or objecting. But I am describing. Let us take for example the two blocs: the Development and Liberation bloc and the Loyalty to Resistance bloc. There are 30 deputies. We both agree on six ministers. Will it be 20 deputies and 7 ministers or 15 deputies and 6 ministers? What is the standard? Eight deputies and 3 ministers. In another place, 8 deputies are not allowed a single minister. 7 deputies get one minister. How is this? What is the standard?

First, if the standard is what was produced by the parliamentary elections, then let a certain number of deputies get a certain number of ministers. This is a standard. The standard can also be the political forces and the general popular representation because there is an ongoing debate regarding the electoral law and whether it facilitates fair and accurate representation. If this is the standard, let us discuss it and take the popular representation and political forces into account when we want to define the sizes.

If the standard is uncertainty and not a matter of deputies, the results of the parliamentary elections and the political forces and real popular sizes, if it is a matter of uncertainty, then we will know how to approach the subject.

If the matter is uncertainty, overbearing or who raises his voice more or complicates matters more, let us understand the course of the government and what direction it is heading towards.

The third point is the governmental dossier. The formats, proposals and ideas being circulated so far cannot be called a government of national unity. It seems that even the old descriptions claiming that governments were national unity governments should be reviewed when parliamentary blocs or sects, even if they were small, are sidelined and not even included in the drafts of the formation and as long as our system is still a sectarian one. Why insist on the exclusion of the Alawites and Assyrians?

When we talk about a national unity government, all these people must be included to be involved in the decision-making process. Therefore, it is not right to say national unity governments. They should be called governments with broad parliamentary representation. It should not be called a national unity government. If we really want a national unity government, let all those who have the right to be represented be represented. We call for a national unity government.

On the subject of standards, we call for the adherence to the results of the parliamentary elections and one standard that applies to everyone, to us and to others.

If a unified standard was not adopted, then based on our understanding with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri we will be among those who will demand. We have 30 deputies. We want our representation based on our size. We don’t only have six ministers. I am not saying this to complicate matters but to call on the others to facilitate, communicate, be humble and push matters in a positive direction.

There is a point that is being raised in the formation of governments, and as I saw some media and articles state that in a certain country the government consists of 12 ministers and another government has 15. This is a measurement with a difference because there is a presidential system or there is a certain structure within the powers. While in Lebanon, regardless of the number of portfolios, the Lebanese government is like a leadership council of the country. Therefore, the participation of others, even ministers of state, is the participation in the political decision-making process. They would feel that they count, that they are present and are partners. This is what we need to reassure it (the diversity and the composition of the country), which always forces extensive governments to allow the opportunity for the broadest representation possible.

Starting from the national interests, we demand not to rush at all. We also call for a national unity government in which the Alawite, the Assyrians and all political groups participate. We call for the adoption of clear and specific standards in light of the results of the parliamentary elections.

The second file is the file of the displaced Syrians.

Between the time leading-up to Eid al-Fitr until now, there has been a debate in the country. Sometimes it took on a sharp dimension – almost a sectarian dimension – as is the case with many political issues raised in Lebanon.

First of all, there is no need for severity and aggravation with regard to this file because none of the political forces or the Lebanese officials raised the idea of the forced return of the displaced.

Everyone is talking about the safe and voluntary return. What is the problem? Why do we want to add further complications? If there are displaced people who are ready and want to return to Syria, why do we want to add complications: the United Nations, etc.?

The displaced people who want to return willingly, their return will be safe and voluntary. Let them return and let them be given facilities. We do not find any logic and any sense in complicating this matter at all.

Second, based on our information on the ground, there are international bodies and organizations as well as local bodies, which are frightening the Syrian refugees out of returning to their homes. They are fuelling worries and providing them with incorrect information. I confirm this. This matter must be addressed. Preventing the return of the Syrian refugees who want to go home is in fact harming the Syrian refugees and the Syrian people. It is only serving international and regional political interests at the expense of the people’s suffering. There is a big difference between a person living in a tent and returning home, to his field, school, village and people. We must help them to achieve this dignified return.

Thirdly, through this address today, I want to say the following: in the face of the slow pace and the series of complications present in addressing this file [we want to help]. I don’t want to delve into it right now. Based on the nature of our good and strong relationship with the Syrian state and also being party to the inner workings in Lebanon, we want to take advantage of this characteristic in order to help, to lend a helping hand and not just talk. We have provided assistance before in the context of dealing with the issue of some displaced people who have left with the militants, similar to what happened in the Arsal outskirts. But now, we want to get involved in this file. We want to provide possible assistance. We will directly contact the displaced Syrians and establish a mechanism for receiving them. We will form lists and present them to the concerned authorities in the Syrian state. It will be in cooperation with the Lebanese General Security, which is in fact the body that has started and continues to shoulder this responsibility. We will cooperate together to bring back the largest possible number of displaced Syrians who want to voluntary return. We will start working and exert the effort. Summer time is an appropriate period before the beginning of the school year. There are many people who are thinking of returning. Now there is no time to lose. There are many people who might say ‘it is the beginning of the school year. If I go back to my village, my city or my area in Syria, I can enroll my children in school in Syria and get my affairs in order.’

We are ready to provide assistance, God willing. We will continue in providing assistance until this matter is resolved politically and officially between the Lebanese and Syrian governments because due to certain complications, this file is still unresolved. Therefore, in order to take advantage of time, summer, the pre-school year period, the conditions available in Syria and our standpoint, we inside Hezbollah’s formations have formed a file to take care of the facilities and help the Syrian refugees return. We assigned brother and former deputy, Nawar al-Sahili, and a team. We have selected the centers. They will announce the centers, the phone numbers and the social networking sites to enable the displaced people to get in touch with these centers. We will also form popular committees in different areas to get in touch with the displaced people who wished to return. We do not want to force anyone to commit. We want to provide this national humanitarian assistance that serves the Lebanese and Syrian people and serves the interests of the two countries – Lebanon and Syria. This is the second file.


The third file is the security of Baalbek-Hermel and the Bekaa. In every file, I say first, second and third. In this file, the first is that after the conclusion of the recent parliamentary elections and the announcement of the results, something inexplicable is happening in Baalbek-Hermel at the level of a security imbalance, including attacks on people, tensions, the media hype, and a psychological war. In a way that the image of the area has become chaotic and in a state of a mental breakdown, and people are forced to pack their bags and leave. I mean to this extent. There is a security flaw and there are very large media exaggerations about the security chaos.

In any case, what has happened should be addressed. I do not want to present an analysis. We are collecting the data accurately, so that we can read it accurately. But I can say: the deprivation and development are incomprehensible and not normal. They are 30 or 40 years old. What happened following the elections is unprecedented. Are there authorities or not? What is the difference in the situation during the period before the elections, a year ago or two, three, four, five years ago? Even when the militants were on the outskirts, the security situation was better than what happened after the elections. I suffice and say that it is incomprehensible. The situation needs examination from our part, from the part of the residents, from the Lebanese state and from the Lebanese state’s apparatus. We might not reach a conclusion. It might have been a coincidence that happened after the elections because the people prior to the elections were controlling themselves, alert and in a state of restraint. Following the elections, an incident might have taken place here another over there and it became chaotic. It is possible. But all these are just explanations and interpretations. But if someone were to say ‘no’ and ponders at what happened and says it is suspicious, then the matter should be studied and followed-up.

Second, the steps taken  by all the deputies and ministers in the area, the area’s leaders and mayors, the president of the republic, the parliament speaker the prime minister, the state officials, the army chief, and the security services and the meetings of the Supreme Council of Defense are considered a good step. We should commend the special attention of His Eminence, the President, for the matter in the Supreme Defense Council as well as his guidance and firmness. This issue in Baalbek-Hermel region must be addressed. The recent movement in the last few days, which will expand and extend to the Lebanese army and the various security institutions, is of course good. We must all support it and call for it to continue. In this context, I call for the following:

  1. I call upon the army and the security services to continue working hard, day and night, and not to accept anyone to cover up for some one else, whoever it was. Of course, there is no cover for anyone, not for Hezbollah, the Amal Movement, or the political forces. Everyone. For a while, we have informed everyone – it is not a new thing – that there is no cover for anyone who would violate the security in the area or other areas. In all cases, hard, continuous and present work should be ongoing. It does not mean that it should go on for a week, two weeks or three and then things go back to how they were. This is a permanent responsibility because the causes of imbalance and the presence of the disobedient existing and are permanent.
  2. I call on the resident in the area to fully cooperate, even those with the licenses to carry a weapon at this stage. What is the reason for carrying weapons? I urge everyone to heed to all calls and measures taken by the army and the security forces in the area because this is for interest of the region as a whole.
  3. I want to call on the people of the area to be reassured and show trust. What happened in the last few weeks has reached a point that people doubted if they were able to continue living in the area. There is a lot of exaggeration in this regard. In any case, the Lebanese state is not in a position to give up its responsibilities. The Parliament Speaker, Mr. Nabih Berri, had strong and firm positions in this regard. As for Hezbollah, we tell you, we will not lose the means and the way to preserve the security of this area. It is among the priorities and the major interests. But no matter how bad things get, we will never lose the means. In the end, all the options will be open. No one, not Hezbollah or the Amal Movement will abandon this area and leave the security and safety of to the unknown. We are the ones who have presented the most precious blood, our sons and brothers in the Bekaa and elsewhere in Lebanon to secure its borders. How can we ignore, abandon or neglect it when there is a security flaw inside, taking all the interests into account. I assure our people in the Baalbek-Hermel region that this file will not be neglected. It will not be left. It cannot be left. It is not difficult. It is not impossible. It is required that everyone cooperates and stands together. I believe that it is possible to get through this stage and the flaw that happened easily. God willing, there will be close cooperation between everyone in the area to achieve the best security situation we can achieve and accomplish.

There is a subject attached to the security file of Baalbek-Hermel which is the Yamuna-Akoura issue that took place a few days ago. It is a real estate problem. I hope from the deputies and political leaders not to turn this file into a sectarian file and sectarian problem. Remove this file from endeavors. No one should exploit it to gain more popularity. What I’m talking about is understood. The issue is in the hands of the Lebanese army, the army intelligence, and the army leadership. The army is required to carry out further measures there and initiate with the measures. The people in Yamuna and Akoura have begun to calm down. This matter must be dealt with in the framework of local dialogue or a central dialogue, through dialogue and communication in a calm and rational manner. We can address this situation. It can simply be addressed. But pushing matters in the direction  of armed conflict or sectarian incitement is, of course, national treason. Bringing up this file and opening it in this timing following the parliamentary elections and during the events taking place in Baalbek-Hermel is suspicious.

I call on the security services to start an investigation into the background of this file to see why now? Why is this file opened now? Why are people talking about it, issuing statement regarding it and exploiting it? I do not want to complement anyone when it comes to this issue because it is a serious issue. There are people who want to put two areas and two sects on the crater of a volcano as a result of local or partisan calculations or personal investments. This is highly sensitive and dangerous. I know now that the army leadership has interfered. I am waiting for the return of the army commander whose stance we are highly reliant on. However, I call on the His Eminence the President of the Republic, who is considerate of all Lebanese areas and their people, to give this file special attention because what we have seen in the past few days, especially through the media, frankly raises concern.

The file that follows which is the last point in the internal situation is the naturalization file. A few days ago, naturalization decree was issued regarding a number of people which caused disarray in the country. Some people and political forces objected to it. Others appealed it. And a group denounced it. A lot was said. It is probably the first time that we talk about this subject. I would like to add that, first, Hezbollah was not aware of this decree at all. Unfortunately there were people who wrote the Hezbollah fixed this subject since it supports the president. There might be one Iranian citizen included in the decree. There are Syrians included in the decree. Some names that were mentioned were correct and others were wrong. With all transparency, you know I am very straightforward, we did not know about the decree at all. This is a point of weakness. But this is the truth. Between brackets, there is always the depiction of Hezbollah ruling Lebanon and controlling it and everything taking place in it. What the government and the officials are doing is incorrect at all. This is a testimony. We did not even know the there is a decree being prepared. To this extent. We did not know that there is a decree that was issued until it was released by media outlets. Honestly speaking, we found out like the rest of the Lebanese people. Is this right or wrong? This is a separate matter. But this is the description of the reality.

Second, we do not know many of these names. We are not a concerned party to check the files. Anyway, the General Security was assigned to check it and give results. It gave the results. We have a set of remarks regarding this decree. But we do not want to declare our position in the media because the nature of the existing relationship and friendship with the President of the Republic and our faith on him requires such respect. One of our deputies or ministers is supposed to go to the President and tell him ‘Your Eminence, this is our first, second, third remark…’ This is what we will do regarding the latest decree.

Third, we want to say our opinion regarding the issue of naturalization. We not only call for the issuance of a new naturalization decree, apart from the previous decree and the remarks on it, but for the issuance of naturalization decrees. It is not because the president does not issue decrees. It is his natural and constitutional right. There are humanitarian needs and national needs and persons who deserve to obtain the Lebanese citizenship. What is the problem if there are people who deserve to obtain the Lebanese citizenship? Why do we want to complicate this issue when it is legally and constitutionally available and might fulfill a certain national and humanitarian interest? This is regarding the principle. Therefore, we call for the issuance of new decrees not just one naturalization decree and the opening of this file. There are segments of people who have been waiting for citizenship for more than seventy or eighty years. For example, the residents from the Seven Villages [Qora al-Sabee] have not yet been given citizenship from the previous decrees. Also, there are the rest of the people of Wadi Khaled. During the naturalization process, there were people who were naturalized while their relatives were not naturalized although this was the same file with the same data. But it happened due to administrative errors or political calculations.

It is an attempt to be just, especially to those who actually live in Lebanon. Therefore, if all is aligned with the constitutional and legal norms, the national interests and the humanitarian considerations, they should be taken into consideration, and the file should be tackled. Hence, it should not be sensed that the Lebanese nationality should only be given to those who have money or who can invest in the country. Meanwhile, the Lebanese person, whose father and grandfather are Lebanese, have Lebanese origins and have been living in the country for hundreds of years, is not able to obtain the nationality due to a certain circumstance or because he is poor and has no money. This is not right and absolutely inconceivable. Even on the issue of the children of the Lebanese wives married to non-Lebanese, I know that this file is problematic. We call for a calm, careful and rational study of the file. Some features should be taken into consideration when addressing this file. There might be no interest in closing this issue. And opening it widely might raise some of the fears that exist in the country. At least there should be a chance for serious internal dialogue and discussion at the national level to address this humanitarian issue.

I suffice with these files regarding the internal situation which are the formation of the government file, the file of assisting in the return of displaced Syrians, their voluntary and safe return, the Baalbek-Hermel security file and the naturalization file.

I also have several points regarding the region’s situation. I will briefly and quickly tackle them.

The first point is the Palestinian issue. It is clear that the engines – as they say in Lebanese politics –of the deal of the century has begun to operate strongly. Kouchner, President Trump's special envoy on the so-called peace process, has been in the region for a while. I do not know if he is still in the region. It is clear that we have entered the serious stage of American and “Israeli” action to complete the deal of the century. It is no longer just talk in public or press forestation or the likes. We may be nearing an official American announcement about this deal and this disgraceful plan. Therefore in this stage, all political leaders and all concerned with the Palestinian cause must keep up with these movements and developments. One should know what to do and in more than one sense I believe.

In other words, what is taking place today in Palestine must be viewed from this angle. What is happening in the region as well as what happened and what is happening in Jordan must be looked at. Also regarding Lebanon, the debate about the borders, the Shebaa farms, the land borders and the maritime borders. The talk is sometimes not included in the framework of the deal of the century and in other times it is included in the framework of the so-called deal of the century. The approach needs to be studied and should be cautious. This should happen of course with the keenness of all the Lebanese people to restore their full national territory and obtain their rights in marine waters.

Regarding Syria, when we approach the events taking place there in the next stage, we must deal with it and include the American withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. This constant pressure on Iran, whether political pressure, psychological warfare, economic pressure, threats of sanctions or chasing Iran and Iranian oil across the world must be read in one context which is called the central American project. In our region now, priority will be given to the deal of the century which means the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. This subject needs cautious and follow up. So people have to see what they will do and how they should stand up, face and resist. We have previously spoken a lot about this subject.

Regarding the Palestinian file, salutaions should be directed – especially during these hours – to all the men, women, young people and adults who head Friday afternoon to the barbed wire fence that separates Gaza from the rest of occupied Palestine in 1948. These marches, the marches of return, is an expression of the Palestinian determination and persistence and their continuation. For the viewers to know, in the past few weeks, the “Israeli’s” efforts in the psychological war and the security pressure, straining the security and military atmosphere towards the Gaza Strip and the targeting of young people who are only launching kites, in addition to various regional pressures on the Palestinians is to make them despair and prevent them from continuing the return marches. The return marches represent this great challenge, which poses one of the few options available to the Palestinian people.

The third point is to commend the courage of the leadership of the resistance in Gaza, the leadership of the resistance factions, the courage of the resistance fighters who have solidified in the past few days and the past few weeks the equation of responding to any aggression. The “Israelis” have been bombing and killing, but they were not faced with a certain or suitable response. In the past few days, the Palestinian resistance surpassed this stage and solidified the equation. It can be said that it was solidified as a result of courage, bravery and the wise and correct assessment.

In any case, to solidify this equation, support the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza for them to be continue the marches of return, and stand by the Palestinian people while they confront the operational procedural steps of the deal of the century, everyone should assume their responsibilities everywhere. It is said it will be in the coming few weeks and months.

Second, in the regional situation:

There are two points regarding Syria. The first point is the developments in southern Syria during the past few days and today. A little while ago, I was in contact with the brothers there. All the data that you hear in the media is true. What is not said in the media is more important. All the data indicate that the armed groups are witnessing a great collapse and their incubating environment is abandoning them – let us assume there is an incubating environment. The data also points out that there is a great popular rush to return to the state and to the arms of the state. The people of several towns and cities expressed this. Perhaps the data affirms that not only the western part of the Daraa area, which is assumed to end today or tomorrow, but the entire region in the south, whether it be in Daraa or Qunaitra. All the armed groups are in a state of collapse and defeat. There is no horizon in fighting them. However, the data also say that many of these groups have begun to re-think their calculations and move toward settlement and reconciliation. Daesh [Arabic acronym for "ISIS" / "ISIL"] will be the only one left controlling that area. Its fate will be clear and decisive in the coming period. In conclusion, there is a major shift in southern Syria. There is great victory over all armed groups sponsored by the Americans and supported, embraced and assisted by “Israel”. All forms of aid were provided to them by some regional powers and states. What is going on and has been going on for the past few weeks in southern Syria as well as what is taking place in Manbij regarding the Kurdish, Turkish and American subject all have many important and serious implications that we must talk about later. Now, time does not allow it. I believe that the interest is that the battle ends in southern Syria. Then we will talk about these signs and lessons that everyone should benefit from in light of this fateful and major battle that is being fought in Syria for more than seven years.

The second point is also in Syria. A few days ago along the Syrian-Iraqi border, hostile aircraft bombed some of the sites of the Iraqi resistance factions stationed there. The faction that was targeted was the Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq, which killed and injured a large number of people. Of course, this is a great and serious incident. Some might consider that it is over and things passed. First of all, I would like to extend my condolences to the families of those martyrs congratulate them on their martyrdom. Also I would like to extend my condolences and congratulate my dear brothers in the leadership of the Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq and to all its Mujahedeen. We should also express our condolences to all the resistance factions in Iraq for their martyrs because the martyrs of any faction are everyone’s martyrs. I also wish to thank them for all the assistance and support they have provided in Syria. In Iraq, there is no doubt that these factions of the popular mobilization have had a major and genuine contribution to the defeat of Daesh and its international and regional backers. But in the end, the Iraqis were defending themselves, their sanctities, their people and their homeland. We should praise the jihad of the Iraqis, their sacrifices, their martyrs and wounded, their steadfastness and perseverance and their presence in Syria, which is still continuous, especially those who are at the Iraqi-Syrian border cutting the lifeline of that monstrous body created by the US and “Israel” in the region which is called Daesh. We thank them for all the support, assistance and presence because as we have been repeating throughout the seven years that the battle of Syria is not Syria’s battle only. It is the battle of Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Syria and the region and the future of this region.

Also in this context, the brothers in the Hezbollah Brigades and the rest of the factions, the Iraqi resistance factions, announced that they are checking and investigating to find out who has targeted these sites and killed a large number of people. When this party threatens, these aggressors will categorically be punished. This is a wise and natural position. We express our support for any decision taken by these resistance factions. Yes dear brothers, and I tell all the people of the region, to our brothers in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Yemen and in the entire region: anywhere the resistance fighters are attacked and their blood shed, this aggression should not remain without a response and punishment. Our enemies only understand this logic. We cannot bet on the international law or any moral standards when it comes to Yemen, Palestine and in everything happening in the region. Even in America, isn’t the image of separating children of migrants from their mothers and fathers and keeping them in isolated places clearly express President Trump and his administration’s brutality? Later, they withdrew because of the pressure. Yet, it does not change in the reality of his image. If people were to view Trump’s real image, he would look like a monster to them. Who would do such a thing? However, we are in a region and a world whereby if we do not defend our people, avenge our martyrs and punish our enemies, this aggression will not stop. If we tolerate this aggression, it will continue and we will face more and more martyrs and wounded will result.

I hope, God willing, that the brothers in the Hezbollah Brigades and the Iraqi resistance factions will be able to determine the identity of the aggressor in the near future and take the action they see fit. This is their own decision that no one dictates.

I enter the last point in the regional situation through the media. During the past few days, the coalition – they call it the Arab coalition, but now some are calling it the Saudi-Emirati coalition. We call it the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen – and these forces announced and later al-Arabia, some Arab satellite channels and some Lebanese media responded and considered that this news had high credibility. They spoke about two reports. The first is that the aerial bombardment in a certain area in Saada resulted in eight martyrs of the Lebanese Hezbollah – according to them – among them was one of Hezbollah’s leaders. At the same time, they reported that eight Hezbollah members were captured. The liar who is spreading the story is saying they killed eight and another time he is saying they captured eight. A few hours later the news of the capture was withdrawn and the one of the killing was adopted because if there were prisoners, they would have to show them on television. Certainly if there is a prisoner now or in the past, they would make a big deal out of it. You know that in the past few months they said they captured a young man from Hezbollah or an Iranian young man. They made a big deal out of it. They considered it a treasure capturing an Iranian person from a certain area in Yemen. It turned out that he was just a simple Pakistani worker who came to work for a living.

did not know to distinguish between the Urdu and the Persian. On the other hand, the prisoners were not alone. They did not speak to him again, but they stayed for 48 hours talking about the martyrdom of eight, including one of the leaders of Hezbollah. I want to comment on this news for the past, for the present and for a little bit, I am talking about Yemen. They did not know how to distinguish between an Urdu and a Persian. Anyway, the news about the captives went away by itself. They never spoke about it. But for 48 hours, they kept talking about the martyrdom of eight people including one Hezbollah leader. I want to comment on this. I will talk briefly about Yemen.

First, for certain reasons and interests, we have not yet said that we have presence in Yemen or not. We did not approach this subject. Yes, one day I said clearly that we did not send fighters in Yemen because the brothers in Yemen do not need fighters. We do not deny or approve due to a range of interests. This is first.

Second, whether we were or were not there, I categorically deny this news that there are martyrs from Hezbollah in Yemen, not in the past few days or during the past years.

Third, it is not the first time the Saudi media has spoken about Hezbollah martyrs in Yemen or prisoners of Hezbollah in Yemen.

Fourth, if we assume one day that this was a fact and there were Hezbollah martyrs in Yemen, I tell you frankly that we will not hide it. We are not ashamed of it. We are proud of that and take pride in it. We raise our heads high because of these martyrs. If this assumption was ever true – we consider the opposite – we are not ashamed if we had martyrs in Yemen. we should be ashamed for not providing the required assistance or the assistance we dream or aspire to provide for the oppressed Mujahideen and the oppressed Yemeni people. Thus, no one should think that we are present in Yemen or elsewhere. If there was a martyr in Iraq, we say we have a martyr in Iraq. If he was martyred in Syria, we say he was martyred in Syria. If one of our brothers was captured somewhere – like in Egypt – we are not ashamed in what we do. We will not abandon our martyrs. We are proud of our martyrs and what they did. We always announce this. Therefore, whenever there is a report of martyrs, there should be no need for the media to contact us so that we deny it. As long as we did not claim responsibility for it or spoke about our martyrs and took pride in them, this means there is nothing.

Any thing of this kind is inherently negated and does need not to be denied. This is a rule that we must always make constant.

Fifth in the Yemeni issue. They may be in need of this kind of news which can be included with all the media performances by the Saudi outlets, the American, Gulf and other media outlets in the past few weeks because what we saw in the battle of Hodeida, at the airport and around the city and the surrounding towns as well as the western coast of Yemen, are two scandals. What we saw are two scandals, a military scandal in the field and a media scandal related to the battleground scandal.

With regard to the military field scandal. The Americans and some European countries have unfortunately been partners in this matter for months. There was information about British and French participation as well as other Western countries alongside the coalition forces, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Abd Rabbu Mansour and mercenaries from all over the world. There were air defenses, a large number of armored vehicles and tanks. It seemed that the military vehicles were more than the soldiers – according to what we saw on TV. It took months of preparation, tremendous psychological war, pressure, bribes, intimidation and encouragement. When they came to the field, they were terribly defeated. It was a defeat in every sense of the word. What happened in the western coast of Yemen in recent weeks so far is in fact even by military standards a miracle because the fighting there was between the strongest air power, the very powerful query devices, high technical and technological equipment, experienced leaders, mercenaries, armies and forces and a resisting people that possess modest capabilities with great faith and a tremendous trust in God Almighty. As we watched them on the battlefield, they have accomplished “Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Lend to Allah your head (in fighting for Allah, give yourself to Allah). Mountains may move from their position, but you should not move from yours.”

This is a model. My brothers and I know what it means and what it means to fight under harsh air defenses with limitless direct capabilities. We know what it means to hold your ground and be steadfast. Therefore, in front of the war on Yemen, especially the latest battle along the western coast and in Hodeida airport, my brothers and I as well as every resistance fighter in the world and those who are familiar with the military equations and has military experience show bow to these fighters and heroes, to their wise, courageous leadership. This is a fact and not a complement. I am not giving morale. On the contrary, I tell these fighters I am ashamed that I am not among you and with you. While I watch this heroism and legendary steadfastness on TV, I tell myself how I wished to be with you. I know each one of my brothers is saying the same thing. Every honorable man on earth is saying how we wished we were with you. How we wished we could be with you. How I wish I could be one of your fighters fighting under the banner of your courageous leader. This is the truth. This faith and steadfastness caused this defeat. This is a great lesson to be added to the lessons of the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Iraq. This is a lesson for all the Arab and Islamic people. Through faith and steadfastness and by betting on the people and the courageous and faithful young men, the strongest aggressor in the world and the strongest armies in the military and security world can be confronted.

The media scandal: How many times did they occupy Hodeida Airport? The y did not provide a single picture. On the other hand, pictures of Ansarullah leaders at the airport were being shown daily. They spoke a lot of being inside the city and the port. It turned out they were not inside. They were lying to the people of the region for weeks.  They were lying to the Saudi people, the people of the Gulf States and the world. It turned out that all the victories were only broadcast on al-Arabia. You should take this to judge the credibility of this media which has no link what so ever to reality, whether in Yemen or others.

In this context, we join our voice and thank the new government of Malaysia, the new Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad or Muhammad Mahathir, the government and the Malaysian defense minister, who announced yesterday Malaysia's withdrawal from this disastrous coalition. We hope that the rest of the Islamic and Arab countries will follow suit.

I particularly appeal to the Sudanese President, the Government of the Sudan, the Parliament of the Sudan and the people of Sudan. It is unfortunate that there are Sudanese army forces fighting alongside these tyrants. It is very regrettable that Sudanese army forces are fighting in a battle in which the Americans, the West, the Takfiris, the “Israelis” are fighting alongside the Saudis. This is unfortunate since Sudan, which has had a large and emotional presence in the region's causes, in the Palestine cause and in many causes of the nation.

I also focus on Sudan because young Sudanese men are left in the deserts in Yemen, in the mountains and in hills without protection, without deterrence, without support, without assistance and without back up. What are they being killed for? We call on everyone. We hope from everyone to reconsider. We hope that the Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and who stand with them to learn a lesson from the recent battle on the western coast. They should know that they are fighting a people that will not give up. They should know that their battle has a dead-end and that you should heed to Yemeni, Arab, Islamic and international calls to stop the war, cease fire, head to dialogue and national reconciliation, and save the Yemeni people, the Yemeni tribes and all the Yemeni political forces from the results of this destructive and disastrous war.

I will suffice with this much. God willing, if there is a need to talk about the rest of the things, we will talk about it soon

Peace God's mercy and blessings be upon you.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team