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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Int’l Quds Day, 8-6-2018

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Int’l Quds Day, 8-6-2018
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The Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Delivered On The Occasion of International Quds Day At a Hezbollah Event in the Town of Maroun al-Ras, 8-6-2018.

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Int’l Quds Day, 8-6-2018

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets Abi Al-Qasim Muhammad Bin Abdullah, and his good and pure family and all his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

I thank you for this great attendance on this day of the holy month of Ramadan. It is a day of fasting and the sun is scorching. Now we are like our brothers and the people in Gaza and in many cities around the world who came out in the afternoon directly after Friday prayers. I welcome you and ask God Almighty to accept your deeds on these blessed nights and days of the great month of Allah.

We meet again on the occasion of International Quds Day. It was proclaimed by Imam Khomeini as an international day. He chose the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan to be the International Quds Day.

This day that falls on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan has religious, intellectual, jihadist and humane values. Imam [Khomeini] had great goals through this declaration. During the commemorations of International Quds Day, we have always spoken about keeping this cause alive, strong and present in the conscience of the nation and the people of the world. Even the Imam did not call it the Islamic Quds Day or the International Islamic Quds Day. He called it International Quds Day so it can be an occasion in which all the people of the world unite under this true cause.

Of course, the need to observe this day and commemorate it was strongly emphasized by the Leader [Sayyed Khamenei] after the passing of Imam [Khomeini]. He highlighted this point in his latest speech at the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini, which he delivered in Arabic. He addressed the Arab people and youth strongly urging them to take note of Quds Day, commemorate it and participate in shouldering the responsibility of the sacred cause.

This occasion is important. It is important that al-Quds has an international day and that the nation makes sure to revive this day, first because al-Quds, the city of al-Quds and the Islamic and Christian sanctities in al-Quds are the reason for the existing conflict. These have been at the core of the conflict for more than seventy years. They are also the symbol of this conflict. They are not only a headline and a symbol, but also the reason and essence of the conflict.

Secondly, this occasion is important because of what al-Quds and the Palestinian cause are being subjected to each year, including the developments, conspiracies and attempts by enemies to control, liquidate and resolve the battle. There have been new steps and new conspiracies. The latest of which was Trump's recognition of al-Quds as the capital of "Israel", weeks before the transfer of the US Embassy to al-Quds. But the most serious is this year's deal of the century. It is being circulated that this deal will and aims to permanently liquidate the Palestinian cause and ultimately handover al-Quds and the holy sites to the usurper entity. As such, on this Friday, we are commemorating this occasion. As for the place, this year we have chosen the village of Maroun al-Ras to commemorate this great occasion for two reasons. The first is that it is located along the border with occupied Palestine where you can breath the air of Palestine and feel the blessed wind coming from the blessed land. It overlooks the land of Palestine, overlooking your land, overlooking your occupied villages in Palestine, on the land that was occupied by the Zionists, who were brought in from all over the world.

The first reason has to do with being at the border with Palestine, in place, heart, spirit, mind, soul, breath, meditation, eyes and all sensations and feelings. The second reason has to do with what Maroun al-Ras means and symbolizes. It symbolizes the resistance, steadfastness, heroism, courage and challenges endured by the resistance fighters during the first days of the heroic confrontations against the "Israeli" aggression in the 33-day July war. However, my address today revolves around the nature of the occasion, al-Quds and Palestine, the conflict with the enemy and the strategic environment of our axis and our battle in this region.

When we look inside Palestine today and what is going on in the world with International Quds Day commemorations including the tens of thousands in al-Aqsa Mosque and around al-Aqsa Mosque, who took part in Friday prayers; When we see the tens of thousands who gathered under the sun and in the heat, participating in the marches of return at the frontlines and along the border of the Gaza Strip while they are fasting; When we see in 900 cities in Iran residents commemorate this day; when we see huge crowds in Sana'a, Saada and Hodeida, Baghdad, Pakistan, last night in Bahrain and in many of the countries of the world - I will speak about this later, it will be very clear to us that the occasion of the International Quds Day, announced by Imam Khomeini, is expanding despite the decades-long efforts of the international and regional enemies of al-Quds to abolish it, terminate and besiege it .

This extensive participation also confirms that the al-Quds cause exists and lives strongly in the consciences, sentiments, minds, hearts, faith and feelings of the people of this nation and throughout the world and in any country. This despite what has happened in our region in the past 70 years, especially what has happened in our region in recent years since 2011 until today - at the level of internal developments in more than one Arab and Islamic country and the suspicions and problems raised. These are some of the points of strength, regardless of the alliances that might form to end or bring down this cause.

I will start with the city of al-Quds. There are three basic challenges today in al-Quds. We are talking about the city as a city, as the capital of Palestine and as the land of sanctities as well. The first challenge after the American recognition of al-Quds as the capital of "Israel" - the usurper entity - which was expected and in line with US policies, is that it spawned a battle. In this battle the countries of the world especially the Arab and Islamic countries must not accept the American recognition or surrender to it, otherwise the whole world would recognize al-Quds as the capital of Israel. Despite the fact that the circumstances surrounding Arab and Islamic countries are not favorable, this battle has potential in the world. Many countries accepted this position. This recognition has a breeding ground, and we have seen this at the UN General Assembly.

The smallest effort needed to face and win in this battle - and I do not exaggerate when I say the smallest effort - from the Arab countries, from the Islamic countries, the Islamic Cooperation Council and the Arab League is for the rest of the world not to recognize al-Quds as the capital of "Israel". Of course, the Palestinian position, the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian factions are essential in this battle.

The second challenge is the demographic challenge in al-Quds. The reason I speak about these challenges is because we, outside of Palestine, are also partners in shouldering responsibility, and we can do something. The demographic challenge or the challenge of changing the demographic identity. Brothers and sisters, the Zionists have been working since the occupation of East al-Quds in 1967 - i.e. more than 50 years - to achieve a decisive demographic change in the city of East al-Quds and in the city of al-Quds as a whole.

They have done so in West al-Quds. But now al-Quds' east and west are joined. That is how the Zionists see it. There is a basic challenge. There are "Israeli" plans to change its demographic identity. This is what they called a demographic change. It is done by annexing settlement blocks from the West Bank and joining it to al-Quds under the headline Greater al-Quds. In addition they are increasing settlements inside the city of al-Quds and pressuring the Palestinians to leave. This is a big battle.

The other battle and the third challenge is the issue of the sanctities in the city of al-Quds, especially al-Aqsa Mosque and everything inside the holy compound is also a challenge, a threat and a battle.

In both of these battles (the demographic change and al-Aqsa), the fact is that the Arabs in East al-Quds - Muslims and Christians - bear the greatest brunt and the main bet is on them. In other words, them staying in the city and preserving their homes, shops and presence in the city is the real battle. The residents of al-Quds have been fighting this battle from 1967 until today. Here, I would like to say something because there are many people in the Islamic and Arab world who are not following this.

The brothers sent me statistics. We do not have enough to read them. But despite 50 years of settlements, building apartments, annexing blocks and pressuring the Palestinians, robbing them of their civil rights, robbing them of security and safety, demolishing their homes under various pretexts, loss of jobs and difficult living conditions, the government of the enemy failed to secure a decisive demographic change in al-Quds, especially in East al-Quds. There are hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs still living in al-Quds. They are still Palestinians and did not apply for the "Israeli" citizenship. Due to pressure, deprivation and oppression, their numbers should have decreased. But their numbers are increasing, praise be to Allah, due to steadfastness, resoluteness, and procreation...

Them staying there is preventing the change in the identity of the city. They called themselves and the "Israeli" media recognizes them as the guardians of al-Aqsa. Today, the native residents of al-Quds [the Maqdisis], including men, women, young and old, have to defend al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque on behalf of the whole Islamic nation of one billion and 500 million Muslims. They are there unarmed to guard al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy compound. The Zionists admit this through their media. The last battle they fought was a month ago. The Maqdisis showed a strong and active presence for several days around the vicinity of al-Aqsa Mosque confronting any change (electronic gates). This forced the government to retreat.

Today, the Maqdisis are the ones protecting the identity of the city and its sanctities.

They managed to stay in al-Quds in their homes and be in their shops despite the lack of employment opportunities, the difficult living conditions and the harsh conditions that surround them. If you walked on the streets, you will see the markets of al-Quds, Palestinian men and women and prayers at the al-Aqsa Mosque and in the Church of the Resurrection. By only doing this and not carrying weapons or knives or engaging in a military or security operation is in itself the greatest jihad. This is the most important jihad that the Maqdisis can practice. High hopes are pinned on these two challenges, which are the changing of the identity and preserving the al-Aqsa Mosque, the holy compound and the Church of the Resurrection.

The duty of the rest of the people and the rest of the Muslims in the world is to help the Maqdisis. The matter simply needs money. To spend money on this battle which is called helping the Maqdisis remain in their homes, live, not to abandon the city of al-Quds, not to give in to economic and livelihood related pressure, and not to succumb to the enormous financial temptations now offered in some places in al-Quds. Look at what is unfortunately happening. Some Arabs, some Gulf countries and some so-called wealthy Arab and businessmen are buying the homes of the Maqdisis under the pretext that ‘I am an Arab, I am a citizen of the Gulf, and I want to buy a house near the holy compound, especially at the walls of the compound'. This instead of taking the money and helping the people remain, resist and build homes for their children and grandchildren. Large sums of money are being paid.

Yesterday, I was listening to a Palestinian official saying that an owner of a house near the compound was offered $ 20 million to sell it. Imagine, a Palestinian man unable to build a house while he and his family and children are living in a difficult living and security conditions. Then an Arab tells him ‘I want the house to live in. I want to be in the vicinity of the holy compound and I will stay in the mosque.' He is using religious phrases. What is even more dangerous is that the price of this house reach $ 20 million. And eventually, the Arab businessmen traitors will sell these houses to the Zionists. This is a serious conspiracy against al-Quds and the real estate in the city of al-Quds.

In order to help the Maqdisis remain steadfast, one thing is clearly needed: money and donations from countries, from the rich, even from people who live simple and modest lives. Today this is the front of the frontline and this is the first line of defense of the al-Aqsa Mosque, the sanctities and the identity of the city. This is a responsibility. I am not saying who to give the money to or which fund the money will be placed in. These are details. Those who want to give money can search for reliable means. This money can reach them. This is so we are not restricted to delivering speeches. What is real and serious is that the Palestinian Maqdisis themselves have the faith, will, determination, patience and willingness to remain, sacrifice and endure. But the rest of the people in the Arab and Islamic world should help them at least for them to be able to remain and resist in this city and in this battle.

We return to al-Quds because it is the center and the cause. In the moral, media, cultural and political sense, we must rededicate this issue as a priority at the level of the nation. Everyone can exert efforts. When it comes to al-Quds, everyone agrees. We might disagree regarding Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and many things, but we can agree on al-Quds. Each one of us should work according to his position and capabilities to serve this cause at all levels.

Today in 2018, there is also a new challenge in the face of the cause of al-Quds and Palestine. I pointed it out a few days ago on May 25. But today, the occasion is more appropriate to ponder on it. It is a new thing in the Arab world, especially in some Gulf countries. We are seeing some of it in some Arab and international press outlets and on social media. It is a new thing not seen in the Arab world for 70 years, which means since the start of this conflict with the "Israeli" enemy. In cases of weakness, some might say that ‘we cannot confront "Israel". Let us accept the solutions and accept the presence of a state called "Israel". Al-Quds would be divided. We give a part to the "Israelis" and another to the Palestinians. The subject will end.' But in the framework of giving up, weakness, defeat and the feeling of helplessness, no one for the past 70 years presented a religious, doctrinal, philosophical or historical theorizing of this defeat.

Today, Saudi Arabia is primarily responsible for this theorizing because it started from there and then went to the United Arab Emirates and then to Bahrain. Then writers in the Arab world stared writing about it. Some said that the "Israelis" have a religious right in Palestine and al-Quds. This is a dangerous start in the cultural and religious sense as well as in the sense of religious distortion and deception. This is not related to the Palestinian cause. This is distortion and falsification of the Quran's meanings and concepts as well as the concepts of Islam.

Unfortunately today, there are those who want to protect their thrones here and there. How exactly? In our region, those who are protecting the thrones, regimes and governments are either the people or America. This is the reality. If there is a state, regime, president, or government that is intended to be overthrown, the people protect it. They take to the streets to prevent its fall. The Americans, through their threats, sanctions and pressure as well as their military campaigns can prevent the overthrow of thrones. Their people do not protect them. They are of no value to their people. America is the one protecting them. Trump himself said about some Gulf countries and some countries in the region - so as not to specify or decrease the number - that there are governments and countries in this region that will fall in a week if we [the Americans] abandon them. Those regimes know that. What do the Americans want in return for not abandoning them? The Americans want "Israel", the recognition of "Israel", al-Quds and liquidating the Palestinian cause. This is America's strategic interest. The price for preserving the thrones is liquidating the Palestinian cause. This is the equation.

How will they liquidate the Palestinian cause after they have described it as a righteous cause and an oppressed people for the last 70 years? They will resort to religious justification. They will come up with verses from the Quran and the Bible. They will resort to fatwas of the Sultan's preachers. When the government says this is haram [forbidden], the Sultan's preachers and jurists- Sayyed Khamenei was right to call them the Sultan's jurists - they will say that it is haram. They would introduce verses, narratives, evidence, inquiries and health reasons. It will be the same as with women driving [in Saudi Arabia]. For over 100 years, 70 years or 80 years, we have heard doctrinal inferences forbidding women to drive cars.

I was listening to them a while back. They have reached a point whereby if a woman drove a car, it will affect her structure and her ability to have children and so on. They did not leave out one proof. 

The Sultan saw that it is halal for a woman to drive a car; the Sultan's preachers erased all doctrinal inferences for the past 70 years. And driving a car became halal.

The same thing is happening now with the issue of Palestine and al-Quds. The same is for every small and big thing.

70 years later, they figured it out. It is strange that it took them 70 years to figure it out. For 70 years, they have been reading the Quran, day and night. For 70 years, they have been printing millions of copies of the Quran. For 70 years, they have been reading the Prophet's (peace be upon him and his companions) Hadiths and they have not figured it out. Now, they discovered that these Zionists have historical and religious rights and that al-Quds is a holy city that belongs to them the same way that Mecca and Medina are holy to them. And we should leave it to them. We already have all the holy cities. ‘O, Muslims its just one holy city, just give it to the Zionists. It is their right.' Then came the religious, historic and philosophical theorizing.

Now, I do not want to mention what they say and answer them. Neither the time nor the place allows me to do so. Even though what they have said so far is a collection of absurdities, misrepresentations and falsifications that cannot withstand the simplest meditation. But because in our Arab and Islamic world there is a type of people who are simple minded. They can be deceived especially by senior scholars, intellectuals, intellectual elites and the likes. There are people who are not simple minded but look to someone to tell them what is halal. There are many who wish that the Palestinian cause no loner exists as a burden, and that liberating Palestine and al-Quds were no longer the duty of the Muslims. ‘Now, we are done with this burden. Let us see another thing. The Sheikhs should issue us a fatwa regarding this topic.'

Today, the responsibility of the scholars, thinkers, intellectuals, the media, universities, high schools, social networking sites, study centers, and anyone with a tongue, a pen, a statement and an ability to speak is to confront this sedition, cut off its head and eliminate it at its core before this misleading, falsified and distorted thought spreads and becomes entrenched in the Arab and Islamic world. It is true that it does not have great importance, but its danger is greater when there are large sums of money, major media outlets, major universities and scholar bodies working to achieve it. This poses a challenge when it has a potential to spread in the Arab and Islamic world. This means that after several years, we will be facing a long and broad religious, intellectual and scientific debate on this issue.

This is also a challenge we must be aware of and face.

Today the bet is on International Quds Day. We are in the year 2018. We are betting on the generations. They are betting on the despair of our generations, on our generations forgetting, on the priorities of our generations being twisted and that Palestine and al-Quds cease to be the concerns of our generations in Palestine and outside of Palestine. Our battle is the battle of generations, the stance of the generations, the culture of the generations, and the presence of these generations in the battlefields if we engage in the battle and the existing conflict today. From this section, and from this angle I move to the second section. I start with second part [of my speech] which I called the resistance's strategic environment in the region.

I will talk about the strategic environment of the resistance. Throughout the year, we heard the other strategic environment maximizing and attempting to affect our morale.

During the remaining time, let me turn to the positive side, the highlights, the strengths, the positive points and the points of hope that can be pinned on in this long conflict.

First let us look at Gaza. For weeks the Palestinians in Gaza, including men, women, young and old have been heading to more than one border point in marches of return. You watch them on television as they give tens of martyrs and thousands and tens of thousands of wounded. They stand in the face of one of the strongest armies in the region. I do not want to say the strongest. This is long gone. The strongest army in the region was gone in 2000. They stand in the face of one of the strongest armies in the region. They face live ammunition and rubber bullets, tear gas and clear murder. When you talk about 3000 to 4000 wounded, you are talking about the probability of 3000 to 4000. They shoot to kill. When the bullet hits, it hits the person's shoulder, hand, leg or head. Today, we can say that there are 100 and so martyrs killed while participating in the marches of return. There are also 4000 possible martyrs, some of them suffer from wounds and others will succumb and be martyred. But we find that these Palestinians did not back down. Today under the scorching sun, they headed to the border while fasting to face death. What does this express? It expresses the utmost courage, the utmost heroism, the utmost readiness to sacrifice and the utmost faith in their cause and their right to their land and sanctities. Doesn't it? This gives the greatest point of hope because everything that is happening with the issue of Palestine depends on the position of the Palestinian people. The Gaza Strip is an essential part of the Palestinian people.

Those people represent generations. When you look at the faces, you will find old people. Correct. But the vast majority of the tens of thousands that head to the fence, to the border every Friday are the young people, young men and women. Most of the martyrs are the youth. This is a very strong point of hope, not just the fighters but also the young people. I tell you, here in Lebanon, when you ask a young person to carry a weapon and head to the frontline, he would rush to it. But if you told him to organize a demonstration, he might tell you ‘take me to the frontline. I don't want to got to the demonstration.' But when the front becomes the demonstration, and the battle becomes the challenge, you'll find them bare chested facing the live bullets. These are the generations of Gaza and the West Bank. Young men and women confronting by car, knife and by all means. These are the young people of al-Quds. Look at the worshipers today in al-Aqsa Mosque. Despite the ban on young people, there are large numbers of them participating and present.

From the Gaza Strip to the West Bank to al-Quds, to the developments in the situation in the territories of 1948 to the recent Haifa demonstrations to the Palestinian people in the camps and in the diaspora outside Palestine. All indications and proofs state that this people will not give up on al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestine and the right of return, which the point of essence. All the Palestinian people, including the factions, the people and the Palestinian authority are being subject to enormous psychological, political, moral, financial, and economical pressure to accept the deal of the century. The people of Palestine are the ones who will decide whether the deal of the century will fail or succeed because it is the first line of defense for Palestine and the nation's sanctities in Palestine. This is the main point of strength. If we were in front of a desperate people, a people who put struggle, resistance and jihad behind, and a people who looked for crumbs, it is our right to be afraid and say that it is time for this deal to succeed. But despite seventy years of displacement and dispersion inside and outside of Palestine, the sacrifices and hundreds of thousands of martyrs, and wounded, this people grows stronger, increases its presence and holds tighter to its rights. This is the most important point of hope and strength in the axis of resistance.

Outside of Palestine today, for example, look at the International Quds Day marches and commemorations, whether marches, celebrations, seminars, festivals or any form of commemorations taking place in the world.

I have two remarks:

The first remark is we have to divide the commemorations into outside the Arab world and inside the Arab world because we are going to read it politically.

Outside the Arab world: I have a long list, and this list is documented. There are movies on television and news agencies.

Outside of the Arab world, starting from Iran there are 900 demonstrations. In turkey, there are demonstrations and different events. In Pakistan, there is a large demonstration. The same in India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and several African countries. If you go to Eastern Europe, there are a large number of countries. If you head to Western Europe, there are a large number of countries that demonstrated today, including the Arab and Islamic communities in addition to some citizens of that country who showed solidarity. Since there are countries that do not allow the authorization of demonstrations except on holidays, several communities will demonstrate on Saturday and Sunday. Demonstrations also took place in a large number of Latin American and Canadian States. Outside the Arab world, the Arab and Islamic communities have a large, diverse and very important presence. Their voices reach out to the whole world.

Of course, it is of great value when people demonstrate in the streets of London, Paris, Berlin, Canada, Argentina and Brazil, and all the people and the media see the Palestinian flags and the al-Quds replicas. These Arab and Islamic communities along with others meet and support this cause. This means that this cause is alive and not dead. Why would people outside the Arab world take to the streets and protest? It is ether the governments allow it and does not have a problem, or there is democracy because there is freedom and no repression, or because the government such as Iran and Turkey adopt the stance in one form or another. Well, outside the Arab world things are good. Year after year, the participation of the communities, their attendance and solidarity in the capitals of the worlds are growing and increasing


When we come to the Arab world, allow me to tell truth. We are in the holy month of Ramadan and it is a Friday, there is no need for us to appease anyone. Today, every Arab country that falls under pressure and the whip of the American-"Israeli"- Saudi axis is not allowed to breath. They are not allowed to breath, demonstrate or to hold celebrations, seminars and gatherings. If it has to do with al-Quds or Palestine. Only those who are not under the control, whip and threats [can commemorate]. This is the truth. That is why there is nothing to see in most capitals and cities in the Arab world. It is not because it is International Quds Day, ‘forget it'. Now you can find someone who would tell you that this is the International Quds Day was announced by Imam Khomeini. So it is an Iranian day. They will find excuses not to commemorate it. When Trump declared al-Quds as the capital of "Israel", the Arab capitals would have been filled with people if left alone, but the regimes, most of the regimes have prevented them because this is a US-"Israeli"-Saudi will. It has prevented and is still preventing except for those not under the whip. When it comes to commemorations, you have to take lessons and learn from them. Today for example, Sana'a is the only Arab capital that saw massive demonstration. Is this a coincidence? Even the Arab capitals who possess clear freedom like Baghdad and Damascus. In Beirut, we did not launch a demonstration. We held a celebration in Maroun al-Ras. Let us talk about ourselves. In Sana' there was a huge popular demonstration, in Saada and in the city of Hodeida too, where the so-called Arab coalition is preparing for an American-Saudi aggression to invade the city of Hodeida. People in Hodeida demonstrated on International Quds Day and commemorated it in Sana'a, despite the hunger, disease, the siege, the bombing, the aggression and the possibility of being killed, hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets. This is normal because the Yemeni people are expressing here that they are the true people of faith. This is the true faith. The true faith is when the Arabs let you down, leave you, betray you, kill you, starve you, and besiege you, while Arab planes tear apart your children into pieces, still hundreds of thousands take to the streets to defend the Arab's primary cause: al-Quds and Palestine. This is faith, loyalty and true honesty. Those are the true Arabs, not those charlatans who kill them and shed their blood morning and night. Sana'a, Saada and Hodeida are filled with people while in other places in the Arab world no one dares to commemorate Quds Day, not through the media, not in the mosques, not on the streets, not even in a seminar. On the contrary, if someone in Saudi Arabia commemorated it, he is arrested and accused of spying for Iran, Hamas, Jihad and Hezbollah. He will be placed on the terror list and sentenced to death. The charge is ready. Isn't it like this? If it is not true, let someone say otherwise.

Doesn't this call on all the people in our Arab and Islamic world who are silent regarding the Yemeni file to reconsider their positions? This scene reflects a people under bombardment but still demonstrates for the sake of al-Quds. They do not demonstrate to smell the fresh air. They demonstrate under bombardment and death exactly like the people of Gaza. And there are countries that conspire with America and "Israel" against al-Quds and Palestine. Who are you with? Whose side are you on? Aren't all these years sufficient for some to recognize right from wrong, the oppressed and the oppressor in this matter?

Last night in Bahrain, many demonstrations filled Bahraini towns. Some were repressed. Even though the Bahraini people's leader, Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim, is in house arrest and his health situation is difficult, their scholars, leaders and thousands of young men are in prison, in addition to being repressed, killed, sentenced to death and their citizenship revoked, yet you find them present when it comes to the International Quds Day and showing solidarity with Palestine. Meanwhile, the regime in Bahrain moves on with more communication and normalization of ties with "Israel", recognizing it, and declaring that "Israel" has the right to defend itself in the Golah Heights.

Here, too, allow me to take advantage of the occasion and ask all the silent people in the Arab and Islamic worlds - in light of what is going on in Bahrain, isn't it time to realize what is right and what is wrong and who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed?

These are examples of this challenge and this responsibility. Of course, the rest of the countries such as Syria, for example, in Damascus and the Umayyad Mosque there are commemorations. In Foua and Kefraya, there are also commemorations. For years, the people have been besieged from all sides and threatened with death, annihilation and hunger. Yet they gather with their elders, children, old and young and state that despite the siege, threats and hunger, we will not abandon al-Quds. This is a point of strength.

Al-Quds and Palestine became what Imam Khomeini wanted it to be by declaring International Quds Day. It became a doctrinal cause and a cause of faith. It came out of the circle of political play and bazaar. It became a matter of faith, doctrine, humanity, truth and values. The Palestinian youth faces live bullets unarmed. People demonstrate in Sana'a under bombardment. They demonstrate in Kefraya and Foua which are besieged and starving. The resistance fighter and Mujahid give their blood in all battlefronts for the day that al-Quds and Palestine return to their people and nation.

Today, these are our generations and people. This expresses the point of strength. Today, we are talking about a strong axis of resistance. It is strong first because of its generations. There are those who are betting that these generations as some people call them are the Internet and Facebook generation. In our Arab and Islamic world, do not bet on these generations to be silent or abandon and let go of the battle.

I will say a couple of words regarding other countries. The first is Iran. Since the first day the Islamic Revolution of Iran won, it declared a firm and decisive stance regarding the Palestinian and "Israeli" issue. It has since been paying the price for this stance. I would like to simply tell you. The Islamic Republic would not have faced all this American, "Israeli", Gulf hostility if Imam Khomeini stated from the first day that since Iran is a country that has just emerged from tyrannical rule and has poor, deprived villages suffering from hunger, neglect and unemployment, that Palestine is not our business. It is not a condition to recognize "Israel". If it only stated that it did not want to have anything to do with Palestine. This cause does not concern us. Would Imam Khomeini and Iran face this great deal of hostility, complicity and conspiracy? The Islamic Republic, along with Imam Khomeini, Imam Khamenei and its dear people, has for 39 years asserted its unequivocal and firm ideological position regarding Palestine and the people of Palestine, as well as its absolute position on the issue of "Israel", its existence and the consequences of this situation.

Naturally, brothers and sisters, anyone who is hostile to Iran will find themselves an ally of "Israel". This is a natural equation. Hostility to Iran leads to the arms of "Israel", and it is a service to "Israel".

Today, our Arab and Islamic people are also concerned in not allowing the United States, "Israel" and some of the region's tools from turning Iran into an enemy. "Israel" must remain the enemy, and Palestine is the cause. Iran is the main, strong, loyal and honest supporter. This is what Imam Khamenei expressed in his latest speech. Despite all of Trump's threats of pulling out from the nuclear deal, US sanctions and the US Secretary of State's statement saying that Iran will face sanctions not seen in history, have they caused any hesitation in the Leader's, the officials', the government's, or the Iranian people's stance? Not at all. The demonstrations that filled the Iranian cities today confirm this.

Thus in our axis, there is a state, a government and people. Iran is not just a state and a government. We are supported by Iran as a leader, government, state, people, religious authorities, and a great regional power. It supports the resistance, al-Quds, the Palestinian cause and the resistance movements. It has been resilient for 39 years. It is adamant on resisting. It refuses to bow down, submit, give up, or abandon any of its rights. This is a point of strength. For all those betting - like what happened a month ago - to overthrow the Islamic government in Iran in order to get a huge shift in the strategic environment, I tell them your bets are illusions. Your bets are mirages. They do not follow Iranian media. I wanted to point out to something. But it happened that the last Laylat al-Qadr in Iran was yesterday. If they took the time or assigned some of their media to gather pictures of Laylat al-Qadr in Iran yesterday, including Mashhad, Qum, Tehran, and other cities, they would find that this people were fasting all day and staying up all night until dawn over three night reading the Quran. Listen to me carefully. They read the Quran in Arabic. They read supplications in Arabic for hours. The mother, father, children and grandchildren attend the commemoration. Is this the kind of people who would give up their religion? Their Islam? Would they abandon their Imam? Their Islamic government that they made with the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs? In what delusions are you living, what mirages? Despite this siege, Iran was growing stronger and more active internally and in the region. Some people here would come out and demonstrate. They have an excuse. Here they have a problem. All this is absorbed and did not lead to anything.

To Palestine, all the resistance movements and the axis of resistance, I tell them first that along with the generations in our nation and our axis, this great strong, resolute and determined regional power is by your side.

Second, the transformation that took place in Iraq through the past years. In 2017 and 2016, Iraq was in a real danger zone called Daesh, which was brought by the Americans, the "Israelis", Saudi Arabia and the Wahabism. The Iraqis defeated it. Today in 2018, during International Quds Day commemorations you can see those who participated in defeating Daesh take part in military parades and marches in Baghdad. The Iraqi people are electing MPs. We know the choices of the Iraqi people. The position of the religious authority in Najaf towards al-Quds and Palestine is old. It is a historic, traditional and known position since before 1984 until after Imam Mohsen al-Hakim, may God have mercy on him, to Imam Sayyid al-Khoei, may God have mercy on him, to the current and actual religious authorities. The political forces in Iraq, the Iraqi people - now I do not want to hold the official Iraqi government the position - but I know from my information and through my contacts and meetings the reality of their positions and where these people will be should there be a major battle in the region. I will conclude with this. This is a big transformation in Iraq that serves the axis of resistance and the resistance's camp. America wanted Iraq to be an occupied country. It will never be.

Syria is the central state in the axis of resistance. Syria, the pivotal state in the axis of resistance, has been subjected during the past years to a great tribulation, a global war and a world war. All the funds, weapons, means and prohibitions were utilized. Now we are in 2018, praise be to Allah. The largest and most important area of Syria is safe. The state regained its control and presence in Damascus and its surrounding. It is clear that the axis of the hostile enemy is now seeking to achieve some gains. Let me take "Israel". The men have collected some statements by "Israeli" officials from 2011 until today, including then head of state Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Netanyahu, different war ministers, intelligence chiefs and some experts. There is no more time for me to read. But since the beginning of the Syrian crisis until a few days ago, what have they been saying? I will just read the headlines. Since 2011, they have been saying that all options are better than Assad remaining in power. "Israel's" interest is in Assad's overthrow. No one in "Israel" prefers Assad to the jihadists. The downfall of Assad is a pure gain for "Israel". The fall of Assad within weeks - Ehud Barak in 2011. The decisions of the Arab League against Assad are courageous and important. We do not want defeat - this was said by the head of the "Israeli" intelligence in 2016. We defeated Daesh, the entire axis defeated Daesh in 2017-2018. In 2016, we do not want Daesh's defeat in Syria. Weakening Assad and uprooting him from power is in the direct interest of "Israel" - Yaalon in 2013. Bashar Assad's regime must be defeated.

Well, now see what the title of the battle became. I just need a few minutes. Instead of admitting defeat in Syria; instead of admitting that it lost its bets on the takfiri terrorist groups in Syria that it supported through the media, aids, air defenses, weapons, ammunition, money and everything; instead of saying that we failed in Syria and have been defeated in Syria, and this state, president and army will remain, while the groups that we have supported through the past years are gone, the "Israelis" want to change the realities of the battle. Now, Netanyahu, Lieberman and others are talking day and night that the battle in Syria is to take Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria. We agree with this battle. But aren't we done with this? We want to turn a new page. O, Zionists admit that you were defeated in Syria; that you failed to break the pillar of the resistance in the region; that your bets on the terrorist groups have gone with the wind. Admit and let us open a new page in the battle, which you titled as the exit of Iran and Hezbollah from Syria. Some Gulf countries today are considering this title. The world is heading to a new achievement that Russia will cooperate with them to get Iran and Hezbollah out of Syria. They are pinning hopes and joy, and now they will raise the bows of victory. I also tell the Gulf, some Gulf States, and the axis that fought in Syria: admit your defeat. Then we will talk about a new title for the battle. There is not much time for me to speak in details. But I want to say a couple of words in the subject of Hezbollah so that no one assumes that there is a battle, and they are going to achieve victory in a battle.

On the subject of Hezbollah, brothers and sisters, when we went to Syria, we went for two reasons. That is a reason made up of two parts. The first part is our vision, our understanding and our belief that what is happening in Syria is a major conspiracy targeting the Syrian people and the Syrian state. It is also targeting the resistance axis. If Syria falls into the hands of its enemies and into the hands of the Takfiris, disaster will befall Lebanon, Palestine and the resistance. We have said this seven years ago. This is the first part. The second part, is what took us to Syria is a request and approval from the Syrian leadership and the Syrian government.

When we went to Syria, we did not have our own project. ‘Hezbollah is going to Syria to fight so that later they will have a share in the Syrian government or in the Syrian parliament or to interfere in the Syrian political or governmental affairs, or it wants a share in the Syrian economy... In all honesty, we did not have our own project in Syria. Now, we are in 2018 and Syria is celebrating its victories. I tell everyone, friend and foe, Hezbollah does not have a special project in Syria at all. We are in Syria because we have to be. The Syrian leadership asked us to be present according to the developments on the battlefield. There is nothing related to Hezbollah. The Iranians will speak for themselves. I don't want to appoint myself as an official spokesperson unless they asked me to explain in Arabic. This is a fake battle. When the objective is accomplished, we will regard that as a triumph from a position of who participated according to their size. But we are not talking about sizes. We have participated in the great Syrian victory in the global war. When Syria becomes safe, the rest of the terrorist and armed groups fall, when those who have their own projects despair, we will consider that we have accomplished the mission. Despite that, this is something I am saying in the media, and we told President Bashar Assad and the Syrian leadership, there is no problem. According to data from the battlefield and Syria's national interests, if the Syrian leadership sees that Hezbollah should not be present at any time, place or area, we have no problem. We do not feel defeated by anyone. We will be happy. Let the Gulf countries know this. Let "Israel" know this. When we bring back our men, young men and brothers to Lebanon, to their villages and families, we will be happy and victorious. We will feel like we have accomplished the mission. Therefore, we do not have a battle in Syria called to keep us in or get us out of there. Our duty and the Syrian leadership are what is keeping us there. But at the same time, I would like to tell you that if the whole world agreed to force us out of Syria, it will not be able to. There is only one situation, which is if the Syrian leadership told us ‘guys, we appreciate it. They [the Syrians] are grateful in all occasions. You can stop fighting in this area. You can leave.' How many men do we have to take to Syria? Thus, no one should assume that there is a battle. It is all up to the Syrian leadership in addition to the diagnosis of the situation on the field, the national security interests, and Syria's position now in fighting the great conspiracy against it.

Dear brothers and sisters, we, in Lebanon will bear all the pressures and the terror lists. We spoke about Lebanon a lot as well as the "Israeli" threats. On 25 May, I spoke. There is no need to return to this subject. But on International Quds Day, I want to tell the "Israelis", the Palestinians and the people of the world, we absolutely believe that al-Quds and the Palestinian cause are just causes. From a Quranic, faith and ideological position, in addition to history laws and readings on the future, we believe that al-Quds will return to its people. Palestine will be free. Netanyahu's fallacies will not work.

Yesterday, Netanyahu said that Imam Khamenei wants to re-enrich uranium to make a nuclear weapon and kill 6 million Jews in occupied Palestine. These are lies. First of all, Iran does not want to produce a nuclear weapon. Second, no one wants to kill 6 million Jews in occupied Palestine. Our speech, the Palestinian people's speech, the Arab and Islamic people's speech and even Islam's speech, I can claim that this is Islam's speech, and the resistance's speech is we do not want to kill. We do not want to destroy.

We do not want to throw anyone into the sea. We tell you with all civility, take your ships, board your planes and return to the countries you came from. The native Jews who are the people of Palestine remain in Palestine. However, the invaders, the settlers who came from all over the world leave. This is the message of Islam, the message of the resistance and the message of the people of the region. No one is going to make a new Holocaust like what Netanyahu said. But if you insist on the occupation, I tell you the day of the great war in this region will come. It will be the day that all of us will pray in al-Quds. We are waiting for that day. A positive waiting. Preparatory waiting. The true faithful waiting. Good-bye. Peace and God's mercy and blessing be upon you.

Source: Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by website team