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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of July in 1997...

Islamic Resistance Performs 78 Operations in July, 1997

The resistance squadrons performed 89 operations in July, 87 operations among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. The Islamic-Resistance operations actually resulted in the death of an "Israeli" major and the injury of three "Israeli" soldiers, in addition to the death of two Lahd militiamen and the injury of twelve others, the occupation sources acknowledged. On the other hand, two Islamic-Resistance fighters were martyred.

Resistance Strikes Convoy of Lahd's "Battalion 20" Chief, July 2, 1997

Lying in ambush on Heidab-Sidon Route, the Islamic-Resistance fighters machine-gunned the convoy of the Lahd Militia's "Battalion 20" Chief Emile Nasr. However, the ambush was only meant to direct the convoy to another; approximately two hours and a half later, the Resistance fighters blasted the convoy, which had by now reached Haytoura-Dhahr ar-Ramleh Route.

The massive blast actually wounded Agent Nasr as well as three of the senior Lahd officers escorting him. Here below are the agents' résumés offered by the Islamic Resistance:

Emile Yusuf Nasr:
-Born in al-Aychieh in 1958
-Identity-card number: 62
He held the ranks of battalion chief and marshal. Having undergone several military sessions in the Zionist entity, he was promoted to major general in 1996.
Nasr, the brother of "Battalion 10" Chief Asaad Nasr (also killed in an Islamic-Resistance operation), had escaped several of the Islamic Resistance's attempts to kill him.

Elias Yusuf Moussa:

-Born in 1970
Earlier, Moussa joined the Lahd Militia in 1987 and underwent several military sessions. Promoted to the rank of first lieutenant, he was in charge of al-Borj Brigade (205) corresponding to "Battalion 20".

Talid Abdullah Khouri:

-Born in Bkessine in 1971
Holding the rank of lieutenant, Khouri was in charge of "Battalion 20" Operation Chamber.
He joined the Lahd Militia in 1988. Promoted afterwards, he served as a trainer in "Camp al-Majidiyeh" and performed several military and security missions.
On the 18th of April, 1994, the Lebanese judiciary issued an arrest warrant claiming Khouri for collaboration with the Zionist entity.

Though neither the Zionists nor the Lahd Militia made an acknowledgement as to the operation first, their sources later acknowledged the fatality of agent Nasr's escort Antoine Elias, the severe wounding of Nasr, and the wounding of agent Moussa and Khouri.
Responding to the turmoil created in Jezzine after the series of executions of Lahd militiamen the Islamic Resistance had performed, Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed, "Whomever the Resistance blasts is an agent. We do not kill civilians! The Islamic-Resistance fighters do not randomly implant any explosives anywhere in the occupied borderline, but rather they plan really well for the operation, and they do know who the driver and the passengers of the car are.

So we do not mistakenly kill anyone; we know who we kill. We're actually ready to offer enough information on the conduct of the agents killed to anyone doubting this.
I reiterate the Islamic Resistance recognizes every man, woman, and child living in the occupied borderline as precious ones whose safety is ultimately important."

Resistance Commences Katyusha Counterstrike, July 3, 1997

On the 3rd of July, 1997, the Resistance commenced a Katyusha counterstrike against seven Zionist-Lahd sites in the occupied borderline.
Earlier, the enemy had shelled Kfartibnit Town.
Among the sites bombarded with the three sets of Katyusha rockets were al-Abbad Site and ad-Demashkiyeh Site located only several hundreds of meters away from the borders with occupied Palestine.

On the 6th of July, 1997, the Resistance artillerists struck again, launching seven Katyusha rockets in three sets against the Zionist sites of Blat, Birket Reesheh, and az-Zaffata.
Also on the 15th of July, 1997, the Islamic-Resistance artillerists launched several sets of Katyusha rockets against the enemy sites of Birket Reesheh, Blat, and ad-Demashkiyeh, razing them.
A few hours afterwards, the Resistance artillerists launched two sets of Katyusha rockets against the enemy sites of Birket Reesheh and ad-Demashkiyeh.

Operation Sojod, July 6, 1997

Having chivalrously attacked a Zionist force in the surroundings of Sojod Site, the Islamic-Resistance fighters violently clashed with the occupation soldiers. Consequently, the enemy's helicopters combed the combat zone to cover the evacuation of casualties.

Only two hours after the operation, another followed: Having sneaked into Sojod Site from the north side, the Resistance fighters' barrage struck Zionist reinforcements about to enter the site.
A Zionist military spokesman in occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem) acknowledged the operation had killed an "Israeli" major and wounded a Lahd militiaman.

Two Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in July, 1997

-Martyr Mohsen Fneish, martyred on July 7, 1997

-Martyr Mahmoud Hussein Suleiman, martyred on July 7, 1997