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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of June in 1997...

Islamic Resistance Performs 71 Operations in June, 1997

The different resistance squadrons performed 80 operations in June, 71 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. According to the enemy's acknowledgement, the Islamic-Resistance operations made the "Israeli" enemy suffer the death of a soldier and the injury of 5 others; as well, the Lahd Militia suffered the death of 2 militiamen and the injury of 2 others.

Resistance Executes "Battalion 20" Maintenance Chief Yusuf George an-Nammour, June 18, 1997

On the 18th of June, 1997, the Islamic Resistance blasted the car of "the Twentieth-Battalion Maintenance" Chief Yusuf George an-Nammour, who was on Dahr-ar-Ramleh-Jezzine Route. An-Nammour and another agent serving at "Battalion 20 Operation Chamber" were immediately killed.

On the same day, the Islamic Resistance blasted a Lahd car on Bkessine-Jezzine Route. The blast resulted in the death of two security officers of the Lahd Militia, one of who was First Lieutenant Nimr an-Nammour, who had been in charge of Jezzine's "security". The Islamic Resistance has offered the following résumés of the agents' lives:

-Toni an-Nammour, known as Nimr an-Nammour:

He was born in Baysur, and he became in charge of "the Jezzine Commissionaire of the Unraveled Lebanese Forces". In 1983, he joined the security system of the Lahd Militia, serving as lieutenant. An-Nammour arrested and oppressed many disarmed citizens.
Well-known for his "great loyalty" to the "Israeli" enemy, he received security sessions and was trained by "Israeli"-intelligence officers in the Zionist entity. The last of his responsibilities was to work for the "Israeli" "Shin Bet (the Shabak)"; he became in charge of Jezzine, and several secret agents there worked under his command.

-Claude Majid Khalil:

He was born in Baysur in 1961. He was one of the security-system officers of Jezzine, and he spent most of his time on Bater-Jezzine Crossing Point. Khalil transported many spies to the Zionist entity, where they met "Israeli"-intelligence officers.
The grudge he showed the Lebanese civilians made them despise him.
After the Islamic-Resistance operations had targeted the senior agents, he tried to leave the occupied region through different airports; however, he changed his mind when the "Israeli" enemy made "interesting offers" to him.

In order to conceal their casualties, the agents' channel has reported that on the 26th of June, 1997, two Lahd militiamen died "when they were electrically shocked" in Aramta's outskirts. The channel mentioned no further details.
For its part, the enemy's channel has reported that 5 "Israeli" soldiers, the condition of one of whom was critical, were wounded in the south of Lebanon on "the 8th" of June, 1997 when "their armored vehicle flipped" in al-Aychieh Region. Also, the enemy's channel stated that 2 other soldiers were injured in "a car accident" near al-Motelleh Settlement by the borders.

Operation Haddatha, June 15, 1997

While an infantry patrol of "the "Israeli" Givati Brigade", backed by an "Israeli" Merkava tank, was performing ground combing near Haddatha Town, the Islamic-Resistance fighters blasted it.
Thus, the tank was damaged, and its electronic systems were deactivated. This prevented its crew from getting off it, and it took the enemy several hours to rescue the crew.

The "Israeli" military censorship totally concealed the results of the operation; yet, certain security sources mentioned that 3 soldiers were wounded in the bombing. Two days later, the enemy's media reported that a soldier called "Jacob Algamis" had been killed in the operation and 3 others had been wounded.
"The blast twisted the tank's back door, which became impossible to open," stated a report of the "Israeli" "Channel One", "which prevented the rescue team arriving later from opening the door. Eventually a part of the tank was bombed, and the trapped soldiers got off the tank through the hole made."

As for the "Israeli" "Channel Two", it reported, "The blast stooped the tank's electric systems from working. The back door was locked, preventing the soldiers from saving themselves."
Upon the statement of senior officers of "the Northern Command", "Channel Two" reported that it took special rescue teams arriving later more than two hours to rescue the four soldiers trapped on the tank.

Four Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in June, 1997

-Bassil Alaa Eddine: He was martyred on the 1st of June, 1997 by an "Israeli" airstrike against al-Qaysiyeh Valley.

-Yusuf Ismail Mahdi: He was martyred on the 26th of June, 1997 by an "Israeli" airstrike against the outskirts of Nabaa at-Tasseh (Literally: "at-Tasseh Creek").
-Zuheir Qobeissi: He was martyred on the 30th of June, 1997 while confronting then enemy forces in the outskirts of Zawtar and Mayfadoun.
Ismail Hassan Younes: He was martyred on the 30th of June while confronting "Israeli" forces in Hafour Daraya Region.