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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of April in 1997...

Resistance Squadrons Perform 44 Operations against Zionists, Agents in April, 1997

This April, the resistance squadrons performed 44 operations against the "Israeli" occupation forces and the Lahd Militia; 40 of these operations were performed by the Islamic Resistance.
The operations resulted in the injury of 2 "Israeli" soldiers and 10 Lahd militiamen, as well as the fatality of 5 Lahd militiamen, the Zionists have acknowledged.
The Resistance, however, has announced the injury of 2 "Israeli" soldiers and 13 Lahd militiamen, in addition to the fatality of 5 Lahd militiamen.

Operation Teir Harfa-al-Jabeen, April 1, 1997

Using firearms and artillery, the fighters bombarded an M-113 half-track on Teir Harfa-al-Jabeen Route. As a result, a Lahd patroller was killed, and five others were wounded, two among whom were in a critical condition.

Operation at-Taybeh-al-Kantara, April 9, 1997

The Islamic Resistance fighters bombed an explosive they had implanted on at-Taybeh-al-Kantara Route while four Lahd militiamen were on their vehicle. The enemy has acknowledged their injury.

Froun-al-Ghandouriyeh Confrontation, April 15, 1997

As a Zionist force progressed towards al-Ghandouriyeh at 2:30 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance fighters heroically confronted this force along Froun-al-Ghandouriyeh axis. The confrontations, lasting for more than an hour and a half, martyred two fighters.
Furthermore, the Islamic Resistance foiled a terrorism act against the civilians; some Islamic-Resistance patrollers detected an explosive bomb the "Israelis" had implanted between the residential neighborhoods of al-Ghandouriyeh Town. The group of the Islamic-Resistance Enginery Unit blasted it right away.

Hizbullah Representative in South Lebanon Sheikh Nabil Qaouk emphasized during the funeral of martyr Ali Nazzal and martyr Ahmad Alayan that the Islamic Resistance would never leave the Zionist enemy in peace as long as the occupation continued.
As well, Sheikh Qaouk revealed that the Islamic-Resistance experts could now technically guarantee their Katyusha rockets could strike the "Israeli" settlements in spite of the enemy's claim regarding the presence of anti-rocket arms.

Resistance Executes Agent Asaad Nammour, April 20, 1997

This month, the Islamic Resistance has performed an operation series against senior Lahd militiamen of "the Twentieth Battalion" in Jezzine.
The Resistance fighters bombed an explosive they had implanted in the car of "the Armory Chief of the Twentieth Battalion" Asaad Nammour (30 years old), killing him.

While the officer in charge of "the Twentieth Battalion" Superintendent Raymond Abu Mrad, accompanied by three Lahd militiamen, was heading to the operation zone to inspect the incident, the Resistance fighters bombed another explosive on Jezzine-Bkessine Route. Thus, Abu Mrad was wounded, and his militiaman, Hussein Ahmad Fakih (nicknamed "Fadi"; 35 years old), was killed.
Panicking, the officer in charge of "the Twentieth Battalion Emergency Unit", Marshal Joseph Melhem Karam (nicknamed "Alloush"), had a car accident and was injured.
The agents' channel has acknowledged the casualties aforementioned.

Islamic Resistance Launches Katyusha Rockets, April 25, 1997

On April 25, 1997, the Islamic Resistance launched Katyusha rockets, a few hours after the occupation forces had bombarded the outskirts of Kfartibnit Town and wounded Lebanese civilians.
Actually, the Islamic Resistance launched the Katyusha rockets against al-Abbad Site, Blat Site, and ad-Demashkiyeh cannonade emplacements, which lay on the borders with occupied Palestine.

The enemy has acknowledged the injury of only two "Israeli" soldiers. The Katyusha bombardment, however, clearly implied that the Islamic Resistance would certainly counterattack the "Israeli" settlements in occupied Palestine in case "Israel" further breeched "the April Agreement", which stated civilians' protection.

Two Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in April 1997

This month, two fighters, Ali Nazzal and Ahmad Alayan were martyred while confronting the occupation forces along the axis of Froun-al-Ghandourieh in the South.