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Berri: Adhering to Resistance, Army Red Line

Berri: Adhering to Resistance, Army Red Line
folder_openSayyed Moussa Sadr access_time10 years ago
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Local Editor

Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri stressed Wednesday that "the issue of resistance" against Israel is "not up for discussion."

During a mass rally held in Baalbek to mark the 33rd anniversary of the disappearance of Imam Moussa Sadr and his two companions, Speaker Berri accused Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi of assassinating "national unity, African unity and Arab unity."

"We have told our brothers, the Libyan revolutionaries that sadness is still reigning over Lebanon due to the mystery still shrouding the case of the abduction of the imam and his two companions. We have asked them to interrogate the officials of the ousted regime and I appreciate the remarks of the NTC chief (Mustafa Abdul Jalil), who said that the Sadr case is a priority," Berri noted.

"We have asked the government to form a committee on Libya. Three years ago, a judge had issued an arrest warrant for Gadhafi, but due to the vacancies in the Judicial Council's board, a council session was never held, that's why we urge the government to expedite the case and the bring the criminals to justice by appointing a new Judicial Council chief," the Lebanese speaker advised.

"We are confident that the (Libyan) regime's officials will be put on trial and we are yearning for the moment of truth," said Berri.

Concerning the domestic affairs, Speaker Berri assured adhering to the Resistance arms, especially that during the past decades, the South was abandoned and left vulnerable before the "Israeli" enemy's greed and aggressions.

"We will keep holding onto the magical recipe (army-people-resistance equation). We won't commit to anything other than a defense strategy, because it is unacceptable that we be stripped of our weapons as "Israel" violates (U.N. Security Council Resolution) 1701," the house speaker added.

"It is unacceptable to harm the army, unless you want to get rid of the army and the resistance," Berri added, addressing the rival March 14 camp.
Moreover, Berri renewed the call for national dialogue "under the umbrella of the Taef Accord, which is not a commitment to sectarianism but rather to coexistence."

He also vowed to "seek the implementation of the Taef Accord; the formation of the committee on abolishing political sectarianism; the adoption of the laws on proportional representation and administrative decentralization; the creation of a planning ministry; the strengthening of the army, judiciary, state institutions and municipalities; and the boosting of the Lebanese expats' role."

On the Syrian issue, Berri assured Lebanon supports the Syrian people and regime, and accused some parties in involvement in a foreign conspiracy against Syria. He also noted that these parties have dedicated their media outlets to launch attacks against Syria and Iran.