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Speaker Berri Clarifies to Chaves Gaddafi’s Criminal Character, Crime Committed Against Lebanon

Speaker Berri Clarifies to Chaves Gaddafi’s Criminal Character, Crime Committed Against Lebanon
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Local Editor

Lebanese Speaker of Parliament sent a letter to Venezuelan President Hugo Chaves, in which Berri explained to Chaves the crimes committed by Libyan President Moammar Gaddafi.

In this context, Berri referred to Gaddafi's crime he committed against Lebanon, which is the kidnapping of Sayyed Moussa As-Sader and his companions Sheikh Mohammad Yaakoub, and journalist Abbass Badreddine in Libya.

In the letter, Berri stated, "The rage and revolution of the Libyan people are nothing but an expression of complaint from the oppression practiced on those who were ruled by Moammar Gaddafi". He added that Gaddafi's prisons are still full of thousands of innocent Libyans, and is accused of murdering a great deal of his people.

"His crimes exceeded the borders of his country, and he already had committed a blatant human crime by kidnapping a great national leader, who is Sayyed Moussa As-Sader, after he [Gaddafi] sent him a peaceful invitation to visit Libya with his companions Sheikh Mohammad Yaakoub and journalist Abbass Badreddine on 31-8-1978", Berri stated in his letter.

In the same letter, Berri considered that this crime committed against Lebanon and its people, is now filed before the most supreme courts in Lebanon, adding that March 4, 2011, will be the day in which this issue will be tackled, after an indictment was issued against Moammar Gaddafi and a group of his assistants.

Lebanese Speaker pointed out that Moammar Gaddafi is also responsible of several well known criminal acts in several Arab and Foreign countries, in addition to crimes against the people of his country, who are still suffering his regime.

Speaker Nabih Berri ended his letter saying that through his letter, he aimed at clarifying the criminal character of this figure [Moammar Gaddafi]. He further hoped Venezuela would support the Libyan nation's unity, and help Lebanon in finding the truth about Sayyed Moussa As-Sader's case.