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Libyan Minister Impersonated As Imam Sadr in Rome, Then Assassinated

Libyan Minister Impersonated As Imam Sadr in Rome, Then Assassinated
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Local Editor

Libyan Leader Muammar Al Gadhafi's lies are only exposed more as more stories related to his statements surface, out of which are those related to the abduction of Sayyed Moussa Sadr.
In this context, Najib Mohammad Aghribil, the nephew of Libyan Minister commissioned to Lebanon revealed that on the 1st eve of the civil war, his Uncle Saleh Zayed Abdel Karim impersonated as Sayyed Moussa Al Sadr traveled to Roma to fabricate evidence that lead to a conclusion that Imam Moussa Sadr had left Libya to Rome, but he was liquidated by his (Gadhafi's) personal assistant.

Aghrabil also said that four years to the disappearance of Imam Moussa, particularly in the summer of 1982, right before the "Israeli" invasion to Lebanon, the security office of Gadhafi ordered Abdel Karim to impersonate as Imam Moussa Sadr and travel to Rome.
Aghrabil added "My uncle, in one of his meetings with a security general, who was his friend, said that the security office has given him an easy mission in Rome but he did not want to execute it even though it was easy. But he reiterated he is forced to accomplish the mission. Only days after he left Tripoli, Saleh ZAyed Abdel Karim returned but in a coffin. 

"Gadhafi's wife, Safiyah, a few generals and officers came to console us, after an officer had called and said that my uncle died in Rome," Aghrabil sad adding "but only two hours after the coffin was brought home, sudden unease came up as one of Abdel Karim's sons entered the house and said he got information that assures his father was assassinated in Rome rather than simply died. He said they had found a fake bear, eyeglasses, and a religious outfit in his father's room in the hotel he stayed at in Rome." 

He continued "We tried to open the coffin, but it was a locked iron box. We tried again to open the steely box but when the security men heard the clatter they entered the room, prevented us from opening the coffin and forced us to bury it."
Aghrabil said he believes the Libyan regime tried to fabricate evidence implying that Imam Sadr left Libya. "The regime has its methods and strategies that you can never even think of. But obviously, in the case of Imam Moussa Sadr, the Libyan regime was very confused," he concluded.