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“Israel” to End North Ghajar Occupation

“Israel” to End North Ghajar Occupation
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Local Editor

The "Israeli" prime minister's security cabinet has finally agreed to the withdrawal of troops from parts of Ghajar village on the Lebanese border, ending a decades-long occupation.

In a Wednesday vote, Benyamin Netanyahu's security cabinet passed the northern Ghajar pullout, saying that control of the northern part of the village will be handed over to a UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

The plan divides the village, which lies between southern Lebanon and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, into two. While the northern part will be governed by UNIFIL, the southern part will remain under "Israeli" control.

Tel Aviv, however, has not mentioned a date for the withdrawal and the "Israeli" Foreign Ministry is to coordinate a withdrawal date with UNIFIL.

On the same note, official spokesman of UNIFIL in south Lebanon Niraj Singh said that the UNIFIL General Alberto Asartra has been just contacted by the "Israeli" foreign ministry following which the "Israeli" mini-cabinet decided in principle to facilitate UNIFIL's redeployment tasks by withdrawing from the northernmost tip of the village of Al Ghajar near the Blue Line.

Singh however indicated that a precise date for withdrawal has not yet been fixed by the "Israeli" side.