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Nahhas: "Israel" Violated Telecommunication Networks Easily With Espionage Agents Help

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Local Editor

Lebanese Minister of Telecommunication Charbel Nahhas confirmed that the confirmed firms are working to make sure that "Israel" will not be able to wiretap the Lebanese telecommunications after it violated it.

In this context, Nahhas clarified that "Israel" was able to monitor and control the Lebanese telecommunication network easily with the help of its espionage agents.

In a press conference he held in the Ministry of Telecommunication, Nahhas referred that the decision to condemn the "Israeli" violation of the Lebanese communication sector in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Conference is considered to be a victory for Lebanon.

Minister Nahhas also referred to the importance of awareness in light of the telecommunications sector's role on different levels, including security breaches.

Furthermore, Charbel Nahhas added that Lebanon has witnessed a group of "Israeli" violations of its communication system in the past few years, especially after the victory of July 2006 war.

Nahhas explained that the "Israeli" enemy works on violating the telecommunication sector through espionage and sending messages that aim at triggering incitements, stressing on the importance of maintaining national security against these threats.

In the same field, Minister of Telecommunication said that the ITU's request to condemn the "Israeli" violations was faced by the objection of some sides that were trying to refuse condemning the enemy.

Minister Nahhas praised the Lebanese delegation's role they did in the ITU conference in confronting all voices that were against condemning "Israel" of the violations.