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MP Fadlallah: US Will Never Succeed in Weakening the Resistance

MP Fadlallah: US Will Never Succeed in Weakening the Resistance
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Local Editor

Loyalty to the Resistance Parliamentary Bloc MP Hassan Fadlallah called upon some sides in Lebanon, stressing that there is no solution for the Lebanese crisis but through patriotic resolution, and stepping away from the US-"Israeli" scheme which is still aiming at triggering incitement in Lebanon.

MP Fadlallah revealed that there is constant cooperation with internal political forces, in addition to Arab cooperation and regional, through what the Islamic Republic of Iran is presenting in the context of finding solutions for Lebanon's crisis.

Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Fadlallah wondered whether the US would allow any accusation against "Israel" as a result of the investigations.

"If the US wanted to investigate, prosecute, accuse and judge, then would it possibly accuse its ally; the Zionist entity?" MP Fadlallah wondered.

In the same context, MP Hassan Fadlallah confirmed that those bargaining on weakening the resistance through false accusation should think again, for the resistance has surpassed more dangerous and tougher circumstances and schemes of what the US is planning.

MP Fadlallah further added that they will not succeed in weakening the resistance, yet they will try and trigger incitements between the Lebanese.

On another hand, MP Hassan Fadlallah considered that the US wanted to prove its power in Lebanon after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's historic visit to Lebanon, which illustrated the depth of the Lebanese-Iranian relations.