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Hizbullah Condemns ’Israeli’ Cabinet Meeting in Occupied Golan Heights

Hizbullah Condemns ’Israeli’ Cabinet Meeting in Occupied Golan Heights
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Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah condemns the brazen move by the enemy's leadership marked by holding a meeting of its apartheid cabinet in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. It also condemns the "Israeli" PM Benjamin Netanyahu's statements that accompanied this move.

Hizbullah Condemns ’Israeli’ Cabinet Meeting in Occupied Golan Heights

This move reaffirms the Zionist aggression against our nation and people as it provides a proof on this entity's expansionist nature.

It further highlights that dealing with it cannot be except via the use of all means of resistance, on top of which is the popular uprising as what happened in Golan on Sunday to protest against the enemy cabinet's session.

Nonetheless, this move by the Zionists confirms their quest for permanent intervention in the Syrian affairs, seeking to divide Syria, annexing the occupied Golan and keeping a grasp over Syria, directly or indirectly via cooperation with the forces of terrorism and Takfirism.

We, in this context, question the Arab League and Arab states' stance regarding this attack on the sovereignty and unity of the Arab countries.

This comes as some of these countries do not cease to sow discord and hatred as they continue to support the terrorists militarily, financially, politically and intellectually, so as to achieve the goals of the new Zionist aggression and its objectives.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relation, Translated and Edited by website team