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Syrian Army in Al-Quseir’s Strategic City
Local Editor

Syrian troops entered the center of the Quseir on Sunday, seizing the town's main square and its municipality building, a military source said.

"The Syrian army controls Quseir main square in the center of the city, and the surrounding buildings, including the municipality building," the source told AFP.
Meanwhile, al-Ahed news reported that "the Syrian Arab Army succeeded in controlling the wireless communications system of the armed groups.

"The Army also controlled the center of the city's railroad as well as the School of Industry," it added.
"Our valiant troops have restored security and stability to the Quseir municipality building and surrounding buildings and are continuing to hunt down terrorists in the town," state television said.

In parallel, al-Ahed revealed that the armed militants' losses amounted to 500 killed and wounded, including field officials.
"The militants are sending calls of help," it mentioned.
The Syrian has made the recapture of Quseir, in central Homs province, a key objective, in part because of the town's strategic location between the capital Damascus and the coast.

Last week, a military source said the army dropped leaflets on Quseir, warning civilians to flee ahead of an operation, but activists denied this and said there was no safe way out anyway.
The Armed Forces destroyed large numbers of tunnels used by the terrorists to carry out their terrorist acts and hide their weaponry and equipment in them.
The army also seized huge amounts of weapons and ammunition and dismantled dozens of explosive devices planted by the terrorists on the roads and in the buildings.

We struck from several fronts - south, east and northeast," a soldier told state television from Quseir.
He spoke of violent fighting and said the army quickly seized the southern part of town, the town hall and nearby buildings, and advanced on the outskirts of the western sector of Quseir.

"The armed men fled toward the northern sector but we are also advancing on that area to eradicate all armed presence," the soldier said.

He said that "100 armed men were killed" in the operation during which troops had to defuse mines and bombs placed by rebels at the gates of the city.

Source: News Agencies, Translated and Edited by

20-05-2013 | 08:37

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