Alahednews Alahednews Lebanon’s Aoun on Beirut Port Blast Anniv.: Everyone Whose Involvement Is Proven Will Be Held Accountable “Let justice go all the way in probe and trials, till facts are revealed and till the desired justice is served”. France’s Macron Seeks $350m in Donor Aid for Blast-Scarred Lebanon French President Emmanuel Macron aims to raise at least $350 million in emergency aid for Lebanon. Lebanon’s Aoun Tells Judiciary Not to Fear Immunities, Urges Peaceful Aug. 4 Anniv. The Lebanese President also called for Wednesday’s commemorations to be “responsible”. On Anniv. of Beirut Port Explosion, Hezbollah Urges Exclusion of National Issue from Attrition and Interests Hezbollah recalls the suffering of the Lebanese and urges the revelation of the facts reagrding the August 4 Beirut port explosion. Lebanese President Refuses to Order Beirut Blast-related Dismissals The probe has so far yielded the arrest of at least 25 individuals. It has yet to make public any of its findings. Lebanon Issues Arrests Warrants for Owner, Captain of Beirut Port Blast Ship Russia’s national Interpol bureau declined to comment. Search for Nine Missing in Beirut Blast Ongoing: Lebanese Army The nine missing people include seven Lebanese and two Syrians, the Army said in a statement. Over Half of Lebanon’s Population Risk Facing Food Crisis Following Beirut Blast - UN On August 4, a colossal explosion, the biggest ever to hit the Middle East, killed at least 188 people. Some 6,000 were injured. Iran Remains Ready to Continue Assisting Lebanon Dozens of people are still missing, and at least 300,000 people have been displaced as a result of the huge blast. Only Lebanese Government, People Decide Their Country’s Fate, Future - Zarif Lebanon will successfully weather the crisis in the same way that it emerged victorious against the Zionist enemy, Zarif added. Beirut Port Tragedy: UN Says 178 Killed, 30 Still Missing The blast has changed the face of the capital and forced the government to resign. Lebanese Parliament OKs Extending State of Emergency The session began with a minute of silence in respect for the victims of the blast. WHO Says Dozens of Hospitals in Blast-struck Beirut ’Non-Operational’ The WHO warned that the safety guidelines for COVID-19 coronavirus were not adhered to in some of the healthcare sites it had inspected. NYT: US Contractor Knew of Explosive Material in Beirut Since at Least 2016 The blast fueled widespread anger at Lebanon’s political elite and led to the resignation of the government on Monday. Lebanon Cabinet Resigns, Will Remain as Caretaker Government “I announce the resignation of my government ... May God protect Lebanon,” Diab said during a televised address to the Lebanese. Iran Slams Moves to Use Beirut Blast as Tool for Political Aims The Lebanese nation with the help of their resistance can breeze through the current situation. Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Latest Developments on August 7, 2020 The port of Haifa is Hezbollah’s responsibility because it is part of the deterrence equation and the defense strategy of Lebanon. Rouhani Hails World Solidarity with Lebanon after Beirut Port Blast The huge blast on Tuesday left at least 158 people dead and thousands of others wounded and in need of medical assistance. Beirut Explosion: Ship That Carried Explosive Cargo Sunk Near Ground Zero, Satellite Photos Show Photos have emerged of the abandoned ship that transported the volatile cargo that exploded in the port of Beirut. Sayyed Nasrallah: Hezbollah Has Nothing to Do with Beirut Port, The Resistance is Greater than Being Attacked by Liars His Eminence called on the “Lebanese people to hold accountable the media channels that instigated and sought to push the country into the edge of c Islamic Health Society: Adhering to Our Humanitarian Role, We Were Present in the Stricken Area In compliance with the Lebanese army’s decision the Society decided to stop its operations there. Suspicious Move of US Navy Boeings Day Before Beirut Blast Security analysts believe this is unprecedented. ‘Immediate Humanitarian Assistance’ Mobilized in Force, To Support Beirut After Deadly Blast The explosions caused an estimated 140 fatalities, 5,000 injuries and hundreds still missing. WFP To Scale Up Food Security in Lebanon As Blast Destroys Capital’s Port Even before the explosion, food security in Lebanon was a cause of serious concern. Sayyed Nasrallah to Tackle Latest Developments at 17:30 Beirut Time Follow al-Ahed News platforms for live coverage in English.