Alahednews Alahednews Australia Blames Foreign Governments for Cyberattack on Lawmakers Australian PM said that during the hacker attack on the parliamentary computer network the databases of political parties were breached. What is Behind Thailand and Bahrain’s «Close Ties»? Questions are raised over Thailand and Bahrain’s “close ties” as Hakeem al-Araibi’s detention continues. Cave Diving Heroes Call for Bahraini Footballer’s Release from Thai Prison The cave divers who rescued a Thai football team called for Bahraini footballer Hakeem al-Araibi’s release from Thai prison. Australia: Floods Kill Hundreds of Thousands of Cattle Hundreds of thousands of cattle weakened from a severe drought are feared to have died. Philippine’s Duterte Suggests Church Bombing Was «Suicide» Attack Duterte said the twin explosions that killed 20 people in a church may have been a suicide attack. Myanmar Suggests Downsizing, Relocation of Dam that Frayed China Ties Myanmar official suggested the downsizing or relocation of the dam that frayed China ties. Malaysia Defiant Despite Being Stripped Of Paralympic Event over Its Resistance “A country has the right to keep its borders closed to certain people, that’s why borders are there.” Human Rights Situation in Myanmar Deteriorating, UN Warns The UN warned of the deteriorating human rights situation in Myanmar. Indonesia: Death Toll from Floods, Landslides Climbs To 59 Floods and landslides hitting Indonesia killed at least 59 people, the government said Friday, after heavy rain pounded Sulawesi Island and forced tho Indonesia: Overflowing Dam Kills at Least 30, Force Thousands to Flee An overflowing dam in Indonesia killed at least 30 people and forced thousands to flee their villages, authorities said on Thursday. Mahathir Says «Israel» Is «Criminal Country», Bans Athletes from Entering Malaysia Mahathir banned “Israeli” swimmers from participating in a tournament and called “Israel” a “criminal country”. Putin, Abe Hold Summit to Break Island Impasse Russia and Japan’s leaders meet for talks in Moscow over the disputed island chain. Mindanao Referendum: Filipino Muslims Vote to Seek Autonomous Region Muslims in the southern Philippines are voting in a referendum on the proposed creation of an autonomous region. Lavrov Says Russia and Japan Far From Being Partners Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that Moscow and Tokyo are still “far from being partners” despite renewed efforts to resolve Strike by Thousands of Junior New Zealand Doctors Cripples Hospitals Thousands of junior doctors across New Zealand walked off the job at public hospitals. Australia Soccer Union Seeks Help for Detained Bahraini Refugee Footballer The head of Australian soccer players union is seeking help for the release of Bahraini refugee footballer. New Myanmar Unrest Panics Rohingya in Border Limbo Many Rohingya Muslim refugees have been living in limbo on the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. Australia Police Examining Suspicious Packages at 10 Consulates Several foreign consulates were evacuated in Australian cities after they received suspicious packages. Japan to Purchase Uninhabited Island for Carrier Aircraft Drills with US Japan is to purchase uninhabited Mage Island for massive aircraft drills involving US aircraft carriers. Indonesia Landslides Claim at Least 15 Lives Indonesian rescue teams were searching for victims of a series of landslides that killed at least 15 people on New Year’s Day. Thai King to Be Crowned in Coronation Ceremonies Thailand’s king will be officially crowned in coronation ceremonies on May 4-6. Philippine Explosion: Bomb Outside Shopping Center Kills 2, Wounds 28 A bomb killed 2 people and wounded 28 others in the Philippines. Bangladesh’s PM Hasina Wins 3rd Straight Term, Opposition Cries Foul Bangladesh PM has won a third straight term, sealing a landslide with almost all the seats in parliament. Tropical Depression: 4 Dead As Storm Sweeps Through Central Philippines Almost 12,000 people were also evacuated from their homes in the Bicol region. Indonesia on Alert: Flights Rerouted around Erupting Volcano The volcanic island continued spewing columns of ash into the air