Alahednews Alahednews From Warsaw, Gulf Monarchies Run towards “Israel”: Iran is the Enemy! With no stop, the monarchies of the Gulf run towards normalization with apartheid “Israel”. Pentagon Resists US Withdrawal from Syria The latest report on US-led operations against Daesh admits the terrorist group is down to some 2,000 fighters Trump Cites ‘Need To Watch Iran, Protect “Israel”’ Trump reaffirmed his determination to pull US troops out of ’endless wars’ in Syria and Afghanistan. Pope Condemns Saudi War on Yemen before Landing in UAE Pope Francis issued strongest condemnation yet of the Saudi war in Yemen. Jordan Hits Out at «Israel’s» New Red Sea Airport Jordan slammed “Israel’s” move to open a new international airport along their shared border. Qatar to Buy $500 Million of Lebanese Gov’t Bonds Qatar’s foreign minister announced that his country intends to buy $500 million of Lebanese government bonds. Jordan Lodges Complaint against New Int’l «Israeli» Airport The Jordanian government expressed concerns about the new “Israeli” airport. Macron: France Will Stay ’Militarily Engaged’ in Mideast Macron said his country will remain ’militarily engaged’ in the Middle East through 2019. Trump Threatens To “Devastate Turkey” If It Attacks Kurds Trump warned its NATO ally Turkey to beware of the devastative wrath of US economic pressure if it dares to attack the Kurdish allies America is leavi Jordan: «Israel» Must Respect Int’l Law, Leave Occupied Golan Heights Jordan slammed “Israel” over its recent call for the US to recognize the regime’s occupation of the Golan Heights. US-Turkey Row Over Syria Kurds: Bolton Doesn’t Meet Erdogan Erdogan denounced remarks made by Bolton and other US officials UAE Bows to Enemy:  “Israeli” Labor Chief Avi Gabbay in Abu Dhabi “Israeli” road of normalization to Saudi Arabia passes through Emirates. More “Israeli” Flags to Be Stepped On at All Jordanian Office Entrances A top Jordanian unionist announced that “Israeli” flags will be drawn on the ground of all entrances to Jordan’s Professional Unions complex in UAE Officially Reopens Embassy in Syria The UAE officially reopened its embassy in Damascus. Kuwait Reshuffles Cabinet, Appoints 4 New Ministers Kuwait has appointed four new ministers including Khaled al-Fadhel as the country’s oil minister. Qatar Working With Rabbi to Arrange Kosher Food for World Cup In 2022 Qatar is working with a leading US rabbi to be able to offer “Israeli” soccer fans Kosher food during the World Cup which it will host in 2022. Jordanian MP Demands «White Helmets» Extradition A Jordanian MP demanded the extradition of “White Helmets” currently residing in Jordan. US Is No Longer Seeking Regime Change in Syria The US said it is no longer seeking to unseat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, backtracking on the once strict regime change policy that Washington i Khashoggi’s Murder: Turkey Files Arrest Warrants for MBS’ Allies Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s office said that there is “strong suspicion” that Ahmed al-Asiri and Saud al-Qahtani were “among the planners” o End of War? Saudi King Invites Qatari Emir to Attend GCC Summit After more than a year on the deep row between Qatar and the Saudi Kingdom, Saudi King Salman invited Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani Qatar Ends 6-decade Membership in OPEC One of the world’s key energy producers, Qatar, is quitting the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries [OPEC] on January 1, Energy Minist Again in Jordan: Hundreds Protest New Tax Bill Hundreds of Jordanians protested Friday in central Amman in the first demonstration against a new, IMF-backed tax bill that Parliament passed in Novem UAE Frees Briton Sentenced To Life as Spy after Pardon The United Arab Emirates pardoned and released a British academic jailed for life on spying charges. “Israeli” Hacking Technology to Saudi Arabia! An “Israeli” technology firm specialized in cyber intelligence offered Saudi Arabia a highly advanced system that hacks into mobile phones UAE Sentences British Academic to Life in Jail on Spying Charge Hedges was accused of “spying for a foreign country