Alahednews Alahednews Maduro Reaches Agreement with Red Cross on Aid Deliveries Maduro reaches an agreement with Red Cross on aid deliveries after “extraordinary” meeting. Gulf States, Egypt Say Will Boycott Parliament Meet in Doha Three Gulf Arab states and Egypt said they will not attend a global meeting of parliamentarians due to be held in Doha. Jordanians Rally on Eve of Great Return March Anniversary Jordanians staged a rally in solidarity with Palestinians to mark the anniversary of Great Return March protests. Pentagon Gets New Middle East Chief General Frank McKenzie on Thursday took over the leadership of the US Central Command. UAE to “Israel”: Sorry, We Were Wrong! Sorry “Israel” for not being your killing machine. Jordan King Cancels Romania Visit after Al-Quds Embassy Relocation Jordan’s King Abdullah II canceled his visit to Romania after Bucharest announced the relocation of its embassy to al-Quds. After Al-Quds, Trump Hands Occupied Syrian Golan to “Israel” Again, it’s some Arabs’ silence and US hypocrisy that sells the land with no price. Jordanian King Vows to Protect Al-Quds Holy Sites Jordan’s King Abdullah II vowed to keep protecting Islamic and Christian holy sites in occupied al-Quds. Pompeo Visits Middle East to ‘Counter Iran, Boost Netanyahu’ Pompeo sought Wednesday to bolster a ‘united front’ against Iran during a Middle East tour. Baqeri from Damascus: Illegal Foreign Forces must Leave Syria Baqeri urged the illegal foreign forces, present in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib and east of the Euphrates, to leave these areas at the e OPEC Threatens to Kill US Shale Industry OPEC is ready to produce at full capacity if the NOPEC bill is passed in the US. US Calls Golan ‘Israeli’-Controlled, Drops All Mention of West Bank ‘Occupation’ For the first time, Trump’s administration referred to the Golan Heights on Wednesday as ‘Israeli’-controlled. Arms Sales to Middle East Increased Dramatically - Report Arms flows to the Middle East have increased by 87 percent over the past five years and now account for more than a third of the global trade. Rights Groups Demand Access to Dubai Princess after Year of Kidnap Rights groups demanded the United Arab Emirates grant them immediate access to an Emirati princess. Jordan Airlines to Resume Flights over Syria after 7 Years Suspension Jordan allowed airlines to resume flights in Syrian air space after a seven-year suspension. Iran’s Qassemi Urges Immediate Action to Stop Racist ‘Israel’ Tehran condemned the Zionist entity’s recent move to shut down al-Aqsa Mosque. Australian Defense Chiefs Expect Daesh Defeat in Syria within Days or Weeks Australia’s military chiefs said they expect Daesh to be defeated in Syria within days or weeks. From Warsaw, Gulf Monarchies Run towards “Israel”: Iran is the Enemy! With no stop, the monarchies of the Gulf run towards normalization with apartheid “Israel”. Pentagon Resists US Withdrawal from Syria The latest report on US-led operations against Daesh admits the terrorist group is down to some 2,000 fighters Trump Cites ‘Need To Watch Iran, Protect “Israel”’ Trump reaffirmed his determination to pull US troops out of ’endless wars’ in Syria and Afghanistan. Pope Condemns Saudi War on Yemen before Landing in UAE Pope Francis issued strongest condemnation yet of the Saudi war in Yemen. Jordan Hits Out at «Israel’s» New Red Sea Airport Jordan slammed “Israel’s” move to open a new international airport along their shared border. Qatar to Buy $500 Million of Lebanese Gov’t Bonds Qatar’s foreign minister announced that his country intends to buy $500 million of Lebanese government bonds. Jordan Lodges Complaint against New Int’l «Israeli» Airport The Jordanian government expressed concerns about the new “Israeli” airport. Macron: France Will Stay ’Militarily Engaged’ in Mideast Macron said his country will remain ’militarily engaged’ in the Middle East through 2019.