Alahednews Alahednews Jordan Parliament Calls For Expelling ‘Israeli’ Envoy Jordanian members of parliament and blocs renewed their recommendation that the kingdom expel the Zionist ambassador in Amman. Daesh Has As Much As $300 Million To Fight - UN Chief Daesh has been left with as much as $300 million following the loss of its so-called “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria. Kushner Meets with Senior UAE, Omani Officials in Morocco A delegation of senior White House officials arrived in Morocco Thursday evening. Runaway Wife of UAE Sheikh Asks UK Court for Protection Daughter of Jordan’s late King Hussein fled the UAE for Europe and is hiding in the UK. Oman’s Top Diplomat in Iran Talks amid Mounting Gulf Tensions Oman’s minister responsible for foreign affairs held talks with Iran’s foreign minister. UN Blacklists Saudi Arabia & «Israel» for Killing Children The UN blacklists Saudi Arabia, its allies and “Israel” for killing children. Saudis, Iraqis among Arab Media Delegation Arriving in Occupied Palestine The Arab media delegation to Occupied Palestine included members an academic, a student and a writer. Oman to Open Embassy in Occupied West Bank Oman announced that it will open an embassy in the occupied West Bank. Deal of The Century: Selling Palestine for $50 billion! The US said Trump’s “deal of the century” aims to raise more than $50 billion for the Palestinians and double their GDP within a decade. US: Patriot Air System alongside 1,000 Additional Troops to Middle East The US War Department announced on Wednesday that it would also send the Patriot air system to the Middle East. More US Troops to Middle East The acting Pentagon chief has green-lighted the deployment of 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East. Marshall Islands, Panama Tankers Evacuated After Incident in Gulf Of Oman Two tankers were evacuated after the incident in the Gulf of Oman and the crew are safe. Two Large Oil Tankers from the Gulf Hit In Sea Of Oman: Reports Reports stated that two large oil tankers have come under attack in the Sea of Oman. Jordan, Egypt, Morocco to Attend US-Sponsored Economic Workshop in Bahrain The US said Jordan, Egypt and Morocco will participate in the upcoming economic workshop in Bahrain. French Foreign Minister Slams Trump’s ‘Deal of Century’ Le Drian slammed the ‘Deal of the Century,’ saying it’s “an approach that cannot grant serenity.” Bahrain’s Economic Summit: “Israel” Not Invited Yet, US Waiting More Arabs! US hopes Jordan and Egypt will say they will attend Bus Crash Kills at Least 17 People in Dubai At least 17 people lost their lives in an Omani passenger bus crash in Dubai, local police wrote on Twitter on Friday. Qatar: Saudi-Led Bans Worsening Human Rights Situation A Qatari official slammed the Saudi-led bans, saying they are worsening the human rights situation in the country. ‘Israeli’ Mossad Helped Link Iran to Al-Fujairah Tanker Sabotage — Report the ‘Israeli’ Mossad agency allegedly helped linking Iran to the sabotaging of four oil tankers off the al-Fujairah Emirati coast. Jordan King Meets Kushner, Urges Formation of Palestinian State Jordan King met with Kushenr and urged the formation of a Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital. 900 More US Troops to Saudi Arabia, Qatar The US sent additional troops directed to the Middle East to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. US May Send Up To 10k Troops to Middle East, Officials Claim The Pentagon is unveiling a plan Thursday that could see up to 10,000 more troops in the Middle East, according to US officials. US Says Arab States Start ‘Enhanced Security Patrols’ In Gulf The United States said countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council started patrolling in the region. US Warns Carriers Flying Over Gulf of ’Misidentification’ US diplomats warned commercial airliners flying over the wider Gulf of the risk of being ’misidentified’ . The Guardian: Soleimani Tells Iraqi Groups to Prepare for War Two senior intelligence sources told the Guardian that Qassem Soleimani met the Iraqi leaders three weeks ago.