Alahednews Alahednews US Military Logistics Convoy Targeted in Iraq’s Nasiriyah No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, and no casualties have been reported. Iraq Issues Initial Results Of Parliamentary Elections Iraq issued the initial results of the country’s parliamentary elections that were held on Sunday. Iraqi Forces Capture Deputy of Slain Daesh Leader Al-Baghdadi An up to $5 million reward had been issued for any information concerning him. Ayatollah Sistani: Muslim Nations, International Community Left Afghans Alone Daesh has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in Afghanistan. Iraqi Election Turnout Reached 41% - Electoral Commission Results are expected on Monday at midday. Iraqi Elections 2021: Voting for Early Parliamentary Elections to Shape Country’s Future The vote is also taking place under a new election law that divides Iraq into smaller constituencies. Asaib Leader Warns: UAE Can Rig Iraqi Parliamentary Poll In Favor Of Normalization with ‘Israel’ Iraq cannot be a party to the normalization accords with the occupying regime in any form, Khazaali said. Iraq’s Nujaba: Next PM Must Cancel US-ordered Agreements, Expel Occupying Forces Under the new Iraqi electoral law, Iraqis are now able to vote for individual candidates rather than parties for the first time. Iraqi PMU Forces Thwart Terrorist Attack on Saladin The statement said the operation against the terrorist attack continues. Sayyed Sistani Encourages All Iraqis to ‘Consciously, Responsibly’ Take Part in Upcoming Vote Iraq is set to hold a general election on October 10. Iraq Issues Arrest Warrants over Ties with Forum on ‘Israeli’ Normalization The judiciary said it would take legal action against the others once they had been identified. Two US Occupation Military Logistics Convoys Targeted In Iraq The group has repeatedly claimed responsibility for operations targeting US occupation convoys. US, ‘Israel’ Behind Recent Attack on Iraq’s PMU - Asaib Leader “‘Israeli’ planes cannot target positions held by Iraqi military forces without American consent,” Khazaali underlined. PMU Convoy Attacked Near Iraq-Syria Border, US Denies Involvement The convoy was struck by four missiles fired from US F-15 fighter jets, and that the attack left no casualties. Iraqi PM to Visit Iran on Sunday The Iraqi leader is going to hold talks about issues of mutual interest. US Logistics Convoy Targeted amid Growing Calls for Occupation’s Withdrawal from Iraq An Iraqi group known as Ashab al-Kahf released a video of the incident on social media. Amir-Abdollahian From Baghdad Airport: US Cannot Evade Responsibility for Martyr Soleimani’s Assassination ’The perpetrators of this terrorist attack must be punished for their actions,’ the Iranian diplomat added. Katyusha Rockets Hit US Logistics Convoy in Southern Iraq US convoys and military bases in Iraq have been frequently targeted in recent months. Baghdad Conference Seen as Regional Turning Point A conference in Baghdad on Saturday is supposed to bring together key regional officials and leaders. Iraq’s Muqtada Sadr Reverses Decision about Participating in General Election Sadr loyalists hold official posts with control of a large portion of the country’s wealth and patronage networks. Five US Logistics Convoys Targeted In Iraq Iraqi sources have reported the targeting of several US convoys in various parts across Iraq. Iraq’s Nujaba Urges US to ‘Take Lessons’ From Its Defeat in Afghanistan Calls have intensified for the American forces in Iraq to beat the retreat in Iraq, where it has maintained military presence since 2013. Convoys Carrying Combat Equipment for US Forces Targeted In Southern Iraq The incidents were reported by sources close to Iraqi resistance groups on Thursday. Iraqi Military Starts Major Anti-Daesh Operation Western Iraq The operation involves the Iraqi Army and the Counter-Terrorism as well as the rapid-reaction organization, as well as the Iraqi Air Force. Resistance Groups: US Sanctions Won’t Weaken Our Resolve to Defend Iraq The US State Department imposed sanctions on two Iraqi resistance factions under the so-called INKSNA Act.