Alahednews Alahednews China Gains Decisive Military Edge over US in Artificial Intelligence Officials have already cautioned that the United States is already losing artificial intelligence supremacy to China. Chinese Army Newspaper Urges “People’s War” Against CIA Infiltration A ’people’s war’ was needed to counter the US foreign espionage agency. Russia, China Kick Off Joint Naval Drills in Sea of Japan The Joint Sea 2021 Russian-Chinese naval drills are running in the Sea of Japan on October 14-17” China’s Shanxi Flooding: Several Killed, Nearly 2m Affected At least 60 coal mines in the province have suspended operations due to the floods. China Conducts Beach Landing Drills in Province Opposite Taipei The drills had been carried out “in recent days” in the southern part of Fujian province. China’s Xi Jinping Vows “Peaceful Reunification” with Taiwan China’s Xi calls Taiwan’s independence push ‘serious hidden danger’ & promises ‘peaceful reunification’ with self-governed island. China Urges US to Reveal Details about Incident with Nuclear Sub in Int’l Indo-Pacific Waters Zhao Lijian stressed that the United States and other countries involved should provide relevant details. China Urges US to Find ‘Courage’ To Address Own Mistakes after Bilateral Military Talks US-China tensions have soared to new heights in recent years. China Snubs US Request to Cut Oil Imports from Iran China says US must lift unilateral sanctions and its “long-arm jurisdiction” over other states. Biden Contacts China’s Xi for the First Time in Seven Months China’s media called the conversation between the world’s two largest economies “candid’ and ’in-depth.” China Tells US to Stop Imposing Its Norms on World after Afghanistan Debacle Every country is entitled to independently explore paths of development that suit their national conditions and realities. US Intel Report on COVID-19 Origins: Outbreak Was Natural, not a Bioweapon The report noted that three IC elements said they lacked the necessary information to draw any type of conclusion. China Slams US ‘Scapegoating’ Before COVID Origin Report Release China demanded a US military laboratory be investigated shortly before the release of a US intelligence community report on the virus. China Tests Two New Missile Warheads The exercise also significantly boosted the PLARF’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Wuhan Completes Covid-19 Testing In 6 Days, Finds 37 Cases, 41 Asymptomatic Carriers among Residents Overall across China, authorities reported only 125 new cases on August 8, with most clusters caused by the Delta variant of Covid-19. Top Chinese Virologist Warns New COVID “Variants Will Continue to Emerge” ’We shouldn’t panic, but we need to prepare to coexist with the [corona] virus in the long term’ Huawei Revenue Plunges by Nearly 30% as Company Fights to “Survive” Huawei’s top executive said that the goal is to survive amid pressure from external factors. US Intelligence Agencies Hacked Cloud Servers Containing Wuhan Lab Virus Samples - Report US spooks are said to have tapped into the Department of Energy’s National Labs and their supercomputers. China Pledges “Legitimate & Necessary” Response after Biden’s 1st Arms Sale to Taiwan China pledges ‘legitimate & necessary’ response after Biden’s first arms sale to Taiwan approved by State Department. China Evacuates 60k People from Coastal Provinces over Lupit Typhoon The typhoon made landfall in the southern Guangdong province at 11:20 am [03:20 GMT]. China’s Wuhan to Test ’All Residents’ As Covid-19 Returns The city of 11 million is ’swiftly launching comprehensive nucleic acid testing of all residents.’ China Slaps Sanctions on 7 US Citizens, Entities amid Hong Kong Row China slaps sanctions on seven US citizens, entities and ex-secretary of commerce amid Hong Kong row. China: US Slandering Efforts to Pursue Criminals Overseas The Chinese spox explained that the US was home to the largest number of suspects accused of corruption and other economic crimes in China. China Refuses to Participate in 2nd Phase of WHO’s COVID Origins Probe The Chinese government will not take part in a second phase of the WHO’s probe into what caused the pandemic. Severe Rainstorms Kill 12 in Flooded China Subway Rainstorms submerged Zhengzhou’s metro, killing 12 people and injuring five, while hundreds were rescued from the subway.