Alahednews Alahednews Report: Algeria Thwarts Planned Armed Attacks by “Israeli”-Backed Separatists Algerian forces dismantled a criminal group belonging to MAK, which is designated by the Algiers government as a “terrorist organization”. Algeria’s Former President Bouteflika Dies At 84 Algeria’s longest-serving president Abdelaziz Bouteflika dies aged 84. Algeria Arrests 22 Suspected Arsonists over Deadly Blazes Dozens of forest fires have hit mountainous areas in northern Algeria since Monday. Algeria Blames Forest Fires on Arson, Death Toll Rises to Six Plumes of smoke rose from pockets of fire in the forest in Tizi Ouzou region on Tuesday. Algeria Denounces African Union Granting Tel Aviv ‘Observer’ Status The Tel Aviv regime has been lobbying for this status for years. Algerian Judoka Withdraws from Tokyo Olympics to Avoid Facing “Israeli” “We were unlucky with the draw. We got an ‘Israeli’ opponent and that is why we had to withdraw” Algeria Names New PM  This followed the legislative elections earlier this month and as Algeria seeks to curb a deep socio-economic crisis. Algeria Elects Parliament amid Opposition Boycott Seven leading protest movement figures were arrested Algeria Issues “Terrorism” Warrants for Exiled Activists The warrants come as Algeria’s anti-government protesters are boosting weekly rallies ahead of June elections. Thousands Hit Algerian Streets in Fresh Protests Protesters lashed out at the intelligence services, accusing them of being ’terrorists.’ Algerian Students Hold Anti-Gov’t Protests The protests on Monday were the largest since the weekly demonstrations were suspended. Algerian President Dissolves Lower House of Parliament The five-year lower house of parliament was formed after the May 2017 election. Algerian President Ends COVID-19 Treatment, to Undergo Checks Algerian President Tebboune finished treatment for COVID-19 but will undergo follow-up checks. Thousands Mourn Algerian Army Chief Gaid Salah Thousands of Algerians gathered for the funeral procession of the country’s powerful army chief. Thousands Protest In Algeria As Former PM Declared President ’The elections are rigged,’ protesters chanted, pledging that their months-long movement would not stop. Polls Open in Algeria Vote Bitterly Opposed By Protesters Polls opened in Algeria in a presidential election bitterly opposed by a protest movement. Algerian Protesters Insist December Election Must Not Go Ahead Algerians have thronged their capital to insist that a presidential election must not go ahead before a change of regime. Algeria: Thousands Protest In the Capital despite Tight Security Thousands of people took to the streets of the capital in defiance of a heavy security presence to demand the ouster of the country’s powerful army Algeria: Parliament Elects Opposition Figure as Chairman Algerian lawmakers elected an opposition figure as chairman of parliament under pressure from mass protesters. Algerians Protest, Celebrate Independence Day amid Tensions Thousands of Algerians took to the streets to demand new democratic leadership and celebrate Independence Day. Algeria Prosecutor Refers Ex-PM to Supreme Court over Alleged Corruption An Algerian prosecutor has referred former PM Ouyahia to the Supreme Court over corruption allegations. Algeria: Former PM Held Over Alleged Corruption Algeria’s former Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia was placed in custody by the country’s Supreme Court. Algeria Riot Police Step Aside in Face of Protesters Riot police for hours prevented demonstrators from marching on the iconic central post office. Algeria: Thousands Protest Against Ruling Elite Thousands of protesters demanding the departure of Algeria’s ruling elite rallied in Algiers for a tenth Friday. Algeria: Richest Man Held in Jail in Graft Probe Algeria’s richest man Issad Rebrab has been jailed a day after his arrest as part of a corruption probe.