Alahednews Alahednews Libya’s Haftar Says Suspends Military Role, Ahead of Polls Libyan media said the step opens the way for Haftar to run as a presidential candidate under a controversial new law. Libya Says Top Militant Fugitive Arrested Libya’s chief prosecutor had sought Embarak al-Khazimi with a warrant since 2017. Worst Fighting In a Year Shows Limits of Libya Peace Push The new fighting pitted the 444 Brigade against the Stabilization Support Force, two of the main forces in Tripoli. At Least 57 Migrants Die in Shipwreck Off Libyan Coast Bodies have not been recovered from the shipwreck, but survivors included migrants from Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia. Russia, Turkey Tentatively Step Toward Mercenary Withdrawal Agreement on Libya A gradual draw down of troops is likely the preferred option for the African nation. UN, Partners Demand Withdrawal of Foreign Forces from Libya The Libya Quartet called for the withdrawal of foreigners in a joint statement on Tuesday. Libya: UN Security Council Approves Ceasefire Monitors This is separate from a ceasefire monitoring mechanism that the warring parties themselves are working to create. Libya Force Frees Prisoners in Reconciliation Gesture The men had been held since April 2019 when Haftar launched an assault to seize control of Tripoli and other areas in the northwest. European Diplomats Visit Libya in Show of Support for Unity Gov’t The joint visit by European diplomats comes 10 days after the formation of an interim government in Libya. Libyan Cmdr. Wanted for War Crimes by ICC Shot Dead A senior figure in Haftar’s LNA was killed in a busy street in Benghazi. UN Urges Foreign Troops and Mercenaries to Leave Libya Oil-rich Libya was plunged into chaos after a 2011 NATO-backed uprising toppled longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Libyan Parl’t Backs Unity Gov’t, Advancing Peace Plan The parliament’s approval of PM Dbeibeh’s cabinet represents the biggest opportunity in years for a resolution to Libya’s conflict. Libya PM Demands Mercenaries Leave, Urges Parl’t Back Gov’t Libya has been split between the UN-recognized GNA and an administration in the east supported by strongman Kalifa Haftar. Libya Parliament to Vote on Interim PM’s New Cabinet An interim three-member presidency council is to head the new unity administration. UN: 41 Europe-Bound Migrants Drown in Mediterranean The UN said that the dead were among at least 120 migrants on a dinghy that left Libya on Feb. 18. Libya’s Interior Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt Bashagha was returning from a routine visit to a new security unit during the assassination attempt occurred. Blackwater Founder Broke UN Arms Embargo by Arming Libya’s General Haftar Prince could now face UN sanctions, including a travel ban and a freeze on his bank account and other assets. Libya’s Interim Leader Arrives in Key Eastern City The move followed a UN-sponsored conference in which delegates from warring parties picked 4 leaders to guide Libya ahead of the December vote. Libya Talks Yield New Interim Government at Last The government will be led by Mohammed al-Menfi as head of a presidency council and Abdulhamid Dbeibeh as prime minister. Libya Rivals Meet in Egyptian Resort for Talks on Elections Libyan officials from rival administrations began talks in an Egyptian Red Sea resort. Libyan MP Dies of Covid-19 in Morocco Hospital Morocco has reported nearly 400,000 cases of the virus, including 6,624 deaths. Libyan Parties Agree To Hold Elections within 18 Months The participants reached a preliminary agreement to end the transition period and hold transparent elections. UN Envoy: Libya Rival Sides Agree to Sign Permanent Ceasefire Deal Libya’s rival sides poised to sign an agreement to open air and land routes that connect all regions and cities in the country. UN Says Libyan Sides Sign Countrywide Cease-fire Deal Details were not immediately available, but the two sides were taking part in a signing ceremony in Geneva on Friday morning. Turkey Slams EU Sanctions over Libya Arms Embargo The EU has accused the company of using the ship to smuggle weapons to Libya.