Alahednews Alahednews S Korea Joins Space Race with Launch of First Homegrown Rocket The launch and all three stages of the Korea Space Launch Vehicle II worked. North Korea Launches Two Ballistic Missiles Less Than a Month after ‘Hypersonic’ Missile Test There have been signs of a budding thaw between Seoul and Pyongyang. North, South Korea Talk on Hotline after Pyongyang’s Missile Tests The restoration of the hotline comes just days after Kim Jong-un said he was willing to restore communication as a conditional olive branch. North Korea Claims Successful Test of New ‘Hypersonic’ Missile System The test took place the day prior, on September 28. North Korea Fires New Missile, UN Envoy Insists On ’Right to Test Weapons’ South Korea has recently test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile [SLBM] for the first time. Seoul Urges Pyongyang to Restore Communication Lines Ahead of Possible Talks The South Korean government is reportedly eager to resume stable communications with the DPRK. Ending Korean War Would Be ‘Foolish Idea’ Unless US Scraps Its Hostile Policy - NK North Korea itself has carried out several major weapon tests this year. US-Australia Submarine Deal ‘Extremely Undesirable’ – North Korea North Korea warned of unspecified countermeasures if the deal undermines the North’s security. N Korea Launches 2 Ballistic Missiles towards Sea of Japan North Korea’s media reported about two unidentified projectiles launched within the space of several minutes. North Korea Carried Out Launch of New Long-range Cruise Missile North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly did not oversee the launch. South Korea Develops Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile Capability The military drill is the first in a serious of exercises that will be held before the SLBM enters mass production within South Korea. South Korea Developing Missile As Powerful As Nuclear Weapon - Report The missile would be the latest in a tit-for-tat conventional missile race between the two Koreas. IAEA: North Korea Apparently Restarted its Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor The agency underscored that “since last month, there have been discharges of cooling water “consistent with the operation of the reactor.” South Korea: Military Drills with US Must ‘Not Heighten Tensions’ Pyongyang sees the annual US-South Korean summer drills, which are usually held in August, as dangerous provocations. Report: Koreas in Talks to Reopen Joint Office, Hold Summit A virtual summit could be an option depending on whether North Korea balks at an in-person meeting because of COVID-19. North Korea’s Kim Calls on Army to Be Ready for Persistent Enemy Drills Kim called on commanders to focus on completing preparations for actively & offensively responding to any military provocation. North & South Korea Reopen Communication Hotline after Year of Silence Seoul said that the revival of the communication channel was long in the works. Fears of COVID-19 Outbreak in DPRK After Kim Jong-un Sacks Officials for Creating “Great Crisis” The news prompted concern that there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in the DPRK, whose economy has been crippled by international sanctions. Kim Jong-un’s Sister Rejects Prospects for Resumption of North Korea-US Talks Sullivan described recent statements made by Kim Jong-un regarding ties with the US as ’interesting.’ North Korea’s Kim Says Pyongyang Ready for Dialogue, Confrontation With US The White House said it will use ’a calibrated practical approach’ with regard to its relations with North Korea. North Korea Says Biden Blundered By Calling Its Self-defense Efforts ‘Serious Threats’ ’The US will find itself in a very grave situation,” North Korean Foreign Ministry director general for US affairs, said. South Korea, US to Continue Denuclearization Talks with North Korea The 2019 October talks in Sweden failed to break the deadlock. Seoul to Trump: Inappropriate to Comment on His Words Trump lashed out at Moon on Friday, calling him “weak as a leader and as a negotiator.” US NSA Discusses Pyongyang’s Nuclear Program in Rare In-person Meeting with S. Korea, Japan The three countries have been holding trilateral meetings to finalize a strategy against Pyongyang. UNSC Meeting on N Korea Missile Test Ends without Action No statement was issued by the UNSC or the European nations that called for the closed-door meeting.