Alahednews Alahednews Taliban ‘Forcibly Evicting’ Hazaras, Opponents in Afghanistan These evictions, carried out with threats of force and without any legal process, are serious abuses that amount to collective punishment. Up to 200 Americans still Stranded in Afghanistan Blinken claimed there were “under 200 and likely closer to 100 [Americans] who remain in Afghanistan and want to leave.” Envoy for Afghanistan Steps Down after US Withdrawal Khalilzad lamented that the negotiations he ran and consequently the withdrawal had not gone as planned. Kandahar Mosque Blast: Number of Martyrs Rises to 62, Daesh Claims Responsibility The targeted mosque has a capacity of 4,000 worshipers. Terrorist Blast Targets Shia Mosque in Afghanistan’s Kandahar: At Least 46 Martyred, Others Injured Another local resident said that 20 people were hospitalized with injuries. Taliban Calls for Improved ‘Diplomatic Relations’ With US after ‘Candid Talks’ In Doha The Taliban vowed to not let terrorists overrun territories under its control. Kunduz Mosque Blast: Around 55 Martyred, Daesh Claims Responsibility The terrorist attack is the bloodiest assault since the Taliban takeover in August. Dozens Martyred, Injured As Blast Hits Shia Mosque in Afghanistan’s Kunduz Eyewitnesses reported to media that at least 100 people were martyred and at least 200 people sustained injuries in the blast. Taliban Killed 13 Members of Hazara Ethnic Group - Report All the victims were Hazara people, who make up the majority of Afghanistan’s Shia population. More Than 2,000 Health Facilities Shuttered In Afghanistan The IFRC warned that a dire lack of funding was pushing Afghanistan’s health system to the brink. UK Logs Claim Responsibility for Only 300 Afghan Deaths A three-year-old boy was killed in December 2009 by ’shock from a controlled explosion.’ Pentagon Names Alleged “ISIS-K Facilitator” Killed in Afghanistan Drone Strike Pentagon names alleged ‘ISIS-K facilitator’ killed in Afghanistan drone strike, after admitting Kabul op killed 10 civilians. Ex-Afghan President Karzai Won’t Seek Asylum in Other Countries, Held Good Talks with Taliban The current situation is neither satisfactory to the Taliban nor to the people of Afghanistan, Karzai said. Taliban Names Deputy Ministers, Doubles Down on All-male Team The Taliban group has framed its current Cabinet as an interim government. Daesh Claims Responsibility for Attacks in Eastern Afghanistan More than 35 Taliban members were killed or wounded, in a series of explosions that took place. US Military Killed Seven Afghan Children, Three Adults in August 29th Strike McKenzie told reporters that the US military drone strike was a ’mistake.’ Trump: Afghan Exit Paves Way for China, Russia to Reverse-engineer Abandoned US Military Equipment Trump claimed that US adversaries could take advantage of US military equipment abandoned in Afghanistan. US Must Be Brought To Justice for ’Atrocities of Mass Destruction’ In Afghanistan - North Korea Taliban has come to power again following a hasty withdrawal of US-led occupation forces from the war-torn country. Qatar’s Foreign Minister Visits Afghan Capital, Holds Talks With Taliban A Taliban official tweeted that Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani met senior officials of the new Afghan regime. US Left World with a Mess in Afghanistan to Clean Up - Putin Afghans “have fought for decades and deserve to exercise the right to defining [what] their state will look like on their own,” Putin said. Freezing Afghanistan’s Assets, Aid Funds Could Throw Millions into Poverty, Spark Refugee Crisis - UN More than 18 million Afghans currently require some form of assistance. Iran Slams ’Foreign Intervention’ in Afghanistan amid Concerns Pakistan Is Helping Taliban The NRF has claimed that it has been able to repel the militant group and it still controls “strategic positions” in the Panjshir Valley. Taliban Form Afghan Gov’t of Old Guard Members The Cabinet’s lack of representation from other ethnic groups also seems certain to hobble its support from abroad. Taliban Names Key Ministers in New Afghan Government The Taliban named those who will hold key ministerial posts in Afghanistan’s new government following the movement’s takeover of the country. Biden: US ’Long Way Off’ From Officially Recognizing Taliban as New Afghan Government Similar commentary has also been echoed by the US State Department.