Alahednews Alahednews US Kidnapped Colombian Businessman with ’Malice’: Maduro Saab was extradited to the US on Saturday and Caracas immediately denounced the move as “kidnapping.” Brazil’s President Accused of Crimes against Humanity for Destroying Amazon The complaint details a widespread campaign resulting in the murder of environmental defenders Venezuela Opens Border with Colombia after More Than Two Years Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced the government’s decision in a national television address. Stop Killing Venezuelan Children! Novo Banco Blocks Payment from Venezuela to PAHO to Buy Vaccines Novo Banco is blocking Venezuela from paying the PAHO for life-saving vaccines and medical supplies. Panama Police’s Arab Target Practice Sparks Outcry The deleted Twitter posts had said the training was organized by the “Israeli” embassy in Panama. Venezuela Introduces New Currency, Drops Six Zeros The highest denomination for the new currency will be 100 bolivar, worth a little less than $25. Death Toll in Ecuador Prison Riot Tops 100 Officials say deadly violence that involved gunfire, knives and explosions broke out after a dispute between two gangs. Maduro at UN Assembly: US Must End All Sanctions on Venezuela The US and its allies have targeted Venezuela with a “fierce campaign” through economic and financial sanctions. Haitian Migrants Are Being Released in US on “Very Large Scale” Haitian migrants being released into US on “very large scale” despite Biden’s vow to send them back home. Haiti PM Fires Chief Prosecutor Tying Him to President’s Murder Chief prosecutor in Haiti sacked after he tried to charge PM for alleged role in president’s murder. At Least One Dead after 7.0-Magnitude Quake Rocks Mexico near Acapulco The USGS registered a strong earthquake that shook southern Mexico with a preliminary magnitude of 7.4 around 8:45 p.m. local time. Venezuela’s Maduro: Gov’t Called for Lifting US Sanctions during Talks with Opposition Maduro explained that he understands the dialogue that has been opened with the opposition also involves the US government. New ’Mu Variant’ From Colombia Could Be Vaccine Resistant - WHO First identified in January 2021 in Colombia, the Mu variant has seen sporadic cases emerge throughout South America and Europe. Haitians Loot Aid Trucks after Week-long Quake Killed Over 2,000 Clashes broke out Friday afternoon after former President Michel Martelly visited a local hospital. Haiti Death Toll Rises to 1,419, Over 6,900 Injured The quake also destroyed more than 37,000 homes, officials said. Haiti: Earthquake Death Toll Rises to Nearly 1300 Saturday’s earthquake also left at least 2800 people injured in the Caribbean nation. Venezuelan Gov’t, Opp. Sign Memorandum to Seek Resolution of Crisis The Venezuelan government and its political opposition launched negotiations in Mexico City, mediated by Norway. Maduro Says Venezuela Won’t Bow to ’Blackmail’ after US Call for New Polls Venezuela is suffering through a crippling economic crisis. Mexico Sues US Gun Manufacturers over Arms Trafficking Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Colt, Glock, Century Arms, Ruger, and Barrett are all in the crosshairs. Cuba Embassy Attacked in Paris, Havana Holds US Responsible Cuba has blamed the US for provoking unrest in the country. Caracas Accuses US of “Flagrant Provocation” after USAF Plane Illegally Flies over Venezuela A screenshot from an online flight tracker shows the C-17, callsign RCH233, cutting across Sierra de Perija National Park in Venezuela. Maduro Sets Three Conditions for International Dialogue Maduro stipulated three essential conditions for this international meeting to take place. Cuba Slams US Manipulation amid Recent Unrest The US has maintained a harsh economic, financial, and commercial embargo against Cuba for more than 60 years. Several Tied To Haiti Assassination Plot Were Previously US Law Enforcement Informants Moise was assassinated last Wednesday in an operation that Haitian authorities said involved at least 28 people. Maduro: 10 Colombian “Paramilitaries” Killed in Clashes Venezuela’s armed forces have engaged in clashes with Colombian armed groups along the border since March 21.