Alahednews Alahednews Maduro Says Russia to Deliver 300 Tons of Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela Venezuela will receive 300 tons of humanitarian aid from Russia. Trump Warns Venezuelan Military to Abandon Maduro or ’Lose Everything’ Trump warned members of Venezuela’s military that they are risking their future and their lives. Venezuela Kicks Out Team of European MPs Coming To Meet With Guaido A European delegation that sought to meet with self-proclaimed Venezuelan ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido is being expelled from Venezuela. Venezuela: Maduro Blasts US for ’Stealing’ Billions, Offering ’Crumbs’ Maduro hit out at the United States on Friday for ’stealing’ billions of dollars and offering ’crumbs’ in return as humanitarian aid. Maduro: Caracas Will Invest in Weapons for Venezuelan Military Maduro pledged that Caracas would make investments to provide the country’s armed forces. Maduro Officially Launches Venezuela’s Largest Ever Military Exercises Maduro officially launched Venezuela’s large-scale military drills ever. Maduro Rejects US Aid: Venezuelans Not «Beggars» President Maduro rejected US aid saying Venezuelans are not beggars. Venezuelan Opposition to Get Money from US Fund Filled With Oil Money The Venezuelan opposition will be getting money from a US-based fund that will accrue some of the country’s oil income. Venezuelan Government Ready to Negotiate with Opposition within Next 15 Days The Venezuelan government said it is ready to negotiate with the opposition within the coming 15 days. Venezuela Crisis: Maduro Shows ’Absolute Support’ for Any Initiative Backing Dialogue Maduro hailed the upcoming meeting of the international contact group on the settlement of the Venezuelan political crisis. Venezuela Crisis: Country Seizes ‘US Weapons Shipment’ The Venezuelan authorities announced they’d seized a cache of weapons delivered from the US. Maduro: Trump Making Mistakes That Will ’Stain His Hands with Blood’ Maduro warned Trump that he risks staining ’his hands with blood’ should he pursue military action in the crisis-hit South American nation. Venezuela Crisis: Italy Vetoes EU’s Recognition of Guaido as ‘Interim Leader’ Italy vetoed a European Union statement, recognizing Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela. Venezuela Slams Trump over Military Option: “Sovereignty is Not Discussed” ‘Sovereignty is not discussed, it’s defended’ Venezuela Crisis: Gold Sales Halted as US, UK Target Caracas’ Hard Assets Reports suggested that Venezuela plans to sell 15 tons of its central bank gold to the UAE. Hands off Venezuela: Oil Industry Workers Protest against US Sanctions Workers of a Venezuelan oil giant have taken to the streets to support President Nicolas Maduro. Maduro to Americans: You Are Bigger Than Trump, Don’t Let Him Start Vietnam War against Venezuela Maduro urges Americans to prevent Trump from starting a Vietnam War against Venezuela. Venezuela’s Maduro: Trump Ordered Colombian Gov’t, Mafia to Kill Me President Maduro in an interview shed light on the current situation in Venezuela. Brazil Dam Disaster: Death Toll Hits 65, 279 Still Missing The death toll from Brazil’s collapsed mining dam climbed to 65, with 279 people still missing in southeast Brazil’s Minas Gerais state. Maduro Warns Trump: Hands off Venezuela, Immediately! Video>>> Maduro address Trump in English saying: Hands off Venezuela, Immediately! Bogota Has No Clue about Bolton’s «5k Troops to Colombia» Note Bogota says it has no clue about Bolton’s puzzling ‘5,000 troops to Colombia’ note. US Announces Sanctions against Venezuela’s State Oil Company The United States imposed sanctions against the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, seizing $7 billion in assets. Brazil: Search Resumes Mine Disaster Site As Death Toll Jumps To 58 Fears of a second dam breach at a Brazilian mining complex receded Sunday. Venezuela: Maduro Inspects Troops amid Power Struggle Maduro visited several bases to demonstrate that his legitimacy is backed by the army, which is ready to defend the nation from any potential foreign Trump-Bashing Iraq War Architect Elliott Abrams to Lead US Regime Change in Venezuela Trump-Bashing Iraq War Architect Elliott Abrams to Lead US Regime Change in Venezuela