Alahednews Alahednews Bolton Attacks Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua in Impotent Verbal Intervention Bolton threatened Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua with regime change as he announced more sanctions. Pompeo Visits Colombia-Venezuela Border Pompeo ended a visit to Peru on Sunday traveling to the Colombian border city of Cucuta. Pompeo Confirms Military Intervention in Venezuela Is an Option Pompeo said that every single tool for what he described as US efforts in Venezuela remains on the table. Rio de Janeiro’s Deadly Flooding Triggers State of Emergency A state of emergency was declared in Rio de Janeiro after torrential downpours claimed the lives of at least 10 people. New Nationwide Blackout Reportedly Hits Venezuela Venezuela plunged into darkness late Tuesday evening due to the latest blackout. US To Cut Off Venezuela Oil, Cuba Trade The US on Friday announced sanctions on ships of Venezuela’s state oil company and companies that link it to key ally Cuba. Paraguay Flooding: Heavy Rains Leave 20k Families Affected More than 20,000 families across Paraguay have been affected by severe flooding from two weeks of heavy rain. Venezuelan Crisis: Troops on High Alert, Maduro Accuses US of Rehearsing New Form of Warfare Venezuela’s military has been placed on alert to pre-empt potential ‘unconventional’ warfare tactics by the US. Guaido Stripped of Immunity, Can Face Prosecution Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly has stripped opposition leader Juan Guaidó of immunity. Venezuela: Supreme Court Urges Lawmakers to Strip Guaido’s Immunity The Venezuelan Supreme Tribunal of Justice called on the Constituent Assembly to strip opposition leader Juan Guaido of immunity. Venezuela Crisis: Maduro Announces Power Rationing As Electricity Crisis Goes On Maduro announced 30 days of electricity rationing on Sunday. Peru Bus Fire: At Least 20 killed, 8 Injured at Banned Bus Stop At least 20 people were killed and eight injured when the double-decker bus caught fire. Venezuela Slams US Threats against Russia, Reminds of Pentagon Military Activity Cooperation between Moscow and Caracas is geared at boosting the operational readiness of the Venezuelan army. Trump Threatens To Close US Border with Mexico ’Next Week’ US President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to close his country’s southern border with Mexico. Zarif, Lavrov Discuss Venezuela Crisis Zarif and Lavrov discussed the situation in Venezuela and ways to help resolve a political crisis that has engulfed the Latin American nation. Colombia President: Military Intervention Not an Answer for Venezuela A military intervention in Venezuela is not the way to resolve the crisis in the country. Venezuela Crisis: Second Stage of Large-Scale Military Drills to Kick off This Weekend The second stage of Venezuela’s military maneuvers would begin this weekend. Venezuela’s Oil Output «Severely» Decreased Amid Massive Blackout Venezuelan oil exports have further contributed to problems in the country’s energy sphere. US To Withdraw Remaining Diplomatic Staffers from Venezuela - Pompeo Pompeo said Monday that the ’presence of the US diplomatic staff’ at the US Embassy in Venezuela ’has become a constraint on US policy’. Venezuelan FM Blasts US for «Celebrating» Amid Power Outage in Venezuela Venezuelan FM lashed out at politicians close to US President for ’celebrating’ in the wake of electricity supply issues in the country. Maduro Accuses US of «Deliberate Sabotage», «Electricity War» Venezuelan President Maduro said the blackout was the result of an “electricity war” waged by “US imperialism.” Maduro: Venezuela to Defeat Crazed Minority of Opponents Venezuela’s President vowed to defeat the “crazed minority” in the country. US To End Preferential Trade Status for India, Turkey Washington will scrap the preferential trade status of India and Turkey. Venezuela Crisis: Guaido Calls for Further Protests to Avoid Arrest upon Return Guaido said he will call for new rounds of protests against President Nicolas Maduro upon his return. Venezuela Crisis: Maduro Orders European HQ of State Oil Firm PDVSA to Be Moved To Moscow Maduro ordered the European headquarters of state oil company PDVSA be relocated to Russia.