Alahednews Alahednews Canada Breaks Sanctions Imposed on Iran: Recommends Administration of Iranian Vaccine By officially recognizing the Iranian COVID vaccine, Canada has broken the sanctions imposed on Iran. Canadian Company Financing “Israel”-UAE Collaboration Not only does AWZ Ventures have former Mossad, CIA and MI5 figures on its advisory board, it is also opening a subsidiary in the UAE. Canada Elections: Prime Minister Trudeau Remains in Power Trudeau now finds himself in the same position of his 2019 election. Early Canada Election Call Backfires on PM Trudeau One Liberal strategist said on Friday the early-vote call had backfired as it was seen as ’wrong’ and ’greedy’ by electors. Canada Violates International Law By Selling Arms to Saudis The ongoing war has pushed millions of Yemenis to the brink of famine. Trudeau Blasts China’s 11-Year Prison Sentence for Canadian Man as “Unacceptable” Trudeau blasts China’s 11-year prison sentence for Canadian man charged with spying as ‘unacceptable’. 160+ Unmarked Children’s Graves Found in Western Canada in 4th Such Discovery In many cases, the children endured beatings and physical abuse as they were taught about white culture. UK Faces Backlash after Unmarked Indigenous Graves Discovered In Canada Protesters toppled statues of Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II, and another – of the explorer James Cook – was hurled into the sea. Record Heatwave May Have Killed 500 People in Western Canada The coroner’s office said it would typically expect close to 230 deaths in a similar period. Queen Elizabeth II Statue Toppled In Canada on National Holiday A larger statue of the late Queen Victoria was also destroyed. Canada Day Muted As Country Reckons with Treatment of Indigenous, Other Minorities Calls to scale back or cancel celebrations snowballed after almost 1,000 unmarked graves were found at former residential schools. Heat Waves Cause More Than 480 Sudden Deaths in Canada Many of the people who had died were found in houses that were not ventilated. 100+ Die in Vancouver in 4 Days, As Heat Wave Batters Western Canada Over 100 die suddenly in Vancouver area in 4 days, police say, as heat wave batters Western Canada. At Least 600 Graves Found At Indigenous Boarding School in Canada They had found at least 600 graves after radar detected 751 “hits” in a field on the school grounds. Canada’s Trudeau Labels Killing of Muslim Family ‘Terrorist Attack’ The couple’s nine-year-old son was hospitalized following the attack but is recovering. Family Targeted in Canada in Fatal Anti-Muslim Attack A driver intentionally struck a family because they were Muslim. Jewish Activists Paint ‘River Of Blood’ On Steps of ‘Israeli’ Consulate in Toronto to Protest Gaza strikes The Zionist mission denounced the stunt as vandalism. Canada Reports 1st Death Caused by AstraZeneca  Some 400,000 people have received AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria vaccine in Quebec. Canada’s Hamilton Opens up Vaccine Eligibility to “Non-White” People Aged 18 & Over In Outbreak Hot Spots The US state of Vermont made Covid-19 jabs available to non-white residents who are at least 16 years old. Ontario Setting Up COVID-19 Checkpoints at Borders with Quebec, Manitoba Provinces Canada’s Ontario to set up COVID-19 checkpoints at borders with Quebec and Manitoba provinces to turn away “non-essential travelers”. Canada’s Third-largest Party Endorses Boycott Of ‘Israel’ The NDP is a progressive party led by Jagmeet Singh. Doctors Investigate Mysterious Brain Disease Cluster in Canada Patients with the illness have developed progressively worsening symptoms like unexplained pains. Canada Suspends AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine for Those under 55 Only those 60 and above have received AstraZeneca in Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Canada’s Muslim Organization Urges ’Immediate’ Anti-Islamophobia Action There are an estimated 113,000 Muslims in Alberta. Canada Taking Down Restaurant Over Support for Palestine Hawkins said there are four legal cases against her, all of which rely on a social media hashtag about Zionism.