Alahednews Alahednews Social Democrats Win German Election after Gaining 25.7% of Votes The Left [DIE LiNKE] failed to make it past the 5% threshold. Muslim Women Struggle with Germany’s “Hijab Ban” in Workplaces It is not uncommon to see cashiers, pharmacists or saleswomen wearing headscarves. Still, the weight of uncertainty is heavy. Germany Sends Frigate to Contested S China Sea on Indo-Pacific Mission The Bayern frigate took off on Monday with more than 200 soldiers on board on a seven-month voyage. Major Explosion Hits German Waste Incineration Facility, Residents Told to Stay Indoors Major explosion hits waste incineration facility in Germany, and residents are told to close all windows, doors and stay inside. Germany Floods Toll Passes 80, Merkel Voices Horror at ‘Catastrophe’ The death toll in Belgium has risen to at least 11, according to Belgian reports. 9 Dead, 30 Missing in Germany as Houses Collapse in Floods The incident was caused by a massive flood that destroyed 6 houses and damaged 25 others in the Eifel municipality overnight. German FM: Isolating Russia “Wrong and Dangerous” for Europe The German FM warned that severing economic ties with Russia will be “wrong and dangerous” for Europe. Last German Soldiers Leave Afghanistan after Nearly 20 Years of US-Led Mission Germany’s defense minister thanked more than 150,000 personnel who served in Afghanistan since the country joined the US-led mission. Germany: 3 Dead, 10 Wounded in Stabbing Attack   The police had stopped the suspected perpetrator with a shot to the leg. Germany Plans to Speed Up Withdrawal from Afghanistan, Complete Pullout by Early July The war has reportedly cost Berlin over 17 billion euros, a hefty sum. Poll: Germany’s CDU/CSU Loses Majority Support after Laschet Named Chancellor Pick Germany’s CDU/CSU loses majority support after Laschet named chancellor pick, as Greens become TOP party for first time. Germany’s Vaccine Regulator Reports 31 Cases of Blood Disorder after AstraZeneca Jab Germany’s vaccine regulator said it has recorded 31 cases of a rare blood clot in the brain after AstraZeneca jab. Anti-Lockdown Protesters Rally in German Cities Germany on 4 March extended the coronavirus lockdown until 28 March. German Study Reveals Why AstraZeneca Vax Can Cause Brain Blood Clots Scientists explained that they reached their conclusions by studying samples provided by Germany’s vaccine regulator. Researchers: AstraZeneca Vaccine Can Cause Thrombosis in Brain in ‘Rare’ Cases Researchers say AstraZeneca vaccine can cause thrombosis in BRAIN in ‘rare’ cases as WHO says it is ‘not certain’ about it. Germany Spent Over $2 bln of Taxpayers’ Money to Pay for Overpriced Face Masks The German government spent over $2 billion of taxpayers’ money to pay pharmacies for ‘overpriced’ face masks. Germany Reports Biggest Rise Of COVID-19 Cases in Two Months Merkel has said that all Germans will have been offered a vaccination by September 21 - five days before a federal election. Two People Killed After Car Rams Group of Pedestrians in Leipzig, Germany Two pedestrians were killed in a ramming incident in Leipzig, Germany, police in the state of Saxony reported. German Chancellor’s CDU Slumps to Historic Lows in Former Strongholds The conservatives may even no longer hold on to their place as junior coalition partner. German Chancellor Party Moves to Clean Up after ’Mask Affair’ In the event that such a declaration cannot be made, MPs are urged to report directly to two senior party members. Merkel Proposes Easing Some Virus Curbs in Germany It also proposes that flower shops, book stores and garden centers reopen soon. German Court Files Criminal Complaint against MBS The 500-page complaint centers on the “widespread and systematic” persecution of journalists in Saudi Arabia. German National Charged With Passing Secret Information to Russia from Bundestag The individual is alleged to have collected computer files containing floor plans of the German parliament building German Special Forces Reportedly Mistaken for Terrorists during Exercises in US Germany’s KSK was completing a parachute course as part of military exercises in Arizona. Merkel: Covid Will Be with Us Until Everyone on Earth Is Vaccinated The 27-nation bloc has also said it will double its contributions to the vaccine-sharing Covax facility, to a billion euro.