Alahednews Alahednews Macron Wants To Announce New Nuclear EPR Reactors before Christmas An Elysée spokesperson declined to comment. Macron Meets Blinken as US Seeks to Restore Confidence The Elysee confirmed the meeting with Macron, saying Blinken’s visit would contribute to ’restoring confidence’ between the sides. France Warns UK over Fishing Dispute: Bilateral Cooperation at Risk France said it is in negotiation with the EU to cut the Channel Island of Jersey’s power supply due to the UK’s failure in its commitments. French MPs Condemn Human Rights Violations in Bahrain Four legislators raised abuses by Bahraini authorities with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. French Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy Found Guilty of Illegally Financing 2012 Campaign The former French president did not come to court to witness the announcement of the verdict. French Fury over Decision on Licenses for Boats to Operate In UK Waters The UK was accused of taking French fishing “hostage” and warned of “retaliatory action” following the decision. Mobiles of 5 French Ministers Infected by “Israeli” Pegasus Malware French authorities declined to comment on Friday. France Begins Biggest Trial Over 2015 Terror Attacks in Paris Police have been put on high alert and streets have been cut off to cars and pedestrians around the courthouse. Macron: We Will Do All That We Can to Evacuate Several Hundred More People in Kabul Macron maintained that tension was rising and the next few hours would be critical. France’s Macron Seeks $350m in Donor Aid for Blast-Scarred Lebanon French President Emmanuel Macron aims to raise at least $350 million in emergency aid for Lebanon. Pegasus Spyware May Have Infected French Gov’t Devices, Including Minister’s Phone Macron’s mobile number was reportedly included on the list. French Hospital Goes on Indefinite Strike to Protest COVID Vaccination Mandate The strike against “forced vaccination” affects some 200 doctors and 1,500 nurses in the southeastern French city. New Covid-19 Variant ’Probable’ This Year - Top French Expert France is currently battling an unprecedented spike in new cases caused by the more infectious Delta variant. Anger over New COVID Rules Re-energizes Yellow Vests in France Another round of protests is planned for the upcoming weekend, offering Yellow Vest movement a fresh momentum. France ’Shocked’ by Claims Morocco Spied on Reporters The investigation showed Morocco among a dozen countries that used the software Pegasus. French President to Host New International Conference on Lebanon Macron will organize the conference on August 4. France to Withdraw Over 2K Troops from Africa’s Sahel The French Barkhane force, operating in Mali, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso and Mauritania, currently has 5,000 troops in the region. French Health Minister: COVID-19 Delta Variant Gaining Traction in France The Delta variant is gradually becoming dominant, as it does in all countries in the world. Le Pen’s Far-Right Party Suffers Blow in French Regional Elections An alliance of rival parties to form a “republican front” against the RN prevented the far right taking the region. 4 Months Jail Time for The Man Who Slapped Macron A French court ordered the man who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron across the face to serve four months in jail. Ouch! Emmanuel Macron Slapped In the Face during Walkabout Macron was seen reaching out to shake hands with a man in a green T-shirt wearing glasses and a mask. French FM Warns “Israel” of Apartheid The politician made the remarks in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper. Organizers of Pro-Palestine Demos Remain Defiant Despite French Court’s Ban Several demonstrations took place in France during July 2014 to denounce an ‘Israeli’ aggression on the Gaza Strip. France: Neo-Nazi Cell Arrested on Suspected Attack Plot France has seen an uptick in extremist violence in recent years. France is Disintegrating, Heading towards Civil War?! Macron would be responsible for thousands of deaths if he procrastinates.