Alahednews Alahednews France Marks Three Months of ’Yellow Vest’ Protests Demonstrators are to hit French city streets again Saturday, marking three months of ’yellow vest’ protests. Macron Blames Social Media, Russia for Yellow Vests French President Macron blamed social media and Russia for Yellow Vests. France: French Militants Held in Syria May be Allowed to Return Home France announced that French militants held in Syria may be allowed to return home. France: Police Evacuate Some 500 Migrants from Camp North of Capital Over the past several months, France has been struggling to tackle the issue of makeshift migrant camps set up across Paris and other big cities. France: ’Red Scarves’ Vs. ’Yellow Vests’ Hundreds of people wearing red scarves marched through central of the French capital city of Paris on Sunday, in a counter-demonstration held against Macron Promises to Stand for Reforms to Avoid Louis XVI’s Fate Macron promises to stand for reforms to avoid ending up in the guillotine like Louis XVI. Two Dead in Paris Gas Blast amid Lockdown for Yellow-Vest Protests Two firefighters died and nearly people 50 were injured in a massive gas explosion in Paris. France: Yellow Vests Call For Cash Withdrawals from Banks to ’Frighten the State’ Yellow Vest protesters called on their supporters to withdraw their money from French banks in a bid to disrupt ’the system.’ Several Injured as Gas Leak Sparks Explosion in Central Paris A bakery on the Rue de Trévise, a street in central Paris, caught fire after the blast. Yellow Vests Hope to Trigger Bank Run with Financial Protest Yellow Vest protesters are hoping to trigger a bank run with a nationwide coordinated cash withdrawal. France: Women Reclaim ’Yellow Vest’ Protests with Peaceful Demo Hundreds of women Sunday marched in Paris to reclaim France’s ’yellow vest’ movement from violent activists, a day after protesters smashed t Yellow Vests Tell Macron to “Stop Treating People like Beggars or Face Hatred” A group associated with Yellow Vests has written a fiery open letter to Frecnh President Emmanuel Macron. France: “Gilets Jaunes” Leader Eric Drouet Arrested One of the leaders of France’s “Gilets Jaunes”, dubbed ‘yellow vest’ anti-government demonstrations, Eric Drouet, was detained by French pol France: ’Yellow Vest’ Protests Planned for Saturday and New Year’s Eve The ’yellow vest’ anti-government protests that have rocked France will be held on Saturday and New Year’s Eve, and continue into 2019, sever Macron ’Regrets’ Trump’s Decision to Pull Out Of Syria Macron regretted Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Such a move is unbecoming of any ’ally,’ since they should be ’reliable Yellow Vests: Protesters Surprise French Police with Montmartre Demonstrations Shops and restaurants in Paris’ Montmartre hill were forced to close their doors on Saturday. Macron in Chad to Meet Soldiers amid Threats French President Emmanuel Macron is traveling to Chad for a two-day visit to meet with French soldiers deployed in the Sahel region with Operation Bar France: Exhausted, Overworked Police Unions Ready for Action Some fed-up French police unions are ready to get in on the action, complaining of low pay, unpaid overtime and unacceptable working conditions. France: Macron Turns to Ex-President for Aid amid ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests Macron seems to have turned to his right-wing predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy — who led France from 2007 to 2012 — for assistance, as the ’Yellow Macron Gov’t Hopes Yellow Vest Protests Running Out of Steam The French government was hoping the sharp drop in yellow vest demonstrators signaled an end to the biggest crisis of Macron’s presidency. France: Thousands of ’Yellow Vests’ Hit French Streets in 5th Week of Protests Thousands of protesters took to the streets of French cities on Saturday in the fifth weekend of nationwide demonstrations. France Deploys Thousands of security forces ahead of ’yellow vest’ protests The French government deployed thousands of security forces to the capital Paris ahead of new round of massive “yellow vest” protests. French Protests: Macron to Meet Unions, Address Nation Seeking to End ’Yellow Vest’ Crisis French President Emmanuel Macron will address the nation on the ’yellow vest’ crisis Monday and meet trade unionists and business leaders in sea France: ‘Yellow Vest’ Protester Killed After Being Hit by Truck A protester from the “yellow vest” movement reportedly lost his life after being hit by a truck in southern France. French Gov’t Faces No Confidence Vote amid Yellow Vest Protests Several French lawmakers tabled a motion of no confidence, with a vote to be held.