Alahednews Alahednews Yemeni ’Tochka’: The Pride of Resistance’s Homegrown Production Yemeni armed forces unveil the new homegrown ballistic missile Badr-F UN: Yemen’s Children Suffer ‘Devastating Toll’ in 5-Year Conflict The UN declared that the Yemeni conflict has taken a ’devastating toll’ on the country’s children. Happy Arabia is Sad again: Saudi Massacre Kills 13 Yemeni Civilians Including Schoolchildren As if Yemen is a country from a different planet and the people of Earth are biased enough to have no emotions towards it.. Yemen Cholera Cases Double in March, Hospitals Overwhelmed Cholera outbreaks are not new to Yemen. MSF Warns Of Sharp Increase in Cholera Cases in Yemen Doctors without Borders warned of a “sharp increase” in the number of suspected cholera cases across Yemen. Saudi, UAE Urged to Close Prisons in Yemen The national committee for investigating complaints of human rights violations called on KSA and the UAE to close their secret prisons in Yemen. Yemen: 90+ Saudi Mercenaries Killed In Sa’ada At least 190 Saudi mercenaries were killed or injured in the Yemeni city of Sa’ada. US Calls Airstrike on Yemeni Hospital ‘Awful’... Then Asks Saudis to Investigate Themselves The “reports” about the deadly bombing of a Save the Children hospital in Yemen are “awful,” according to a State Department spox. NGOs Urge Germany to Extend Moratorium on Saudi Arms Sales 5 Yemeni and global NGOs call on Germany to extend its moratorium on arms sales to Saudi Arabia Trump Milking Saudi King Mural Shows Yemenis’ Disgust at War It’s a graphic display of how people in the north of Yemen see America’s role in a war. Yemen Hospital Massacre: Seven, Including Children, Martyred at Kitaf Facility As the fifth year of the brutal Saudi war on Yemen starts, yet another massacres has been committed in Saada’s Kitaf. Oxfam Calls for Cancelation of Saudi Arms Deal Oxfam Canada mobilizes Canadians to call on the government to cancel its arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Yemenis Mark 4 Years of Saudi War in Nationwide Mass Rallies Millions of Yemenis took to the streets of the capital, Sana’a. In Numbers: 4 Years of Saudi War on Yemen In Numbers: 1400 Days of Saudi War on Yemen Ansarullah Leader Threatens to Attack Saudi Arabia, UAE in case of Escalation in Yemen’s Hudaydah Sayyed Al-Houthi stressed that the Saudi regime has failed in its deadly campaign against Yemen to achieve its objectives. Yemen: Army, Popular Committee Kill 20 Saudi Troops As Riyadh’s deadly war on Yemen enters its 5th year, Yemeni army and Popular Committees killed 20 Saudi troops in Jizan. Five British Opposition Parties Call on UK to End Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Five opposition parties in Westminster have called on the UK to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s Popular Committees Shoot Down US Drone The Yemeni Ansarullah movement announced they had shot down a US drone north of Sana’a. Four Years of Saudi Barbarism: Yemen is Undefeatable Info-graphics >>> Four Years of Saudi Barbarism: Yemen is Undefeatable Yemen’s Ansarullah Announces Killing 3 Saudi Officers, 12 Soldiers in an Operation in Najran At least 3 Saudi officers and 12 mercenaries were killed Monday in an operation launched by Yemeni Ansarullah revolutionary movement on Najran. Ansarullah Ready to Strike Riyadh, Abu Dhabi If Coalition Moves On Hudaydah Ansarullah said they will strike Riyadh and Abu Dhabi if the UN peace deal in Hudaydah is breached. Yemeni Army Spokesman: We Downed 19 Saudi Apache Copters during War The Yemeni army announced that the country’s air defense managed to shoot down 19 Saudi Apache helicopters since 2015. Students Rally against Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Drexel University students are rallying to raise awareness and garner funds for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Yemenis Bury Women, Children Martyred In Latest Saudi Massacre Hundreds of mourners took part in the funeral of 17 women and children martyred in a Saudi airstrike in Hajjah. New Saudi Massacre in Yemen: 20 Women, Children Killed Saudi warplanes bombarded residential buildings in Talan village of Kushar district