Alahednews Alahednews Yemen’s Ansarullah to Unveil 2 Domestic Air Defense Systems Saree said the Ansarullah revolutionary movement plans to unveil two advanced domestically made air defense systems. Yemeni Air Force Conducts Fresh Operation against Saudi King Khalid Air Base The Air Force of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees carried out retaliatory operations on a Saudi airbase in Asir. Yemeni Drones Pound Saudi King Khalid Airbase The Yemeni military carried out retaliatory attacks on an airbase in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern province of Asir. HRW: Saudi Coalition Warships Attack Yemeni Fishing Boats Saudi-led coalition naval forces have carried out at least five deadly attacks on Yemeni fishing boats since 2018. Yemeni Air Defense Forces Shoot US-built Saudi-led MQ-9 Reaper in Dhamar Yemeni air defense forces and their allies shot down the US-built General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper [sometimes called Predator B] drone. Ansarullah Leader: Shaybah Oil Field Operation A Common Lesson, Early Warning for UAE Operation Deterrent Balance 1, carries important messages to the forces of aggression, and is a common lesson and an important warning for the UAE. British-made Bomb Parts Spotted In Yemen – UN The UN uncovered fragments of British-made laser guidance missile systems at an air raid site in Yemen. Shaybah Oil Field under Yemeni Drones Fire The Saudi Shaybah Oil Field was targeted by ten Yemeni drones as part of the latest operations to deter the Saudi crimes against Yemen. Balance of Deterrence: Yemen’s Latest Operation against Biggest Strategic Saudi Target The target has the largest strategic oil reserve in the Saudi Kingdom, which accommodates more than 1 billion barrels. Saudi Aggression Forces Assassinate Ansarullah Commanders Western Yemen Several Yemeni Ansarullah commanders were assassinated by Saudi aggression forces western Sanaa. Saudi Airport Targeted Twice in Fresh Yemeni Drone Attacks Yemeni armed forces have conducted two drone strikes on Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Asir province. Yemen’s Air Force Carries out Wide Scale Drone Operations on Saudi Abha, Najran Airports and King Khaled Airbase Saree announced that the Propelled Air Force carried out wide scale operation against Saudi airports and an airbase. Ansarullah Leader Advises UAE to Withdraw from Yemen, Threatens Saudi Arabia with More Painful Retaliations Sayyed al-Houthi advised the UAE to be serious in declaring the withdrawal from Yemen. Yemen: Campaigns of Regional Deportation in Aden Real Scheme of Aggression –Supreme Political Council Deporting the people of Aden according to regional standards is “the real scheme of the coalition of aggression, under the US orders.” Yemen’s Rocketry Force Reveals the New Generation of Homegrown Burkan Missiles The Yemeni Rocketry Force unveiled the third generation of domestically-built Burkan [Volcano] long-range missiles. Australia Told To Halt Arms Sales As Yemen Catastrophe Unfolds Human rights groups investigating atrocities in the Yemen war urged Australia to immediately suspend arms exports to Saudi Arabia. Yemen’s Propelled Air Force, Rocketry Force Target Aggression’s Camp in Aden, Scores Killed, Injured The joint operation towards al-Dhale’h in Aden targeted a military parade for the invaders and mercenaries, and hit accurate targets. UN Urges World ’Not To Turn Its Back’ On Yemen ’The world should not turn its back on Yemen,’ he urged, appealing for ’solidarity and generosity’ from the international community. Following Saudi Massacre, Yemeni Drones Strike Airbase in Asir Yemeni drones targeted an airbase in southwestern Saudi Arabia was hit several times in retaliation for the Saudi regime’s ongoing aggression. New Brutal Saudi Massacre in Yemen’s Saada, Children among the Martyred, Injured [Graphic Content] Graphic Content: New Brutal Saudi Massacre in Yemen’s Saada, Children among the Martyred, Injured US Actively Participating In Saudi War on Yemen - Ansarullah Official “The gravity of the American role doesn’t come from the arms sales, but the participation in the aggression against Yemen.’ Yemeni Drones Target Saudi Abha International Airport The Yemeni military forces launched a drone operation on a military airport in Saudi Arabia’s southern city of Abha. Belgium Supports UN’s FAO in Controlling Desert Locust Swarms in Yemen Desert locust swarms threaten the already limited food supply and could contribute to further increasing food insecurity in Yemen. Ansarullah Leader Stresses to UN Envoy that the Other Side Didn’t Abide by the Hudaydah Agreement Sayyed al-Houthi denounced the other side’s tardiness in making any progress regarding the Hudaydah Agreement. Yemeni Air Force Targets King Khalid Airbase in Aseer Using Several Qasef 2K Drones The Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees carried out large operations on Monday on King Khaled Military Airbase in Khamis Mushait.